Friday, December 30, 2011

[VIDEO] Lowprofile - Treading Water

Band: Lowprofile
Song: Treading Water
Album: Three Track Stinger (2011)
Country: South Africa
Download album: Lowprofile Discography

Treading Water is the second official music video from Lowprofile, introducing the new 2011 lineup and set to rad quick cutting, hard hitting no-frills-just-punk-rawk visuals.
Treading Water is a standalone single previously released as a demo version on Lowprofile's Three Track Stinger (2011).

[NEWS] Mindset, new EP out very soon

The Australian melodic hardcore punk band Mindset is going to release an EP in early 2012 according to their facebook page:

so, did you like our debut album Midnight Sky? comment and tell us what you liked about this album! we'll bring out an EP in early 2012. thanks for your support this year and Merry Christmas.

Check the forum post and their facebook page for more info.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Retied - Stains (2010)
- Download from Mediafire
Retied - Feekah EP (2011)
- Download from Mediafire
Retied is a punk rock band from Sweden. You will not see Feekah EP anywhere else, just here, in Skatepunkers, enjoy!

- Sample song: Segway to Heaven -

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[NEWS] 'Silverstein' covers NOFX

Silverstein’s cover of 'It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite' can be heard here. The band’s new album, Short Songs, will be released in January via Hopeless Records.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good 4 Nothing - It's Shoooort Time (2011)

01. Blast Off!
02. M×S×N
03. Hello 61
04. Awesome Fat Guy
05. Slack's Song
06. I Hate You
07. Won't
08. Shaken Up
09. Home
10. Got It Right
11. Going On The Road
12. Sundays
13. Just Like You
14. Go Away
15. Tomorrow
16. Searching For My Way
17. Alive
18. Time To Breathe
19. 1,2,3….
20. Freedom
21. Wait Here

Download from Mediafire
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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The japanese meloic punk band Good 4 Nothing were formed in 1998 in Sakai, Osaka. Since then, Tanny (Gu/Vo), U-tan (Gu/Vo), Makkin (Ba/Vo), and Kawajin (Dr) have been playing together and made some achievements. In these 10 years, while they’ve released 5 albums in Japan, South Korea, and Europe and toured 3 different countries (Japan, South Korea, and U.S.A.).

- Sample song: Hello 61 -

[NEWS] Disconnect Disconnect Records: Removals

Here's the tracklisting and cover for the new compilation that Disconnect Disconnect Records is putting out at the end of Jan called 'Removals'. It'll be out on CD and should be in all digital outlets. It's all currently unreleased tracks from bands all over the world (mostly skate punk but a few other more chilled tracks).

01. Uncommonmenfrommars - Jim Got In A Fight With Brian Molko
02. Hit The Switch - Retroactive
03. IVS - Storm Warning
04. Our Time Down Here - Under Dim Light
05. Counterpunch - Blue Skies
06. The Fear - Great News For Typists
07. Booze Cruise - I Said Light Cream Cheese, Not Light On The Cream Cheese
08. 3 Cards Short - Ashitaka
09. Harker - Loyal Than Most
10. The Stereo State - Altamont
11. Rebuke - Libertine
12. Samuel Caldwells Revenge - The REAL Lost Boys Of Sudan
13. After The Fall - Forgive And Forget
14. Darko - The Smarter I Think I Am The Dumber I Get
15. Caleb Lionheart - We're Rooted Here and You Can't Pull Us Up
16. She Likes Todd - Explode
17. Friends With The Enemy - Waking Up
18. Versus The World - In Fear Of Finale
19. Overtime Heroes - Open Hands
20. The Braces - What Happened
21. PJ Bond - Solitude

Monday, December 26, 2011

Surefire Loss - Finally, The Beginning EP (2011)

01. Weak Knees
02. Dead Inside
03. When Frank Dux Sold Out
04. Common Sense
05. The Jester

Download from Mediafire
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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A process eight years in the making... Blake and Andrew met in 2003 while attending Marina High School and quickly discovered they shared similar tastes in fast music. After several years of bad luck and no success in finding other like-minded musicians, they stumbled upon Jason Gray to take up the role of lead guitar. Fast forward years later, Cam Owen has filled the roles of bass in Surefire Loss. Their EP, "Finally, the Beginning" was released December 20th, 2011. Surefire Loss is now looking to play shows and play more shows.

