[NEWS] Disconnect Disconnect Records: Removals

Here's the tracklisting and cover for the new compilation that Disconnect Disconnect Records is putting out at the end of Jan called 'Removals'. It'll be out on CD and should be in all digital outlets. It's all currently unreleased tracks from bands all over the world (mostly skate punk but a few other more chilled tracks).

01. Uncommonmenfrommars - Jim Got In A Fight With Brian Molko
02. Hit The Switch - Retroactive
03. IVS - Storm Warning
04. Our Time Down Here - Under Dim Light
05. Counterpunch - Blue Skies
06. The Fear - Great News For Typists
07. Booze Cruise - I Said Light Cream Cheese, Not Light On The Cream Cheese
08. 3 Cards Short - Ashitaka
09. Harker - Loyal Than Most
10. The Stereo State - Altamont
11. Rebuke - Libertine
12. Samuel Caldwells Revenge - The REAL Lost Boys Of Sudan
13. After The Fall - Forgive And Forget
14. Darko - The Smarter I Think I Am The Dumber I Get
15. Caleb Lionheart - We're Rooted Here and You Can't Pull Us Up
16. She Likes Todd - Explode
17. Friends With The Enemy - Waking Up
18. Versus The World - In Fear Of Finale
19. Overtime Heroes - Open Hands
20. The Braces - What Happened
21. PJ Bond - Solitude