Uncalledfor - Til The End (2001)

01. Pride And Joy
02. Hallmark
03. Nights On The Town
04. Wet Dream #9
05. Things You Do
06. Swingers
07. The Stranger
08. Noose Around My Heart
09. Urgency
10. Underground World
11. Mrs. Hyde
12. This Time Around
13. The Accident
14. Perfect Life

15. Mind's Realization
16. Butterfly Song
17. Drinking Song
18. Now You Are Gone
19. Chuck
20. Liquid Skies
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File Size: 46 MB
Release date: 1 November 2001
Genre: Punk rock / melodic harcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Crooked Records
Uncalledfor was formed in the late 90's with Randy Copeland on guitar and vocals, his brother John on drums, and long time friend Tim Boyle on bass. The band started performing around their hometown of San Diego in small clubs, bars, and backyard parties. They built a small following and had fun along the way.
In January 2001, Tim left the band and was replaced by Matt Craig. Shortly after the band was approached by Brian Robinson of Crooked Records who expressed great interest in signing and recording the band. Uncalledfor then signed to Crooked Records where they met up with engineer Jeff Forrest at Double Time Studios and recorded their first full-length CD, "Til the End."
Uncalledfor continued to play around in support of their new CD opening for many great bands such as DR. Know, The Dickies, Agent Orange, The Street Walking Cheetahs, D.R.I., and Duane Peters and The Huns as well as many great San Diego bands like Rocket from the Crypt, Sprung Monkey, Tiltwheel, The Neighbors, and many others.
The band's first release, "Til the End", was nominated for the Best Local Recording at the 2002 San Diego Music Awards.

- Sample song: Swingers-