- Sample song: Common Sense -

Saturday, December 24, 2011

VA - Skatepunkers - Best Of 2011 (2011)

01. Lowbrow - Loose Change
02. Frenzal Rhomb - Knuckleheads
03. Jet Market - Wayfarers
04. Heartsounds - Uncomfortably Numb
05. The Human Project - Control
06. From The Tracks - Ghosts Of Old
07. Hey Mike! - Downtime
08. Inside Riot - Stone Cold Steve Irwin
09. Mute - Bates Motel
10. The Wonder Years - My Life As A Pigeon
11. Freygolo - Human's Chronicles
12. Craig's Brother - Closure
13. Pulley - No Man's Flute
14. Hold Hands - Our Last Hope To Hold Onto
15. His Day Has Come - It's Reassuring To See You Smile
16. Kids Icarus - It's On Me
17. The Decline - Addison
18. Laughing In The Face Of - The Art Of Burning Bridges
19. Apart - Plastic
20. Half Hearted Hero - Periphery
21. Atlas Losing Grip - Logic
22. Strung Out - City Lights
23. Does It Matter - Youth Wasted
24. Yeah Detroit - We Are All Our Friends
25. Almeida - Fantastic Massacre
26. Lastkaj 14 - Ett Tillstand Av Blatt
27. Hit The Switch - Retroactive

28. Fair Do's - Both To Blame
Download from Mediafire
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore / punk rock -
[ - Forum - ]

Here's another great compilation made by some of the guys of the skatepunkers forum. This time, they bring you a compilation of the best 2011 skate punk / punk rock / melodic hardcore songs, so this comp is a good opportunity to realize how many awesome bands you missed this year!

Enjoy and give your feedback!

Other Skatepunkers Best Of:
- Skatepunkers Best Of 2010 -

- Hit The Switch - Retroactive -

Friday, December 23, 2011

[NEWS] Much The Same tribute, Hits Home

Another song of the Much The Same tribute, Hits Home by the russian band Trick Shots.

Check the forum post for more info!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

[NEWS] Much The Same tribute, Seasons Change

The japanese label Torch Of Hope Records is going to release a Much The Same tribute album. Here's one of the songs of the album, Seasons Change by the russian band Branch.

Check the forum post for more info!

Sellfish - Major League Punkrock (2011)

01. It Doesn’t Matter
02. You And I
03. Break Down The Wall
04. Saturday
05. Killing Anger
06. Every Generation
07. Big Old Boring Man
08. Brains On Bleach
09. Rat Race
10. Animals
11. Rise Again
12. Whose Side Are You On
13. Voices
14. Lucky Loser

Download from Mediafire
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- punk rock / 90's melodic hardcore -
[ - Facebook - ] - [ - Buy - ]

Sellfish. Four friends that share a passion for fast, melodic punk rock made by bands like Bad Religion, NOFX and Lagwagon. And though you probably can hear the influence of some of those bands, Sellfish has managed to develop its own unique style. The band writes fast, pushy songs with catchy vocals accompanied by meaningful lyrics. ..Sellfish has been around for over sixteen years now. During this time they’ve played in almost every Dutch venue there is.

Major League Punkrock contains 14 remasterd songs from several albums from 2000 until 2008. The original albums are out of print. It is also available at you local web-store (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) after May 28th.

- Sample song: Every Generation -

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[NEWS] New 'No Trigger' song

Here's a new No Trigger song, Dried Piss, from their upcoming album Tycoon that will be out next February.

Do you like it? Download it here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Down And Outs - You Probably Downloaded This EP (2011)

01. 50 Years of 9 to 5
02. Head and Heart (ft Roger from Less Than Jake)
03. You Probably Downloaded This Song
04. The Spark
05. Derail

Download from Mediafire
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Facebook - ] - [ - Forum - ]

The Down And Outs is skate punk band based out of Providence, RI. Over the last three years they've taken both the local and international fronts by storm with their fast and melodic brand of skatepunk reminiscent of the sound that dominated the SoCal scene of the 90s.

- Sample song: Derail -

Remember to vote for your favourite record!

Remember you can still vote for the Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2011.
At first glance, it seems that is a big battle betweek two bands MUTE and Atlas Losing Grip, but there are also a lot of votes to other bands like The Decline or Heartsounds.

Vote and give a hand for those bands or any other 2011 release you like!

Vote now

Monday, December 19, 2011

Freakend's - Fall From Life (2000)

01. Break Time
02. I Just Don't Know
03. Punk Rock Girl
04. Fall From Life
05. World's Chemistry
06. Bullshit
07. Tearless
08. Emotion
09. Black Light
10. Friends Until The End

Download from Mediafire
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Interview - ]

Freakend's were a skate punk band from Montreal, Canada.

