[NEWS] 'Much The Same Tribute' tracklist revealed

The japanese label Torch Of Hope Records is going to release a Much The Same tribute album. Here's the final tracklist:

Adrenalized (Spain) - The Greatest Betrayal
Bedtime For Charlie (Italy) - Take What's Yours
Branch (Russia) - Seasons Change
Cleave (Japan) - Masquerade
Counterpunch (USA) - Living A Lie
Criminal Colection/Punkhart (Czech Republic) - Stitches
Curbside (Canada) - For Those Left Behind
District Never Sleeps (UK) - Wish
The Down And Outs (USA) - Conclusion
Halfway There (Japan) - Gut Shot
Hogwash (France) - American Idle
Hopeless Dew (Japan) - Liar
Jet Market (Italy) - Skeletons
Prolecall (UK) - Wrecking Ball
Rejected Kids (Indonesia) - Still Falling
Straightline (Germany) - Picking Up Shattered Pieces
Symphony of Distraction (USA) - What I Know
Trick Shots (Russia) - Hits Home