Latin For Truth - Youth Crew Blues (2011)

01. Cool Hand Chuck
02. Forever, Down To The Filter
03. Gutter Kid Traffik
04. Paul Malls
05. Leader Of The Ratz And The Children
06. Shithead Prose
07. Some Days I Feel Like Santiago, Some Days I Feel Like The Fish
08. Dieu Est Mort Pour Moi
09. A Wino's Love: The Lonesome Desolate
10. Youth Crew Blues
11. Author Of Everything

Latin For Truth is a four piece southern posi-punk band scattered between Scottsboro, AL and Atlanta, GA. The band has released four ep’s and one full length, Eleven Eleven, since their start in 2005, the most recent being a digital ep, Diatribe or Die!, on Mightier Than Sword Records. They play a style of melodic punk rock that often sways into the realm of melodic hardcore, mostly due to the abrasive arrangement of vocals and socially conscious lyrics. Their dual-vocalist approach, duties shared by Charles Hastings and Tom Lovejoy, has raised many comparisons to bands like Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong, but with a heavier emphasis on ethics and social consciousness, it would be more appropriate for comparisons like Latterman, Propagandhi, and early Youth Crew bands.

- Sample song: Shithead Prose -