Silversuck - If Ignorance Is Bliss, This Place Is Heaven (2011)

01. Beercore Experience
02. Resurrection
03. Sick Sad World
04. Ballad for Empty Voices
05. Rock Together
06. The Man Behind The Curtain
07. Freedamn
08. The Ironic Path Of Life
09. Lab Rat
10. Last Seed
11. Poor Kids on T.H.C.
12. Kings Of Kona
13. Lifetime Holy War

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Silversuck is a punk-rock and hardcore band from Barcelona active since 1999. The band was born under the influence of 90's punk-rock. They achive a mix of different sounds taking punk-rock by the hand of other similar styles.
If Ignorance is Bliss, This Place is Heaven is an album that goes from melodic punk-rock to the most screaming hardcore. Influenced by bands like Lagwagon,Propagandhi, BigWig or Rich Kids on LSD, they created their own unique style.
They pick a lot of subjects in their lyrics: reality, racism, religion, society, the scene, ... but always giving a sight of hope in the end.

- Sample song: Sick Sad World -