Monday, October 31, 2011


Anchors - Self-Titled EP (2009)
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Anchors - Songs For Lily EP (2010)
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Anchors - Bad Juju (2010)
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:: screaming melodic hardcore
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Anchors, fast and agressive melodic hardcore punk from Australia. Awesome band.

- Sample song: We Are Oscar Mike -

Sunday, October 30, 2011

xInerZia - Haciendo Amigos (2011)

01. Pronunciese Por Inercia
02. Inglish
03. Ya No Estas
04. Funcionarios
05. Garrafon
06. Rozando Los 30
07. Somos Numeros
08. Amor En Fa
09. Canon Baby
10. Corruptela
11. Solo Para Disfrutar
12. Mario Land (Version Punk)

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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xInerZia, melodic hardcore from Spain.

- Sample song: Inglish -

Saturday, October 29, 2011

By All Means

By All Means - What You Make Of It (2006)
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By All Means - Bare Minimum (2007)
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Hailing from the shores of South Bay Los Angeles, a veteran punk rock band is earning new waves of fan support and appreciation for their musicianship and high octane, supercharged live show. The group By All Means has been rocking steady for five years, working their way through subtle member changes and personal self growth. These three high school buddies have evolved into a potent power trio with front man/lead guitarist Craig Petorella, drummer Brandon Anthony, and bassist Grant Woofter. Their sound is punk/pop with a blend of ferocious, high speed rhythm and striking harmony that sets them apart from other punk genre bands on the scene. For years, the South Bay has been a launch pad for cutting edge punk bands like Pennywise and The Descendents.

- Sample song: Covered Shadow -

Friday, October 28, 2011

Latin For Truth - Youth Crew Blues (2011)

01. Cool Hand Chuck
02. Forever, Down To The Filter
03. Gutter Kid Traffik
04. Paul Malls
05. Leader Of The Ratz And The Children
06. Shithead Prose
07. Some Days I Feel Like Santiago, Some Days I Feel Like The Fish
08. Dieu Est Mort Pour Moi
09. A Wino's Love: The Lonesome Desolate
10. Youth Crew Blues
11. Author Of Everything

Latin For Truth is a four piece southern posi-punk band scattered between Scottsboro, AL and Atlanta, GA. The band has released four ep’s and one full length, Eleven Eleven, since their start in 2005, the most recent being a digital ep, Diatribe or Die!, on Mightier Than Sword Records. They play a style of melodic punk rock that often sways into the realm of melodic hardcore, mostly due to the abrasive arrangement of vocals and socially conscious lyrics. Their dual-vocalist approach, duties shared by Charles Hastings and Tom Lovejoy, has raised many comparisons to bands like Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong, but with a heavier emphasis on ethics and social consciousness, it would be more appropriate for comparisons like Latterman, Propagandhi, and early Youth Crew bands.

- Sample song: Shithead Prose -

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Damn Sunday Drivers

Damn Sunday Drivers - The Fat And Delirious EP (2004)
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Damn Sunday Drivers - Of Desperate Thoughts EP (2008)
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Damn Sunday Drivers is a fast melodic punk rock band. The band was formed in 2002 in Bromölla, Sweden, by Rickard Gerthsson.

- Sample song: Perfect Day -

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Never Hit Again - Sinkers (2011)

01. Blackout
02. What I do
03. Sinkers
04. Booze And Gasoline
05. When The Ceiling's Falling On You
06. Hello, I'm An Asshole
07. Zombie Holocaust IV
08. Bohemian Rhapsody
09. Wine
11. Not Today

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, punk rockers from Never Hit Again are dedicated to making the music that they like, party hard and rip shit up live. DIY to the bone, true to their roots though open to new influences, their music is a trip through a skatecore universe filled with hooks, melodies, dual guitar attacks and strong musicianship. For fans of Belvedere, A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out...

