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<center>Implants - From Chaos To Order (2013)</center>
<center> Full The Face release two new songs, 'Nice To Meet You, Goodbye' and 'Little Cakes '</center>
<center>Streetlight Manifesto - The Hands That Thieve (2013)</center>
<center>Lifeline Lost cover Christina Perri's 'Arms'</center>
<center>Set Fire To Reason - Remote Controlled EP (2013)</center>
<center>Stop Dancing stream first demo song</center>
<center>Skatepunkers Exclusive: New The Holybuttons song from upcoming EP 'Don't Feed The Banks'</center>
<center>Belvedere release 'All Of It', a compilation album with every song they recorded</center>
<center> Kilian Martin: India Within</center>
<center>Sarabix - Krakatoa (2013)</center>
<center>Friends With The Enemy recording new album</center>
<center>Skateboarding art by Haroshi</center>
<center>Our Darkest Days - Demo EP (2013)</center>
<center>Skumdum stream two new songs 'Bragging Is My Name' and 'Traveller Anthem'</center>
<center>Set Fire To Reason stream new song 'Remote Controlled'</center>
<center> L'Alba Di Nuovo - La Nuova Razza (2012) </center>
<center> The Bouncing Souls announce reissue of 'The Greenball Crew EP'</center>
<center>Sarabix stream new album 'Krakatoa'</center>
<center>Belvedere European Tour 2013</center>
<center>Off To Nowhere - Statement Of Principles EP (2013)</center>
<center>Contra Code stream new song 'Slay Them All'</center>
<center>Uncalledfor - Til The End (2001)</center>
<center>Skatepunkers Exclusive: New Our Darkest Days song 'Time Has Come'</center>
<center>Kelly Slater singing & stage diving at Pennywise gig</center>
<center>High Titles stream new song 'Cancer Plants'</center>
<center>Downless - Standing Up Again (2013)</center>
<center>Straightline stream new song 'Won't Back Down'</center>
<center>Face To Face - Three Chords And A Half Truth (2013)</center>
<center>Off To Nowhere stream debut EP 'Statement Of Principles'</center>
<center>Cereal For Dinner - Another Demo (2013)</center>
<center>Dutch Nuggets stream three new songs off new album 'Nervous Wreck'</center>
<center>One Hidden Frame stream new song off upcoming album 'The Water Seems Inviting'</center>
<center>3style - Japanese Anomie (2012)</center>
<center>New Millencolin album this year?</center>
<center>Sarabix releases video for first single 'Dispuesto'</center>
<center>Authority Zero - The Tipping Point (2013)</center>