Seeling - Unnatural (1999)

01. Outstanding
02. Unnatural
03. Wage
04. Expert
05. Tractor
06. No Limits
07. Place That's Cleaner
08. Polite Conversation
09. Grovels
10. 36 Degrees
11. Still Ride
12. In The Leaves
13. The State
14. Zero
- skate punk / punk rock -

In the summer of '95, four unlikely Melbourne characters united, with one common interest: to churn out pop / punk tunes with speed and energy being the defining elements.
By early '96, and after winning the RMIT campus band competition, Seeling entered the studio to record their debut Cee Dee E.P "Quinky: The Mountain Goat Series" which was release thru Mds and gained positive reviews in the country's street press and an enthusiastic live following.
Seeling have supported the likes of One Inch Punch, Frenzal Rhomb, Caustic Soda, Loin Groin, H-Block, Unwritten Law and Blink 182 both from the USA.
Unnatural is the debut L.P from Seeling and it kicks arse featuring 14 tracks, including the killer songs Unnatural and Grovels it was produced by Lindsy Gravina (Living End, One Inch Punch, Game Over etc.) this album moves between high speed power pop and more subtle rock like Emo tunes.
Unnatural is sure to gain much support through the public radio network, street press and with live gigs this album is going to un settle the skate/punk world.

- Sample song: Wage -