Filmage: The Story of Descendents / ALL (Full Documentary)

Long before punk rock inflicted its puncture wound on the map of mainstream music, the Descendents were in a van brewing a potent mix of pop, angst, love and coffee and influencing a generation to come. Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL follows drummer and square-peg Bill Stevenson as he pushes himself and a rotating door of band-mates to "achieve ALL," his relentless concept of "going for greatness, the utmost possible" despite any and all setbacks. Interviews with the band and contemporaries such as Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), Mark Hoppus (Blink-182), Mike Watt (Minutemen), Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) and many more reveal the untold tale of one of the most overachieving and influential bands in punk, serving as a reminder to always "go for greatness," because sometimes you're gonna get it.

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Jet Market - Freedom Slaves

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The Fullblast post teaser for new song "Shame"

Canadian skate punk act The Fullblast have released a teaser for their new song "Shame" that will be included on their upcoming EP "Attack.Sustain.Decay" which will be out tomorrow February 24th. The band already posted the songs "Redemption" and "Stay" off this new EP.

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Tear Them Down release video for new song "Take Me Back"

Swedish punk rock band Tear Them Down have premiered a music video for their new song "Take Me Back" from the EP "Abdie" released last october.

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LEXT premiere video for "Please Don’t Wait"

Japanese melodic punk rockers LEXT have premiered a music video for the song "Please Don’t Wait", from the album "End Of The Summer" released last year

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Swill stream new song "Tip Of My Tongue"

Florida skate punk act Swill are streaming a new song titled "Tip Of My Tongue" off their forthcoming full length "Fresh Air" that will be out on April 1st via Rat Town Records.

Food For Fish stream new song "Together And Forever"

Russian fast punk pop band Food For Fish are streaming a new song titled "Together And Forever".

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Straightline post live version video for "Generation Lost"

German skate punk band Straightline have posted a live version video for the song "Generation Lost", from the album "Vanishing Values" released two weeks ago.

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