- Sample song: When The Ceiling's Falling On You -

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[TOUR] NOFX: West Coast USA 'Westcoaster'

NOFX will kick off 2012 with a tour that starts on New Years Eve in Las Vegas! Old Man Markley will be on the entire tour with rotating bands including: Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Ellwood, and Pulley. Check the dates below to see who’s playing when, and stay tuned for updates! - From

Also playing will be The Bombpops and Pour Habit.

[TOUR] Eating Shit Espein Tour 2011

Eating Shit Records is spanish punkrock / melodic hardcore label. Since 2004, this label is focused on editing and distributing great spanish bands like Adrenalized, Godfarts, The Holybuttons, One Foot, etc. and also international bands like This Is A Standoff, Defying Control or The Indecision Alarm.

Two of the label members, The Holybuttons and Godfarts (plus some local bands) are now touring in Spain, you can see the dates on that picture. If you are in Spain, you shouldnt miss those shows!
Check this awesome Godfarts video!

Monday, October 24, 2011

[TOUR] Rise Against European Tour 2011

Rise Against are visiting again Europe in March 2012 with Touche Amore.

3/1 - Dortmund, Germany – Westfalenhalle
3/2 - Stuttgart, Germany – Schleyerhalle
3/3 - Berlin, Germany – Arena
3/5 - Arhus, Denmark – Vox Hall
3/6 - Stockholm, Sweeden – Arenan
3/7 - Oslo, Norway – Sentrum Scene
3/8 - Helsinki, Finland – The Circus
3/10 - Turku, Finland – Logorno
3/15 - Warsaw, Poland – Stodola
3/16 - Prague, CZ – Incheba Arena
3/18 - Leipzig, Germany – Arena
3/19 - Budapest, Hungary – Symna Hall
3/20 - Vienna, Austria – Stadthalle

Donuts N' Glory - When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth (1996)

01. The Fabulous Endeavor
02. Mysterious Thunder
03. Rockstars Airplanes (Always Crash)
04. Sirens
05. A Lot Of Not Much
06. Bitches Aint Ho's
07. Before Baywatch
08. Quesedilla
09. Fly On The Wall
10. Rapid Transit
11. Chrono Unlogical
12. Song
13. Http://
14. When Pregnasaurs Rulled The Earth...
15. Perspective

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Donuts N' Glory was a punk band that formed in 1994. A couple high school friends with similar musical tastes started playing together. Nothing serious, just for fun. The three Original members were Brian (g), Dan(g) and Garry(d). They put an ad up in a local record store (Vinyl Solution in Huntington Beach, CA) seeking a singer and bass player. A few days later they met and played with Freddie, who played bass and sang. They liked him instantly. They wrote a handful of songs and played a bunch of parties.
A buzz developed and they started getting real shows at local clubs. One of the funnest shows they ever played was early on, in a cave outside Vegas with Bobba Fett Youth. A friend of them released the "I can Pee EP" on Pinkie Records out of San Diego. His good friend knew someone in blink (who later became blink-182) and they landed a show with them. This got them some attention and they signed a two record deal with Liberation Records, started by a 16 year old Dave T that also released "Punk Sucks" a comp with many bands on it.
He got them many more shows with No Use for A Name, Suicide Machines, Nonsense, Ten Foot Pole, The Queers, The Quincy Punks, etc. In 1996 they recorded When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth at Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood with Donell Cameron, the same place Fat Wreck Chords had used for many of its bands in the early years. They toured the west coast once and out to the east coast and back twice.

- Sample song: Mysterious Thunder -

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Face The Fax - When Morning Comes (2009)

01. Divided
02. Waiting For That Day
03. Fuck You Very Much
04. When Morning Comes
05. Diy-ish
06. The Vibe
07. Lose Your Head
08. Cara
09. Statues Don't Shake
10. Eudaimonia

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Face The Fax is a punkrock band from Leuven/Antwerp that started out around 2004. Despite singer-songwriters and witty rock bands with an attitude being the big shots in these towns, the band has always been known for energetic, fast and catchy punkrock. Combined with a searing live performance, this has made Face The Fax a notorious name in the Belgian punkrock scene. During the last few years, evolution and change have never been avoided. After the original four-piece got reduced to a three-piece in 2009, the band grasped back to its musical roots to write the sophomore album "When morning comes": straight forward, fast and melodic punkrock in the best Swedish and Californian tradition. Without going for clichés, since the bands members also draw inspiration from ska, gipsy and surf, amongst others.