- Sample song: I Just Don't Know -

[NEWS] Two new 'Double Negative' songs

The UK melodic punkers Double Negative released two new songs. 'Looking Through The LetterBox' and 'The Day The Dark Won'.
If you like 90's style melodic hardcore, you should check this band and download all their albums.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Deviates - My Life (2000)
- Download from Mediafire
Deviates - Time Is The Distance (2001)
- Download from Mediafire
:: punk rock - [ - Facebook - ] - [ - Forum - ]

The Deviates were a punk rock band from South Bay California. They formed in the winter of 1993 when their members were in their mid-teens and slowly built a following in the South Bay where Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge got interested in them. The band’s first album on Theologian Records label was produced by Dragge. They toured for three summers with the Vans Warped Tour before breaking up in 2004.

- Sample song: I Remember -

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Money Left To Burn - Sucker (2011)

01. Tomorrow Not Today
02. My Own Enemy
03. Feeding The Machine
04. Obvious To Me
05. Rebellion In Minor
06. Money Left To Burn

Download from Mediafire
Download from Megaupload
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Money Left To Burn is a German skate punk band, that sound pretty much like old Lagwagon mixed with old Pennywise, so they have a real classic sound going on. The band was created in summer 2010 by Andi (ex-Not For Sale), Marshall (Ex-Nineteen Reasons), Jonny (Save The Embers), Andy (ex-Good & cheap) and Alex (ex-The Phony Mc ring ring). The common idea was to bring uncompromising punk rock somewhere between old-and new-school, between skateboarding and social criticism, between brute power chords and detail-oriented guitar riffs.

- Sample song: Feeding The Machine -

Friday, December 16, 2011

Unsure - Sushine Lake EP (1998)

01 Perished Friendship
02 Stupid Questions
03 King Of Pride
04 Trophy
05 Egocentric
06 Cigarettes And Alcohol

Download from Mediafire
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -

Unsure was belgian punkrock band from the 90's, they were from Kontich and played some shows mostly at The Lintfabriek and opened up for Lagwagon back then.

- Sample song: Egocentric -

[NEWS] 'From Plan To Progress' splits up

The UK band From Plan To Progress splits up according to their facebook:


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hesian - Hitzetik (2011)

01. Helmugarik Gabe
02. Guregatik
03. Noiz Itzuliko Zara
04. Noraezean
05. Sua ta Bihotza
06. Argi Iluna
07. Zure Bidean
08. Irribarre Batekin
09. Geroa Eroa
10. Bihotzetik Mundura
11. Olatu Berdea

Download from Mediafire
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- ska punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Facebook - ]

Hesian is a ska punk rock / melodic hardcore band from Navarre, Basque Country formed in 2006. Two vocalist, a girl and and. Both singing in Basque language.

- Sample song: Zure Bidean -

[NEWS] New 'The Down And Outs' songs

The Down And Outs have posted 3 new songs, one of them featuring guest vocals by Roger from Less Than Jake. You can listen to them on their facebook page. Give feedback on the forum!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gearbox - Pride & Evolution (2004)

01. Prologue
02. Stockholm Syndrome
03. Golden Rules
04. Writing For The Last Day
05. Sickness
06. Deus Ex Machina
07. Dysfunctional
08. Lucifer's Love
09. Perforation
10. Sensationalism
11. Born For A Second Place
12. Rusty

Download from Mediafire
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -

Gearbox was a Canadian band from Trois-Rivières, Quebec. They released one album in 2004 titled 'Pride & Evolution'. Prior to 2004, they had released an EP containing the songs 'Epicurean' and 'Dysfunctional', the latter being re-recorded for the full length release. The members were listed as follows on 'Pride & Evolution': Mwell on vocals, Max Lo and Duch on guitars, Mr Denis on bass and Pat on drums. They disbanded not long after the release citing personal reasons.

- Sample song: Sickness -

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[NEWS] New 'Revenge' songs

Revenge is a punk/hardcore band formed in 2008. Consists of members from Satanic Surfers, Venerea, Sista Sekunden and more, trying to catch the spirit of 80's punk/hardcore with their own twist

Check the forum post and their facebook page for upcoming news!

Almeida - Fantastic Massacre (2011)

01. Kinslayer
02. Kings in Contempt
03. Fantastic Massacre
04. Lifeboats
05. Ice Cream Song
06. Bale Fire
07. Fail Buyer
08. Occam's Razor (I)
09. Jury and the Executioner (II)
10. Reservations (III)
11. By Sin of Omission

Download from Mediafire
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- progressive thrash / melodic hardcore punk -
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Almeida are a progressive thrash / melodic hardcore punk band from Southampton and Brighton in the UK. We have been fortunate enough to be billed alongside the likes of A Wilhelm Scream, H2O, Shai Hulud, Straighten Things Out, Giving Chase and Hot Cross as well as touring the UK with northern legends Fair Do's.

