Loser By Default - Last Place (2010)

01. Push Over
02. Try To Run
03. Live Forever
04. Reasons
05. Bridges Burned
06. For Me
07. Loser By Default
08. Wasted Time
09. Twenty Two
10. A Place To Go

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Loser By Default is a punk rock / skate punk band formed in Los Angeles, CA in 2008 by best friends Jimmy Mojica and Tony Rodriguez along with Jimmy's brother Andy Mojica and add amigo Ricardo Luna. Loser's "So Cal" sound is made of and influenced by bands they themselves grew up listening to. Their goal as a band was to make music they themselves love to hear.
Actually, their drummer Ricardo is in DC Fallout and Scott from DC Fallout sometimes plays with them as a lead guitarist. Not very fast, but has a good 90's feel for any skate-punker.

Loser's debut takes their previously recorded demos and 6 new tracks and make this first full length release an album we hope will make you a fan!. Take a listen and enjoy the ride.

- Sample song: Reasons -