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<center>[VIDEO] Lowprofile - Treading Water</center>
<center>[NEWS] Mindset, new EP out very soon</center>
<center>[NEWS] 'Silverstein' covers NOFX</center>
<center>Good 4 Nothing - It's Shoooort Time (2011)</center>
<center>[NEWS] Disconnect Disconnect Records: Removals</center>
<center>Surefire Loss - Finally, The Beginning EP (2011)</center>
<center>VA - Skatepunkers - Best Of 2011 (2011)</center>
<center>[NEWS] Much The Same tribute, Hits Home</center>
<center>[NEWS] Much The Same tribute, Seasons Change</center>
<center>Sellfish - Major League Punkrock (2011)</center>
<center>[NEWS] New 'No Trigger' song</center>
<center>The Down And Outs - You Probably Downloaded This EP (2011)</center>
<center>Remember to vote for your favourite record!</center>
<center>Freakend's - Fall From Life (2000)</center>
<center>[NEWS] Two new 'Double Negative' songs</center>
<center>Money Left To Burn - Sucker (2011)</center>
<center>Unsure - Sushine Lake EP (1998)</center>
<center>[NEWS] 'From Plan To Progress' splits up</center>
<center>Hesian - Hitzetik (2011)</center>
<center>[NEWS] New 'The Down And Outs' songs</center>
<center>Gearbox - Pride & Evolution (2004)</center>
<center>[NEWS] New 'Revenge' songs</center>
<center>Almeida - Fantastic Massacre (2011)</center>
<center>[NEWS] New 'Utopia Now' song</center>
<center>Alien 8 - Never A Moment EP (1998)</center>
<center>[VIDEO] Mute - Bates Motel</center>
<center>Overstrung - Geek On A Leash EP (2000)</center>
<center>[NEWS] 'One Minute Less' demo & video</center>
<center>Skatepunk releases on vinyl</center>
<center>Lagwagon - Putting Music In Its Place (2011)</center>
<center>Face The Fax - Reboot & Restart (2011)</center>
<center>Stay connected with skatepunkers!</center>
<center>[NEWS] 'Much The Same Tribute' tracklist revealed</center>
<center>Thicker - Tommy Hell Fingers (1997)</center>
<center>[NEWS] New 'Burning Days' songs</center>
<center>Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2011</center>
<center>1000 Degrees - Has Already Past (2011)</center>
<center>Shiver - Never Too Late (2001)</center>
<center>[NEWS] New 'Almeida' songs</center>