This album is awesome, so please, support the artist by buying it.

- Sample song: Lifeboats -

Monday, December 12, 2011

[NEWS] New 'Utopia Now' song

Utopia Now started out as a band in late 2006 but had been around in a different form (but with the same singer and songwriter) under the name Indigo since 2002, sharing the stage with bands such as Lagwagon, Anti Flag, A Wilhelm Scream, No Trigger, Good Clean Fun, Venerea and many more. However, despite a promising start the band was short-lived and split in 2007. Today the band lives on in the form of an online solo project by the band’s founder, singer, and songwriter, Stephan Serowy.

Listen below the new song 'Head Over Heels'
Off of the album 'Therapy' that will be released at the end of this year!

Do you like the song? Give your feedback on the forum or Utopia Now's facebook.

Alien 8 - Never A Moment EP (1998)

01. Never A Moment
02. Cab Driver
03. Tommyland
04. Lonesome Stranger
Download from Mediafire
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Download from Fileserve
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -

Alien 8 is a melodic hardcore band from Sweden. For fans of Lagwagon.

- Sample song: Tommyland -

Saturday, December 10, 2011

[VIDEO] Mute - Bates Motel

Band: Mute
Song: Bates Motel
Album: Thunderblast (2011)
Country: Canada
Download albums: Mute Discography

Friday, December 9, 2011

Overstrung - Geek On A Leash EP (2000)

01. Unsolving
02. Always
03. In Time
04. Growing Apart

Download from Mediafire
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Download from Fileserve
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Interview - ]

Overstrung were a skate punk band from Stockholm, Sweden formed in 1996.

- Sample song: In Time -

[NEWS] 'One Minute Less' demo & video

One Minute Less is a melodic hardcore / skate punk band from Brazil. They have released a demo this year (Download Demo 2011) and also a video from the song 'Our Reflection' that you can see below. They are now working on a full length entitled "Mute The Time" that will be released next year.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Skatepunk releases on vinyl

Little skatepunk labels need to get a few ideas on whether getting some future releases (or even re-releases) pressed is worthwhile, as there's a hell of a lot more money to lose doing failed vinyl releases than failed CD releases!
So please, you, as an skatepunk consumer, visit the forum post and post any feedback/idea that would be much appreciated

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lagwagon - Putting Music In Its Place (2011)

Lagwagon - The Putting Music In Its Place Box Set includes all five re-releases and a bonus live DVD plus a copy of the previously out of print Angry Day 7" vinyl. All told these re-releases feature 72 bonus tracks and a treasure trove of interesting new material. They serve as both a thank you to the legions of longtime fans and an amazing welcome to newcomers alike.

Thanks napalm for sharing this albums!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Face The Fax - Reboot & Restart (2011)

01. People Unchanging
02. Thinking Is Work

Download from Bandcamp
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Face The Fax is a punkrock band from Leuven/Antwerp that started out around 2004. Despite singer-songwriters and witty rock bands with an attitude being the big shots in these towns, the band has always been known for energetic, fast and catchy punkrock. Combined with a searing live performance, this has made Face The Fax a notorious name in the Belgian punkrock scene. During the last few years, evolution and change have never been avoided. After the original four-piece got reduced to a three-piece in 2009, the band grasped back to its musical roots to write the sophomore album "When morning comes": straight forward, fast and melodic punkrock in the best Swedish and Californian tradition. Without going for clichés, since the bands members also draw inspiration from ska, gipsy and surf, amongst others.

Monday, December 5, 2011

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

[NEWS] 'Much The Same Tribute' tracklist revealed

The japanese label Torch Of Hope Records is going to release a Much The Same tribute album. Here's the final tracklist:

Adrenalized (Spain) - The Greatest Betrayal
Bedtime For Charlie (Italy) - Take What's Yours
Branch (Russia) - Seasons Change
Cleave (Japan) - Masquerade
Counterpunch (USA) - Living A Lie
Criminal Colection/Punkhart (Czech Republic) - Stitches
Curbside (Canada) - For Those Left Behind
District Never Sleeps (UK) - Wish
The Down And Outs (USA) - Conclusion
Halfway There (Japan) - Gut Shot
Hogwash (France) - American Idle
Hopeless Dew (Japan) - Liar
Jet Market (Italy) - Skeletons
Prolecall (UK) - Wrecking Ball
Rejected Kids (Indonesia) - Still Falling
Straightline (Germany) - Picking Up Shattered Pieces
Symphony of Distraction (USA) - What I Know
Trick Shots (Russia) - Hits Home