- Sample song: When Morning Comes-

Friday, October 21, 2011

[VIDEO] Cricket - Sooner Or Later

Band: Cricket
Song: Sooner Or Later
Album: 220 Beats Per Minute (2011)
Country: Canada
Download album: Cricket Discography

Thursday, October 20, 2011

[NEWS] Two new Bigwig (demo)songs!

Bigwig is a hardcore punk band from New Jersey, formed in 1995. After more than 5 years without any release, without any news, it seems they are recording new stuff according to Tom Petta's (singer of Bigwig) Facebook.
And finally.... Here are two new Bigwig demos. The first demo song is a bit slow, but the second one is very very good. Enjoy!

- Sample song: Demo Song 1 -

- Sample song: Demo Song 2 -

Download both songs from here.
Do you like the new songs? Discuss this on the forum!

Cricket - 220 Beats Per Minute (2011)

01. Intro
02. My Fallen Hero
03. Bring Me Back
04. My Demise
05. Mortlach
06. Sink Or Swim
07. Last Minute Subconsciousness
08. Sickness Is
09. Tattered Tom
10. Sooner Or Later
11. Live to Write
12. Irish Drinking Song

Download from Zippyshare
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Cricket was founded by Lead Vocalist and front man Graham Cennon in June of 2009. After recruiting drummer "Justin Burrows" and bass player "Dave Calvert" the band decided to start immediately writing original, catchy, punk rock songs. Sticking to their roots they recorded and released their debut EP "Take Cover "in June 2009. Quickly gaining common ground and fan support, Cricket then opened for Fat Wreck artists "The Mad Caddies" in November of 2009. Since then, they have been asked to open for punk legends "The Misfits". They have played multiple shows across Canada and will continue to play every show that is presented to them.

- Sample song: Sooner Or Later -

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[NEWS] New Double Negative songs

The UK melodic punkers Double Negative released two new songs. 'Bones' and 'SeroQuel'.
Nevermind that '3 Cards Short', the songs belongs to Double Negative.
If you like 90's style melodic hardcore, you should check this band and download all their albums.

Greenroom - Starting Over (2001)

01. I Don't Deserve You
02. Why Me
03. Today
04. A Song For Her
05. The New Me
06. 6 Years
07. Know Him
08. My Pain Your Gain
09. Sarah
10. The Gift

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Greenroom was a melodic skate punk band from Oxnard California. They recorded their debut album 'Starting Over' at the renowned Love Juice Laboratories recording studio (original) in Riverside California and released the album in early 2001. Greenroom was a staple in the Ventura-LA skate punk rock scene, playing shows from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles with bands such as Yellowcard, Craigs Brother, Staring Back, Hey mike, The Return, Stole Your Woman and many others. They disbanned in late 2002 to pursue other interests. Some members went on to create other bands and side projects including: Sky Walker, Jordan Sweeney (solo), Richard Galiguis (solo), AOA, Soul Malady, The Fill-ins, The Money Band.

For fans of Rufio.

- Sample song: Sarah -

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Gave Back - 2 Fast 2 Lose (2011)

01. Keyboard Wars
02. About The Good Things
03. Snow Dunes
04. Just Like Me
05. Giving Back
06. 2 Fast 2 Lose
07. Outro
08. Brings Me Down (Acoustic)

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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I Gave Back is a four piece band from Lviv, Ukraine that was formed in August, 2009. Current line-up was formed in September, 2009. Newcomer Ilya Orlov on bass guitar duties displayed the talent this band really has. Being influenced by NOFX, A Wilhelm Scream, Forus, they play fast and technical skatepunk / melodic hardcore.
In summer 2010 they recorded three demo songs. In 2010-11 the band performed on multiple shows, sharing the stage with various european bands. On March and July 2011
I Gave Back had a national tours. In October 2011 they released their first EP album “2 Fast 2 Lose”.

