Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2019

The Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award is an anual poll where the skate punk community votes for the favourite album of year. Below is a list with all the releases posted on the website during this year. If you miss any release, please contact us using the contact form and we will add it. For the first time ever, you can vote more than one album. If you vote multiple times, only your last submited vote counts. Results will be published on January.


04 Limited Sazabys - Seed
4 Injúries - Consum Energètic
A New Rhetoric - Till The Last Drop
A Part Of Us - Different Stories On The Same Road
A Time To Stand - Light Years
Actionmen & Dead Neck - Defection
Adrenalized - Operation Exodus
After The Fight - At The End Of It All!
Alien Boys - Night Danger
All Hope Remains - Feel The Fire
Already Dead - Self-Titled
Amplify - Deadlines
Babe Patrol - Autoestima
Bad Religion - Age Of Unreason
Bandage - Build
Bare Teeth & Down Memory Lane & Nerdlinger & SHAMES - Bridging Oceans
Bash Brothers - Downhearted
Bearwolf - Self-Titled
Bedspin - Waste My Time
Bike Age - Steps I Take Images I Fake
Blindspot - Final Allure
Blink-182 - Nine
Blowfuse - Daily Ritual
Born To Freedom - Time To Change
Boucing Souls - Crucial Moments
Bracket - Too Old To Die Young
Brand New Lungs - Like Wildfire
Broken Aris - Accelerando
Burn The Boats - New Frontiers
CF98 - Rotten To The Core
Chuck Jones - Aperitivo
Cokie The Clown - You're Welcome
Coming Clean - Dead End // Detour
Concrete Control - Self-Titled
Coral Springs - Always Lost, Never Found
Craig's Brother - Devils In The Details
Cronos Debe Morir - Síndrome Escafandra
Crossfire Collision - Deadlock
D-Ambulantes - La Vida Es Un Viaje
De Chicos Y Héroes - La Fuerza
Dead District - Dancing In Ruins
Dead End Lane - Still Alive
Dead Fish - Ponto Cego
Decisión Final - Mahabharata
Dicrotic - Mind Your Business
Dillema - Resistência
Disaster Forecast - Another Day, Another Disaster
Dislocation - Youth Control
Dizzy Sunfist - Stronger
Double Feature - American Dream Not Found
Down By Law - Quick Hits: Live In Studio
Down Memory Lane - Catch And Release
Downway - Last Chance For More Regrets
Dreadwolf - Return To The Dirt
Drunktank - Return Of The Infamous Four
Dustbox - The Awakening
Edward In Venice - Empathy
Fabled Mind - Passenger
Face To Face - Live In A Dive
Failing Up - Sword And The Wall
Fallen Monuments - Experiments
FasterForward - Limitless
Fine Dining - Grass Fed Tunes
Fluffy Machine - Mutual Admiration Society
Follow Thru - Play Hard, Play Fast, Play First
Foolish - Eponyme
For I Am - Late Bloomers
Found Items - All Bets Are Off
Francesco És A Haverok - Hol Az Ajándék Üdítőm!?
Free Sergio - Arrows
Freedumb - Post-Modern Dark Age
Getting Away With Treason - Welcome
Give You Nothing - Self-Titled
Good Riddance - Thoughts And Prayers
Green Frog Feet - Broken Bones, Burning Homes
Hangtime - Invasion
Hateful Monday - Pit Stop Punk Rock
Have No Clue - Retrospective | Reactive
Heads Up - Let Things Happen.Heads Up
Heathcliff - #chilloutradio
Helem - Habgida Hagdola
IVS - Serenity, At Long Last..
Ink Bomb - Fiction
INOY - It's Not Over Yet
Ishwara - Follow The Rabbit
Jewkswitch - BUFO
Joey Cape - Let Me Know When You Give Up
John Kiernan - Firestarter
Jurel Tipo Salmón - Carnada
Kentucky Kings - Self-Titled
Kids On Fire - Songs In The Key Of Bummer
Kill The Rooster - And Then What Happened Was...
Knocked Down - Anything But Luck
Kuritus & Teresa Banks - The Split
Kuritus - Kahleet
