Sink Or Swim stream new album "Searching For Sincerity"

Vermont melodic punk rockers Sink Or Swim are streaming their new album "Searching For Sincerity".

88 Fingers Louie recording new album after more than 18 years

Great news to start your weekend! Chicago melodic punk rockers 88 Fingers Louie will be releasing a new album this 2017. According to a Facebook post:

It's Friday the 13th and also the first day of recording for the new 88 Fingers Louie album. It's only been 18 years since our last recording. Let's see if we're cursed or not...

The band's latest album is 1998's "Back To The Streets".

Silly Sally stream new EP "No Tales to Be Told"

Spanish punk rock act Silly Sally are streaming their new EP "No Tales to Be Told".

Destroy The Line stream new EP "War"

Jacksonville, USA melodic punk rock band Destroy The Line is streaming their new EP "War", which has been released today, January 13th via Bird Attack Records.

Suburban Samurai stream new song "Six Month Winter"

US skate punk act Suburban Samurai is streaming a new song titled "Six Month Winter".

69 Enfermos stream new song "On My Own"

South American melodic punk rock act 69 Enfermos have released a new song titled "On My Own" that will be included on their forthcoming album "A Place To Call Home" out this year via Morning Wood Records.

Listen to the song

Hero Of Our Time - Bubble Burst (Adhesive cover)

The original:

Oh, this is the first time you listen Hero Of Our Time? Please, go and listen their masterplace "Civilian".

Less Than Jake stream new song "Whatever The Weather”

US ska-punkers Less Than Jake have released a new song titled "Whatever The Weather" from the band's upcoming EP "Sound The Alarm", which will be out on February 3rd via Pure Noise Records. The band also released the song "Things Change" off this new EP.

Listen to the song
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