Crettins Puddle - Crettins Puddle (1997)

01. See Your Smile
02. Mortin’s Sandals
03. Vodka & Lime
04. Yummy Gummy Candyland
05. Electric Dreams
06. Spice-e-Dice
07. Moon-
08. Moorh-Sum Cigam

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -

Crettins Puddle are a melodic-trance-punk-pop band from Melbourne Australia. They are in a similar vein to Burning Heart or Epitaph bands, but have their own unique sound due to their wide array of musical influences, which include 80's pop, 60's harmony bands, (like the Beatles etc...), Australian melodic bands like Nursery Crimes, and Techno (Luke, lead singer - doubles also as a DJ and mixes cool Acid, Goa, Happy Hardcore and Trance tunes.)
This is their Self titled debut 8 track EP/CD, out on Smashed Records, distributed by Shock records to released in April/May '97.

- Sample song: See Your Smile -