- Sample song: About The Good Things -

Monday, October 17, 2011

Crettins Puddle - Crettins Puddle (1997)

01. See Your Smile
02. Mortin’s Sandals
03. Vodka & Lime
04. Yummy Gummy Candyland
05. Electric Dreams
06. Spice-e-Dice
07. Moon-
08. Moorh-Sum Cigam

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -

Crettins Puddle are a melodic-trance-punk-pop band from Melbourne Australia. They are in a similar vein to Burning Heart or Epitaph bands, but have their own unique sound due to their wide array of musical influences, which include 80's pop, 60's harmony bands, (like the Beatles etc...), Australian melodic bands like Nursery Crimes, and Techno (Luke, lead singer - doubles also as a DJ and mixes cool Acid, Goa, Happy Hardcore and Trance tunes.)
This is their Self titled debut 8 track EP/CD, out on Smashed Records, distributed by Shock records to released in April/May '97.

- Sample song: See Your Smile -

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jet Market - Sparks Against Darkness (2011)

01. Lame Attempts At Improving A Lost Art
02. My Deep Black Nights
03. 15 Hundred Miles For A 15 People Show
04. Aiming High
05. Sparks Against Darkness
06. You Can Always Make My Day
07. Used To The Worst
08. The Missing Link
09. Don't Say You're Sorry. Because You're Not
10. Wayfarers
11. As Tides Change
12. Hate Is Baggage
13. Expectations VS Facts

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Jet Market start in Rome in 1998. It's high school years and the four friends enjoy playing together Green Day and NOFX songs in school's rehearsal room.
The new album from Italy's finest skate punk band is one that's going to take them from one of Europes top bands into a recognised name of every self respecting skate punk fan worldwide!
Featuring 14 tracks of technical, melodic, fast and anthemic punk rock, 'Sparks Against Darkness' is going to blow you away!

This was released today, thanks Bburn from the skatepunkers forum for sharing this with all of us. Please, support the bands and labels by buying the record on the NoReason Records website or Disconnected Disconnected Records website. The one you like most.

- Sample song: Wayfarers -

The Adrenaline - Who Dies Begins To Live (2010)

01. Light Over The Darkness
02. D-Man’s Room (feat. Josh – ToKill)
03. Real Life
04. Always Destroyed (feat. Lory -Beerbong)
05. Who Dies Begins To Live (feat. Paso)
06. Exist
07. I Am Dead
08. Into The Hope
09. My Fuckin Head
10. Warrior
11. Passion
12. The Last Breat

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- punk rock / skate punk -
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The Adrenaline
, is a melodic punk rock band from Ravenna (Italy.) The Adrenaline was formed in late 2004, with a different line up from the current one, and since then have held an average of 30 dates a year, becoming an important reference of the regional scene, has performed with No Use For A Name, Lagwagon , No Turning Back, This Is A Standoff, Pino Scotto, Vanilla Sky, Your Hero, Strength Approach, Melody Fall, Out of Project ...
Who Dies Begins To Live is their first album released under Myphonic Records.

- Sample song: I Am Dead -

Friday, October 14, 2011

[NEWS] New Half Hearted Hero 7" split with Deadhorse

Half Hearted Hero is going to release a split with the US post-rock band Deadhorse. This is what we can read on the Deadhorse's Facebook:
Recording is finished, and is being mixed and mastered this week. I suppose it's time for the news....WE'LL BE RELEASING A SPLIT 7 INCH WITH Half Hearted Hero! Brand new songs from both bands, multiple colors, artwork by the talented Brent Lakes, and it will be co released by Broken Circles Records and Animal Style Records! Look for it this fall
Check the forum post for future updates!

