Money Left To Burn - Sucker (2011)

01. Tomorrow Not Today
02. My Own Enemy
03. Feeding The Machine
04. Obvious To Me
05. Rebellion In Minor
06. Money Left To Burn

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Money Left To Burn is a German skate punk band, that sound pretty much like old Lagwagon mixed with old Pennywise, so they have a real classic sound going on. The band was created in summer 2010 by Andi (ex-Not For Sale), Marshall (Ex-Nineteen Reasons), Jonny (Save The Embers), Andy (ex-Good & cheap) and Alex (ex-The Phony Mc ring ring). The common idea was to bring uncompromising punk rock somewhere between old-and new-school, between skateboarding and social criticism, between brute power chords and detail-oriented guitar riffs.

- Sample song: Feeding The Machine -