Monday, October 24, 2016

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Port (812) release video for "Doubts"

Russian melodic punk rock band Port (812) have posted a video for the song "Doubts" (Сомнения), included on the album "Absolutely All" released this March.

Watch the video

Toxcow stream dicography on Bandcamp

French melodic punk rock act Toxcow are streaming their two EPs, "Such A Happy World" EP, released in 2004 and "Spoilen Party" (EP) released in 2006, on their bandcamp page.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

NOFX - It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite (demo)

NOFX's "It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite" demo off of "Fat Wrecktrospective" 3-album pack released through Fat Wreck Chords.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Descendents live @ 91X X-session

If yesterday we posted a video of the US punk pop classics Descendents playing the song "Without Love" live at Phaser Control Recording Studio in San Diego, California for a 91X X-session, here are now the rest of the songs; "Smile", "Full Circle", "No Fat Burger", "Spineless & Scarlet Red", "Testosterone", "Victim Of Me", "Without Love" and "Feel This".

You can watch all the videos right here.

Soundeep stream new EP "The Shades Of All Your Eyes"

Italian 5-piece punk rockers Soundeep is streaming their new EP "The Shades Of All Your Eyes".

blink-182 premiere video for "She's Out of Her Mind"

US punk pop classics blink-182 have released a music video for the song "She's Out of Her Mind" included in album 'California' that was released on July 1st.

Watch the video

Thursday, October 20, 2016

ArtistaDesconocido release video for "Ruidos" (BBS Paranoicos cover)

Uruguayan 90's style melodic punk rock band ArtistaDesconocido have premiered a video for their BSS Paranoicos cover, "Ruidos". This song is included on the BBS Paranoicos tribute compilation "Paranoia Colectiva" that will be out today, October 20th via the chilean label Pulpa Discos.

BBS Paranoicos is a Chilean punk rock band formed in 1991. They are one of the most popular punk bands in Chile alongside Fiskales Ad-Hok and Los Miserables.

Watch the video
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