LOULOU - Older Is Better
La Reacción - Nada Será Igual
Lagwagon - Railer
Lesser Known Character - No Equal Exchange
Like Looking For Gold - Chapter 2
Lonely Bunker (Symphony Of Distraction) - Daytime Lullaby
Long Story Short - Stranded
Malarrabia - Anticontaminación
Malvina - Hybrid War
Masked Intruder - III
Massive Blowout - Armageddon
Maybe Not - It Could Be Worse...
Me Fritos And The Gimme Cheetos - Beerbena
Meddler - Patterns Of Dissonance
Mi Elección De Vida - Nuestro Camino
Michael Circle - A Completely Different Conversation
Millencolin - SOS
Minority Of One - Present Tense
Mortal Wombat - On My Own
Much The Same - Everything Is Fine
Namba69 - Changes
Neutral - 20 Years Compromise For Melodic Punk
Neutral - Force Of Compromise
Neverandno - Quickstart
Neverlearn - We Want More
New Found Glory - From The Screen To Your Stereo 3
NH3 - Superhero
Nick Villescas - Bottled Beginnings
Nieviem - Up In The Air
No Fucking Idea - Blood, Sweat & Beers!
No Matter - Excess Baggage
NoPoint - Shove It
Nofutal - Zéro De Conduite
Nonstarter - Seasoned Stuntman
Nostalgia - Self-Titled
Not On Tour - Growing Pains
Not Your Enemy - Self-Titled
Oh See Demons - Come What May
Omaha - IV
Out Of Bounds - Eat, Sleep & Greed
Outer Control - The Best Of...
Overweight - Heaven On Earth
Paramnesia - Mundo Macabro
Paylester - DNAlien
Primetime Failure - Memory Lane
Protected Left - Fossil
Punch Out - La Vida Sigue
Querido Capitán - Poesía Marinera
Question Mark - Inner Call
R*A*D - ...And Loving It!
Raised Wrong - Shut Up Already
Scott Sellers - Being Strange
Setbacks - Ded.Reckoning
Septaluck - Action / Never Looking Back
Shuvit - The Guest Book
Sicko - In The Alternate Timeline
Simple Creatures - Strange Love
Skatecrime - Up Your Curb
Slick Shoes - Broadcasting Live
Smoking Goose - Struggles
Sober Daze - The Season
SouthPaw - Disconnected
Spoilers - Recently Re-released
Square Shapes - After The Fact
St Judes - Black Gold
St. Plaster - Self-Titled
Stanis - Tales From A Modern Society
Statues On Fire - Living In Darkness
Stone Leek - Testimonial / Temperament
Stone Lions - Necking On And Kicking Off
Strung Out - Songs Of Armor And Devotion
Sum 41 - Order In Decline
Suntrace - Japan
Swan Prince - Enjoy The Rain
Taking On Water - False Start
Tear Them Down - No Sleep 'till Aröd
Teenage Bottlerocket - Stay Rad!
Ten Foot Pole - Escalating Quickly
Teresa Banks - Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn
The Borderline - Feel The Strike Of Waiting Forever
The Daily Grind - The Daily Grind
The Decline - Flash Gordon Ramsay Street
The Decline - Verge Collection
The Genetik Pets - Leftovers
The Hot Baby Lovers - D.I.Y Stories
The Limits - Self-Titled
The No Ear - Still Burning
The Overjoyed - Aced Out
The Phosphorus Bombs - .​.​.​Against You!
The ProblemAddicts - Bad Breaks
The Stifled - Self-Titled
Thousand Oaks - Bound For Destruction
Three Eyed Jack - Refill
Tornado - Get Inside
Trashed Ambulance - Shorthanded
Trifle - All That Used To Be
Triple Deke - Five Minute Major
Trophy Jump - Haphazard
Tryer - Ei Kuole Koskaan
Tsunami Bomb - The Spine That Binds
VA - Dookie 25: Tribute to Green Day
VA - Punk Rock Against War Vol. 2
VivieN - Zagubieni W
Voluntad Cero - Desde La Alcantarilla
Wackyrace - Estado Crítico
Wadeye - Spooneye With A Vengeance
Wasting Time - Separation From Your Senses
Waterweed - Diffuse
We Found A Map - To The Robot Graveyard
Weak - The Wheel
Wedgie - From Insult To Injury
Winningshot - Wellspring
Zebrahead - Brain Invaders

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