Broken Cedars - Forever (2000)

01. Toast
02. Spush
03. Melvin
04. Me
05. Station
06. Super Nuke
07. Aron's Wrist
08. Sequence
09. Weak Sauce
10. My Leg Hurts
11. A Pirates Dream
12. Afterburners
13. Green Valley
14. The Missing Link

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Broken Cedars = three piece punk. But this time there's a has melody. Fast, furious, and melodic with a spiritual edge. Broken Cedars debut album will ensure them a spot up there with the other melodic speed punk groups like Slick Shoes and Sick Of Change.

- Sample song: Toast -

Thursday, October 13, 2011

[NEWS] New Lastkaj 14 song and record

The swedish trallpunk band Lastkaj 14 is going to release this november a new album called 'Som En Dålig Film'. For the moment, they released a new video of a new song, Visst Fan Har Vi Kul.

Check the forum for upcoming news

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silversuck - If Ignorance Is Bliss, This Place Is Heaven (2011)

01. Beercore Experience
02. Resurrection
03. Sick Sad World
04. Ballad for Empty Voices
05. Rock Together
06. The Man Behind The Curtain
07. Freedamn
08. The Ironic Path Of Life
09. Lab Rat
10. Last Seed
11. Poor Kids on T.H.C.
12. Kings Of Kona
13. Lifetime Holy War

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- 90's melodic hardcore -
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Silversuck is a punk-rock and hardcore band from Barcelona active since 1999. The band was born under the influence of 90's punk-rock. They achive a mix of different sounds taking punk-rock by the hand of other similar styles.
If Ignorance is Bliss, This Place is Heaven is an album that goes from melodic punk-rock to the most screaming hardcore. Influenced by bands like Lagwagon,Propagandhi, BigWig or Rich Kids on LSD, they created their own unique style.
They pick a lot of subjects in their lyrics: reality, racism, religion, society, the scene, ... but always giving a sight of hope in the end.

- Sample song: Sick Sad World -

Oc Toons

Oc Toons - Funny Guys For... (2003)
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Oc Toons - What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us Stronger (2007)
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Oc Toons was a french punk rock hxc band from france they play some melodic fast and screamy punk rock for 5 years now.
They start in 2000 to play in their garage and after done a lot of local shows, they decided to move and they start to tour out of their country.
Oc Toons are credited with 250 concerts all over France Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, …) and California (san francisco, sacramento, ocea,side, huntingtown beach , roseville, oakland, paso robels, los angeles, hollywood, downey, san diego, long beach, livermore…)

- Sample song: Take Off Your Mask -

Monday, October 10, 2011

VA - Strong Reaction SAMPLER (2011)

01. Not So Young Sampler
02. Emit Sampler
02. From The Tracks Sampler

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- skate punk -

Strong Reaction sampler is a sampler relased by High Speed Flower Records from their upcoming split/va "Strong Reaction" featuring two japanese bands, Emit and Not So Young, and the swedish band, From The Tracks.

- Sample song: Not So Young Sampler -

Hidden Lane - Demo (2011)

01. The Fire Is Still Burning.
02. White Lines

03. Special Day
04. Go Get A Spine
05. Friends Of The Past
06. Hypocrite (You Know Who You Are)
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- 90's melodic hardcore -
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Hidden Lane was formed in January 2009 in Tallinn, Estonia. While drawing influences from '90s Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords bands like NOFX, Pennywise, Lagwagon, The Descendents, Pulley, No Use For A Name and other '90s skate punk bands, dudes from Hidden Lane try their best to keep the genre alive.

- Sample song: Friends Of The Past -

Sunday, October 9, 2011

[NEWS] New Surefire Loss songs

A process eight years in the making... Blake and Andrew met in 2003 while attending Marina High School and quickly discovered they shared similar tastes in fast music. After several years of bad luck and no success in finding other like-minded musicians, they stumbled upon Jason Gray to take up the role of lead guitar. Surefire Loss is now looking for a full time bass player with a slick, new EP ready to be released soon. Meanwhile, here are two new songs:

Check the forum and follow them on Facebook for future news!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

thejesushaircut - Serenity (2010)

01. Anticipation
02. Make It End
03. Stop It
04. Walk Of Fame
05. Float
06. Serenity
07. Rain & Stormy Weather
08. T.G.S.E.T
09. Period
10. We'll Carry On
11. Own World

