Sunday, March 31, 2013

Set Fire To Reason, featuring members of Rise Against, 88FL and She Likes Todd streaming new song

Set Fire To Reason is a new punk rock / melodic hardcore band featuring Mr. Precision (88 Fingers Louie, Rise Against), Rob Sulzmann (She Likes Todd), Nat Wright (Shot Baker), and Mike Milligan (Army Of Freshman). The band is streaming a song titled 'San Andreas' off their new EP 'Remote Controlled' to be released on April 26th.

Click here to listen to the song

You can preorder the EP right here.

INcoming streaming new song 'Wasting It All'

INcoming! is a new fast melodic hardcore band from Moscow, Russia influenced by bands like  Belvedere, Rufio or Sunsgrind. The band is streaming a brand new single titled 'Wasting It All'. Listen to the song below.

Click here to listen to the song

Follow them on Facebook for further news.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Authority Zero - The Tipping Point (2013) [WEBRIP]

Get the VBR version from here.

Our Darkest Days, a new skatepunk band from canda with members of Awaken and Senseless

Good news for all old-school skatepunkers! Our Darkest Days is a new fast melodic punk rock band from Quebec City, Canada, with members from Awaken (former singer), Senseless, These Silent Waves, Zacchaeus and Drama. The band will be releasing a 5 songs EP on mid April.

Skatepunkers will be exclusively streaming 2 new songs off this new EP in some days.
Meanwhile, you can follow them on facebook for further news.

Implants reveal album cover and tracklist for new album 'From Chaos To Order'

Implants revealed the tracklist and cover art for their upcoming album 'From Chaos To Order' to be released on May 7th via Cyber Tracks Records (USA). Effervescence Records (EU), will be also releasing the album on April 27 on the Groezrock Fest.

01. Life Passes
02. Blinded
03. Through The Window
04. Once Was I
05. Mutualism
06. Bleed Within
07. Parallel
08. Stuck Around
09. Puppet Regime
10. These Walls
11. Unveiling
12. El Ron

The band already released for streaming the songs 'Parallels' and 'Mutualism'.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skate wheel drum beater

Noopinion - No Chains For Change (2013)

01. Intro
02. Hope Dies Last
03. Insidious
04. D.o.c.
05. New World Disorder
06. Burn All The Flags
07. The Misfits Of Today
08. Governmental Disfunction
09. Stand My Ground
10. Seasons Of Change
11. One Way Out
12. A Soul On My Own
13. Decade

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 87 MB
Release date: 22 February 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self Released

Noopinion come from the small city Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the southern end of Germany. These guys are around for almost 15 years now and they already played tours in the US and in China. With 'No Chains For Change' Noopinion released their 4th full-length album recently. It contains a great mixture of straight, fast punkrock and hardcore-inspired shouting-parts.

Watch the official 'Insidious' video

- Sample song: D.O.C. -

Wine streaming new song 'Sin Mirar Atrás' off upcoming album 'Nuevos Caminos'

Wine is a skatepunk band from Zipaquira, Colombia that is streaming a brand new song titled 'Sin Mirar Atrás'. The song will be included on the band's upcoming album 'Nuevos Caminos' to be released this 2013.

Click here to listen to the song

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1979. Tony Hawk... or Macaulay Culkin?

Punk Rock Holiday 1.3 lineup announced

Punk Rock Holiday is the biggest punk-rock festival in its region, held at a beautiful venue at the breath-taking confluence of river Tolminka and the amazing Soča river in Tolmin, Slovenia, which offers not only the usual festival experience, but an unforgettable holiday feeling.

blink-182 with Brooks Wackerman on the drums

Here're four videos of Brooks Wackerman, drummer of Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Religion among others, playing Pathetic and other songs with blink-182. Travis Barker could not play for some unknown reason in New York at the Randalls Island show.

Click here to watch the video

Bad Religion in the Hurley Studios

Bad Religion stopped by the Hurley Studios for a recording session. Brian Baker, Brooks Wackerman and Jay Bentley talk about their new album 'True North'. The band also played their title track off their new album.

Click here to watch the video

Following Kyle

Kyle Leeper needs to fit as many tricks into his weekends as possible. In this Mark Gonzales/HTML inspired edit Kyle rips, non-stop, around the streets of Southern California spurred on by the distressing thought that come Monday he has to be up early to get back to work.

