Sellfish - Major League Punkrock (2011)

01. It Doesn’t Matter
02. You And I
03. Break Down The Wall
04. Saturday
05. Killing Anger
06. Every Generation
07. Big Old Boring Man
08. Brains On Bleach
09. Rat Race
10. Animals
11. Rise Again
12. Whose Side Are You On
13. Voices
14. Lucky Loser

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- punk rock / 90's melodic hardcore -
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Sellfish. Four friends that share a passion for fast, melodic punk rock made by bands like Bad Religion, NOFX and Lagwagon. And though you probably can hear the influence of some of those bands, Sellfish has managed to develop its own unique style. The band writes fast, pushy songs with catchy vocals accompanied by meaningful lyrics. ..Sellfish has been around for over sixteen years now. During this time they’ve played in almost every Dutch venue there is.

Major League Punkrock contains 14 remasterd songs from several albums from 2000 until 2008. The original albums are out of print. It is also available at you local web-store (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) after May 28th.

- Sample song: Every Generation -