Download from Mediafire
- punk rock
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Today punkrock exists for about 30 years. It's hard to say how many punkrock bands there are on this planet. And it's even harder to say how punk is defined these days. thejesushaircut plays punk- the way they feel it. Their music is often fast, most often loud and always melodic. 2 women sing, 4 guys play. This leads into beautiful songs which tell of life and people in common with their thoughts, sorrows, dreamsand pleasures. It's on the dear audience to call it Punk, Rock, Melody, Core, Speed, Aggression, Emotion or something else. What's important: it's free of all religious claim.

- Sample song: Float -

Seeling - Unnatural (1999)

01. Outstanding
02. Unnatural
03. Wage
04. Expert
05. Tractor
06. No Limits
07. Place That's Cleaner
08. Polite Conversation
09. Grovels
10. 36 Degrees
11. Still Ride
12. In The Leaves
13. The State
14. Zero
- skate punk / punk rock -

In the summer of '95, four unlikely Melbourne characters united, with one common interest: to churn out pop / punk tunes with speed and energy being the defining elements.
By early '96, and after winning the RMIT campus band competition, Seeling entered the studio to record their debut Cee Dee E.P "Quinky: The Mountain Goat Series" which was release thru Mds and gained positive reviews in the country's street press and an enthusiastic live following.
Seeling have supported the likes of One Inch Punch, Frenzal Rhomb, Caustic Soda, Loin Groin, H-Block, Unwritten Law and Blink 182 both from the USA.
Unnatural is the debut L.P from Seeling and it kicks arse featuring 14 tracks, including the killer songs Unnatural and Grovels it was produced by Lindsy Gravina (Living End, One Inch Punch, Game Over etc.) this album moves between high speed power pop and more subtle rock like Emo tunes.
Unnatural is sure to gain much support through the public radio network, street press and with live gigs this album is going to un settle the skate/punk world.

- Sample song: Wage -

Friday, October 7, 2011

We Love Danger - Stuck In Standards (2011)

01. Draw Our Name
02. I Know Nothing Else (feat. Joey Cape)
03. That Same Story
04. Wake Up Call
05. Operation Living Proof
06. James (feat. Chris Hannah)
07. Broken Glass
08. Poker Fuck Face
09. Stuck in Standards
10. Burning the Bridge
11. I Can't Stay Home
Download from Mediafire
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- punk rock -
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We Love Danger is a punk rock band from Quebec City, Canada formed in January 2009. Many people have referenced them playing a 90's style of melodic punk rock.
This first full-length, 'Suck In Standards', contains 11 state of the art 90's fast melodic punk-rock songs.

- Sample song: That Same Story -

Thursday, October 6, 2011

VA - First Trip To Punkland (1997)

01. Blount - Discouragement
02. Face Plant - Girl With Golden Hair
03. Trespass - Concrete
04. Fine Toothed Ed - Dead Presidents
05. Candysuck - Puppy Dog
06. Slobax - Schoolboy
07. It's No Juice - Chained
08. Kkpa - Tvångstankar
09. Adhesive - Conscience
10. Sugar Mind - Hell-o-two
11. Waste - Hard To Live
12. Tripwire - Downfall
13. Granny Takes A Trip - I Feel You
14. Astream - Rob Halford, Eddie The Monster And Me
15. Mednon - Force Of Habit
16. Barnes United - Conscience Stricken
17. Venerea - Happy Thoughts
18. Dole - Apparently We Have To Fight
19. Reine - Quaterback
20. Avoided - I Will Live
21. Freedy The Rude Fluteplayer - Ham
22. Scarecrow - The Friends We Just To Be

Download from Mediafire
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- 90's melodic hardcore / skate punk -

22 songs compilation album. Bands like Blount, Candysuck, Astream, Adheive & Venerea + good swedish acts. The most songs were unreleased for that time.
Just as a matter of interest, the Blount track "Discouragement"" is incorrectly titled. The correct title of the song is "22". In a live recording of the band, the singer of Blount said "This next song is called 22" and they played 'Discouragement'. So the correct title is '22' not 'Discouragement'