Click here to watch the video

Monday, March 25, 2013

Implants streaming new song 'Mutualism'

Implants is streaming a brand new song titled 'Mutualism' off their upcoming album 'From Chaos To Order' to be released on May 7th via Cyber Tracks Records.

Click here to listen to the song

The band also released the song 'Parallels' of this new album.

NOFX Live 29 Years Of Fucking Up

Remember that crazy Bad Religion fan that made a live video compilation of the band from 1980 to 2012 of more than 5 hours? Well, now's the time for NOFX. Here's a NOFX live footage from 1986 to 2012 of more than 3 hours. Enjoy!

Click here to watch part 1
Iron Man (full)
Mom Rules
C'mon and love me (kiss cover)
Crocodile Rock (elton john cover)
Bob Turkey
Six Pack Girl
No Problem
Hold It Back
Shitting Bricks
Here Comes The Neighborhood
Shut Up Already
Mr. Jones
Beer Bong
On The Rag
I Live in a Cake
A 200 Club
Truck Stop Blues
S&M Airlines
Drug Free America
Mean People Suck
You Drink You Drive You Spill
Vanilla Sex
Life O'Riley
Screamin for Change
Green Corn
New Boobs
Together On The Sand
Just the Flu
The Moron Brother
The Malachi Crunch
The Death Of John Smith
The Longest Line
Kill all the White Man
Soul Doubt
Stickin In my Eye
Straight Edge
Liza And Louise
Please Play This Song On The Radio
The Bag
She's Gone
Leave it Alone
Perfect Government

Click here to watch part 2
Don't Call Me White
Lori Meyers
Punk Guy
The Quass
Dying Degree
Scavenger Type
Hobophobic (Scared Of Bums)
Release The Hostages
dad 's bad news
it 's my job to keep punk rock elite
murder the government
champs elysees
eat the meek
the desperations gone
quart in session
falling in love
What's The Matter With Parents Today
I 'm telling Tim
Dinosaurs Will Die
Reagan Sucks
Please Stop Fucking My Mom
Bottles To The Ground
Can't Get The Stink Out
Separation Of Church And Skate
Drugs Are Good
Franco Un-American
Leaving Jesusland
Whoops, I OD'd
You're Wrong
Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
We Called It America
My Orphan Year
The Quitter
The Decline (full)
Mr Jones (Official Clip)
all outta angst (Video Clip)
Dig (accoustic)
Cokie The Clown (accoustic)
Cokie The Clown (Official Clip)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zarandaja - Zarandaja EP (2012)

01. Morir En Paz
02. Raices
03. Kalles
04. Tierra En Llamas
05. Sin Control
06. Falsa Alegria
07. Outro

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 34 MB
Release date: 18 August 2012
Genre:  Punk rock / melodic harcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Self Released
Zarandaja is a melodic punk rock band from Chile.

- Sample song: Tierra En Llamas -

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scott Radinsky talks about Pulley, SkateLab, baseball, touring, etc.

Scott Radinsky was a professional baseball player. He is now coaching in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. He has also been a singer in a punk band during this whole time, as well, with Ten Foot Pole and then with Pulley. Scott took some time while in Arizona for spring training to discuss his departure from Ten Foot Pole, the formation of Pulley, touring, and Skatelab, his skate park and skateboard museum.

Click here to read the interview.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Clipwing streaming new song ' What I'm With Isn't It '

Formed in 2012, Clipwing is a combination of four Winnipeg musicians: Martin LaFreniere, Steve Nelson, Steve Jowsey and Randy Frykas. With all the members coming from other prominent local bands (High Five Drive, Doc Brown, Legion of Liquor, Charlie Company, and Prophet to name a few), the aim of Clipwing was to come out swinging; mission accomplished.

Influenced by The Flatliners, Smoke or Fire, Foo Fighters and probably some other bands, Clipwing is loud, energetic and passionate music.

Click here to listen to the song

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Force The Issue (featuring members of Thoughtless Action) streaming demo song

Force The Issue  (featuring members of Thoughtless Action) is a new technical metallic skatepunk band from Alberta, Canada. If you like crazy-tempo-changing metallic skatepunk, you'll love this.

Click here to listen to the song

Check this post from the skatepunkers forum for more info and videos.

