Travis Barker playing drums for Strung Out at Musink Festival

Travis Barker, drummer of blink-182 playing for Strung Out at Musink Festival.

NOFX stream new song "There's No 'Too Soon' If Time Is Relative"

US punk rockers NOFX are streaming a new song titled "There's No 'Too Soon' If Time Is Relative", which is a Stephen Hawking tribute song.

Daggermouth release video for "You Do This As A Fad We Do This As A Lifestyle"

Canadian punk rockers Daggermouth, which are recording new music, have released a music video for the song "You Do This As A Fad We Do This As A Lifestyle", taken from the album "Turf Wars" released in 2007.

Sun-0-Bathers stream new EP "Local Warming"

Dutch punk rockers Sun-0-Bathers are streaming their new EP "Local Warming" which has been released today.

Scott Sellers (Rufio) stream new song "Time"

Scott Sellers, guitarist and frontman of the poppy skate punk act Rufio is streaming a new song titled "Time". It's a song he has posted on Facebook account, no more info is given.

Out In Style stream new album "Broken Dreams"

Out In Style is a canadian/brazilian skate punk act that are streaming their new album "Broken Dreams" which has been released today via Too Loud Records.

No Fun At All stream new song "Forth"

Swedish classic punk rockers No Fun At All are streaming a new song titled "Forth", taken from their forhtcoming album "GRIT" that will be out on April 13th via Bird Attack Records.

NOFX - Backstage Passport 2 (Full Movie)

US punk rock label Fat Wreck Chords has uploaded the entire NOFX "Backstage Passport 2" documentary to YouTube, which includes lost footage from the previous season. More than 1.40h of pure NOFX!

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