- Sample song: Freddy The Rude Fluteplayer - Ham -

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Loser By Default - Last Place (2010)

01. Push Over
02. Try To Run
03. Live Forever
04. Reasons
05. Bridges Burned
06. For Me
07. Loser By Default
08. Wasted Time
09. Twenty Two
10. A Place To Go

Download from Mediafire
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- punk rock / skate punk -
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Loser By Default is a punk rock / skate punk band formed in Los Angeles, CA in 2008 by best friends Jimmy Mojica and Tony Rodriguez along with Jimmy's brother Andy Mojica and add amigo Ricardo Luna. Loser's "So Cal" sound is made of and influenced by bands they themselves grew up listening to. Their goal as a band was to make music they themselves love to hear.
Actually, their drummer Ricardo is in DC Fallout and Scott from DC Fallout sometimes plays with them as a lead guitarist. Not very fast, but has a good 90's feel for any skate-punker.

Loser's debut takes their previously recorded demos and 6 new tracks and make this first full length release an album we hope will make you a fan!. Take a listen and enjoy the ride.

- Sample song: Reasons -

Monday, October 3, 2011

VA - Quebec Punk Rock Offensive (2004)

01. Oversight - Singing Alone With A Broken Radio
02. Upstairs - Why Feelings Never Stop
03. Les Truites Bionique - Une Vache Parmie Tant Dautre
04. Mute - Remember Sammy Jankis
05. Fifty Stars Anger - Right To Censor
06. Gearbox - Born In A Second Place
07. The Roadies - G.uns W.ars B.omb
08. Fixelf - Life Without Color
09. Non-expected - Opinions Are Options
10. Map - Global Lazyness
11. Closedown - Birds In Winter
12. Third Bike Wheel - Incurable
13. Red Head League - Wake Up Call
14. Fate - Setback
15. Fast Offensive - Running Away
16. Short Range - The Same Unit
17. Lord Pelvis - I Wont Lie
18. Non Sufficient Funds - A Single Gram
19. Perfect Sense - Kwijiboo
20. Ukko - Nomajority
21. Crane - Wreckless Institute
22. Lowfat - Darkness
23. Emotional Distress - Goodbye Forever
24. Les Cloporteurs - Puff De La Liberte

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- 90's melodic hardcore -

Compilation uniting some of the best bands in the Quebec, Canada punkrock scene. Brought to you by Offensive Productions

- Sample song: Fixelf - Life Without Color -

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stickup Kid - The Sincerest Form Of Flattery (2011)

02. See? Even Billy Idol Gets It!
03. Powerbomb Compliments Of Captain Insano
04. Sometimes, Kansas City
05. Born In The Vault, Die In The Vault
06. You’re Killin’ Me Smalls
07. Farewell, My Little Viking
08. Louisville
09. The Oceanwalker
10. For British Eyes Only
11. Wyandotte County Lake

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- melodic hardcore / punk pop -
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Stickup Kid, is a young and energetic melodic hardcore / punk pop quartet hailing from San Jose, CA.

- Sample song: Farewell, My Little Viking -

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sic Waiting - Anchors Astray (2010)

01. A Part Of Everyone's Disease
02. Consumers To The Grave
03. Sunset On The Moon
04. Bleeding
05. We Can't All Be Right
06. Selfish Song
07. These Old Shoes
08. Okey, I Lied
09. Living Disaster
10. Black Label
11. Victims
12. The Price Of A Good Night's Sleep

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- skate punk -
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They've been at it for over a decade now and show no signs of stopping. Southern California's Sic Waiting has put themselves back on the map with their latest release Anchors Astray. After years of touring in support of their previous release Your Name in Lights, playing all over the western United States with the likes of the Vandals, Ignite, Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, Pepper, Death by Stereo, H20 and many more, the band has regrouped and reestablished their position in today's punk scene.

- Sample song: We Can't All Be Right -
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