NOFX in 1985

You know what? Fat Mike was skinny, or at least normal a lot of years ago. The moniker "Fat Mike" was given to Mike by friends after he returned from college and it was evident that he had gained a little weigh. The picture above is a NOFX picture from 1985. Melvin looks funny too.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Minority - Send In The Troops! EP (2012)

01. Hypocritical Masses
02. Passion Aggression
03. Get With The Program Guide
04. Let's Not (And Say We Did)
05. Because You're Worth It
06. Lights Out In Wonderland

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 35 MB
Release date: 10 October 2012
Genre: Punk rock / melodic harcore
Quality: 320kbps
Label: Self Released
The Monority is a punk rock band from the Netherlands featuring ex-members of 1000 Miles Ahead, Progress, The Retreat, Ten Threats and The Indoor Park.

- Sample song: Hypocritical Masses -

Skumdum streaming two new songs, 'Controlled' and 'Goodbye'


Skumdum has released two new songs 'Controlled' and 'Goodbye', that are available for free streaming at their facebook page. This is the 3th of 10 2-track singles they'll release this year. Since it’s their 20th anniversary they decided to release 20 new songs over the year.

Amnesia Rockfest 2013 announce lineup

Hold on to your eardrums: here comes Amnesia Rockfest, the high-energy event in Montebello! Well known among rock fans as the place to be in the summertime in Quebec (June 14-15), the event attracts thousands to Montebello, along the panoramic Ottawa Rive.

Featuring over 100 bands performing on 3 outdoor stages as well as at indoor venues, camping areas, a variety of activities, demos, vendors and local artisans, the festival jumpstarts the summer with a blast!

Check the festival's website for further news.

Chimp Change streaming three new songs from upcoming album 'Type Zero Civilization'

Chimp Change have been hammering out their own brand of sonic mayhem since the summer of 2010. Influenced by the Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords sounds of the 1990’s, Chimp Change’s punk rock stylings are enjoyed by fans of Bad Religion, Pulley, No Use for a Name, SNFU, and more.
The band is streaming three new songs 'Temporary', 'No Tomorrow' and 'July 12', all of them to be included on the bands upcoming album 'Type Zero Civilization' to be released on June 13th. Listen to them below.

Click here to listen to the song

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Face The Fax streaming new song 'Basic Human Wrongs' off upcoming record 'Basic Human Wrongs'

Face The Fax is streaming a brand new song titled 'Basic Human Wrongs' off the album with the same name to be released via Funtime Records on April 6th.

Click here to listen to the song

After The Fall - Unkind (2013)

01. Unkind
02. Tilburg
03. Disunion
04. Wrong
05. Controlled
06. Attention Dependent
07. Writer's Block
08. Back And Forth
09. Double Negative
10. Screwers
11. Cathedral
12. Decade

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 47 MB
Release date: 19 March 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Paper + Plastic Records & Disconnect Disconnect Records
'Unkind' is the 4th album from Albany NY’s After The Fall, and sits in between the technical skate punk sound of 2nd album 'Fort Orange' and the more aggressive third album 'Eradication', creating a great album, sure to be one of the punk rock releases of 2013. For fans of Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi.

- Sample song: Writer's Block -

Monday, March 18, 2013

Red Bull Perspective - A Skateboard Film

A cinematic journey through the eyes of skateboarding's elite Meshing Hollywood quality cinematography with the highest caliber skaters, join Ryan Sheckler (San Clemente), Torey Pudwill (Simi Valley), Ryan Decenzo (Vancouver) and Zered Bassett (New York), on a journey from their hometowns to common ground, to learn how where they come from colors their approach to new terrain.

Click here to watch the video

Check out also the behind the scenes footage from Red Bull Perspective and find out how the team behind the film made one of the most talked about skate films of the year.

Click here to watch the video

Chris Dalley from Implants talks about band's formation, new album, touring plans, etc.

Implants, you could say, is a punk rock super group with five members: Chris Dalley (Ten Foot Pole and Voodoo Glow Skulls) on drums, Rob Ramos (Strung Out) on guitar, Jim Blowers (Pulley) also on guitar, Chris Del Rio (Ten Foot Pole) on bass, and Ken Conte (Brown Lobster Tank and The Tank) on vocals. Chris Dalley took some time during a band practice break to discuss Implant’s formation, touring and their new album, 'From Chaos To Order', due to be released May 7 on Cyber Tracks.