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thicker - Tommy Hell Fingers (1997)

01. Adversorry
02. Vegetable Meat
03. Elvis From Hell
04. Ass Me
05. So Stupid
06. Tobacco Cause Death
07. Curse
08. A.B.C News
09. Your Vallue
10. Blender
11. Snowblower
12. Please Give Me The Ticket Fuck Face!
13. Golden Chick

Download from Mediafire
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Last FM - ]

Thicker, skate punk / melodic hardcore from Quebec, Canada

- Sample song: Vegetable Meat -

[NEWS] New 'Burning Days' songs

Burning Days is a spanish melodic hardcore band formed in 2010 by members of Nowadays and Burn To Believe.
Check their new tunes on their facebook and check their video of the song 'Friendship'

Friday, December 2, 2011

Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2011

Here's, once again, the annual Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2011.
You can vote your 3 favourite 2011 records on the forum.


1000 Degrees - Has Already Past (2011)
01. Orso Grigen
02. Hoping For Better Times
03: Beatbox
04. Orango dance
05. Shelter
06. Jack el mackson
07. Don’t waste your time
08. My Ex Girlfriend is so Hot
09. My last chance
10. No Brain, No Pain

Download from Mediafire
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Forum - ] - [ - Facebook - ]

1000 Degrees is a italian skate punk / melodic hardcore album. This is their very first full-length

- Sample song: My Ex Girlfriend Is So Hot -

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shiver - Never Too Late (2001)

01. Another Day
02. Voice Of Treason
03. All We Have
04. Envy
05. Home
06. You Decide
07. Reasons Why
08. Never Too Late
09. Close My Eyes
10. A Fire Inside
11. Try
12. Just For Today
13. One Life

Download from Mediafire
Download from Megaupload
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - MySpace - ] - [ - Facebook - ]

Shiver is a fast, melodic, catchy, energetic, totally 90's style melodic hardcore band from Pennsylvania, USA. More hooks than a tacklebox, it "leaves you wound up from the speed of the music and impatiently wanting more." 13 sonic blasts, a real ride from start to finish.

- Sample song: Another Day -

[NEWS] New 'Almeida' songs

Almeida are a progressive thrash / melodic hardcore punk band from Southampton and Brighton in the UK. We have been fortunate enough to be billed alongside the likes of A Wilhelm Scream, H2O, Shai Hulud, Straighten Things Out, Giving Chase and Hot Cross as well as touring the UK with northern legends Fair Do's.

Debut album 'Fantastic Massacre' out on Dec 3rd. Check two new songs 'Occam's Razor (I)' and 'Kings In Contempt' below:

Check the forum post or their facebook page for further info!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Atlas Losing Grip - The Tourshow

Atlas Losing Grip tour videos.

Nowadays - Things Will Never Change EP (2007)

01. Run
02. Close To Me
03. Merci Killing
04. Nowadays
05. Lost
06. Mrs. Perfect
07. Life in Hollywood

Download from Mediafire
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - MySpace - ]

Nowadays was an amazing skatepunk band from Zaragoza, Spain.

- Sample song: Mrs.Perfect -

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bonustrack - Please Stand Up EP (2011)

01. Gallons of Blood
02. Please Stand Up
03. Black Sky
04. Seven Sins
Download from Mediafire
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Download from Fileserve
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Facebook - ] - [ - Forum - ]

Bonustrack is a melodic hardcore band from Madrid, Spain formed in 2000.

- Sample song: Please Stand Up -

Monday, November 28, 2011

[VIDEO] Radicus - Family Fortunes

Band: Radicus
Song: Family Fortunes
Album: The Bigger Noise EP (2011)
Country: UK
Download albums: Radicus Discography

The Knob - Thir13en Ways To Go (2007)

01. First One
02. Broken Arrow
03. Team Us
04. The Detonator
05. House Of Scards
06. Stalker
07. The Twist
08. Living On The Edge
09. Your New Girlfriend
10. Gangster
11. Bald Eagle
12. 24/7/27
13. The Room
Download from Mediafire
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Download from Fileserve
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Website - ] - [ - MySpace - ]

The Knob is a Finnish punk rock band, founded in 2001 by Tapani Kangas, Jami Pohjoismäki, Jonne Haapa-aho and Tuomo Kankaanpää. The Knob has appeared in various snowboarding and skateboarding movies including the Solid Powder series.

- Sample song: Your New Girlfriend -
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