Face The Fax - Reboot & Restart (2011)

01. People Unchanging
02. Thinking Is Work

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Face The Fax is a punkrock band from Leuven/Antwerp that started out around 2004. Despite singer-songwriters and witty rock bands with an attitude being the big shots in these towns, the band has always been known for energetic, fast and catchy punkrock. Combined with a searing live performance, this has made Face The Fax a notorious name in the Belgian punkrock scene. During the last few years, evolution and change have never been avoided. After the original four-piece got reduced to a three-piece in 2009, the band grasped back to its musical roots to write the sophomore album "When morning comes": straight forward, fast and melodic punkrock in the best Swedish and Californian tradition. Without going for clichés, since the bands members also draw inspiration from ska, gipsy and surf, amongst others.