You can read the interview right here.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crossfire Collision - Panic Face (2013)

01. Inebrianthem
02. Derek Watts Invented The Lightbulb
03. Horizons
04. In The Days
05. Fighting A Shadow
06. Gridding from Ear To Ear
07. Panic Face
08. Caught In The Crossfire
09. Heyo
10. The Collapse
11. Broken Walls (Acoustic)

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 83 MB
Release date: 22 February 2013
Genre: Punk rock / melodic harcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self Released
Cape Town punk rockers Crossfire Collision launched their debut full album 'Panic Face' at a packed and disorderly show at Ragazzi Live in their home city on Friday the 22nd of February. Within days the band had posted CDs to fulfill orders around the world – to Japan, Canada, USA, and across South Africa. 'Panic Face' is proudly high speed, 180bpm, melodic punk rock with face melting guitar riffs, soaring vocal harmonies and unforgettable melodies.
The album was recorded at D.D.M. Studios, Cape Town, South Africa and mastered at Blasting Room Studios, Fort Collins, Colorado - the factory floor for the likes of Rise Against, NOFX, Propagandhi, Alkaline Trio and Anti-Flag.

- Sample song: Caught In The Crossfire -

Implants streaming album version of 'Parallels'

Implants is streaming the album version of the song 'Parallels'. The song will be included on in the band's upcoming album 'From Chaos To Order', set to be released on May 7th via Cyber Tracks Records.

Click here to listen to the song

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bandage release two new song off new seven inch

Athens, Greece based punk rock band Bandage have just put out a new seven inch titled 'A Glitch in the Hive' with three new songs. The songs 'Now That You're Gone' is featured on their website and the song 'House' is available to listen below . The vinyl comes with a cd version of the songs and will be available for download in it's entirety soon.

Click here to listen to the song

Friday, March 15, 2013

Skatepunkers exclusive: Two new X-State Ride songs from upcoming album 'X-State Ride'

Skatepunkers is streaming two new songs titled 'Crimeocracy' and 'X-State Ride' from the italian punk rock band X-State Ride. These songs will appear on band's upcoming Self-Titled album to be released this year.

Click here to listen to the songs

Uncommonmenfrommars & Inside Riot Split (2013)

01. Uncommonmenfrommars - Comprehensive Guide
02. Uncommonmenfrommars - PlanetMan
03. Inside Riot - Johnny
04. Inside Riot - Extreme Cheddar

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 29 MB
Release date: 15 March 2013
Genre: Punk rock / melodic harcore / punk pop
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Delete Your Favourite Records
Split between the french punk rock band Uncommonmenfrommars and the canadian punk pop band Inside Riot.

- Sample song:  Uncommonmenfrommars - Comprehensive Guide  -

Set It Back streaming new song 'Here And Now'

Set It Back is a new melodic hardcore band from Montreal, Canada. The band is now streaming a new song 'Here And Now' off their upcoming Digital EP to be released on March 22nd. Follow them on Facebook for further news.

Click here to listen to the song

Steve Caballero & Tony Hawk

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snareset - Snareset EP (2013)

01. Break It Down
02. Stagnation
03. Take The Chance
04. Brightside
05. Pick Of The Bunch

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 34 MB
Release date: 1 February 2013
Genre: Punk rock / melodic harcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Self Released
Snareset is a melodic hardcore band from Reckenfeld, Germany.

- Sample song: Brightside -

Moovalya releases music video for 'To The Throne'


Arizona punkrockers Moovalya releases a video for the song 'To The Trone' off their Self-Titled album released last year.

Click here to watch the video

Torches To Triggers releases promo video for European tour

Torches To Triggers formed in late 2011 with the goals to collaborate multiple styles of music surrounding the melodic and hardcore punk genres. The band hinted at their return to the road with the announcement of some European dates. Now, Torches To Triggers released a promo video for this tour.

Click here to watch the promo video

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Misconduct releases video for 'Ready To Go'

Swedish punk rock band Misconduct released the first video for the single 'Ready To Go', to be included on their upcoming album 'Blood On Our Hands' that will be released this year

Click here to watch the video

Rise Against releasing reissue of 'Revolutions Per Minute' with 10 bonus tracks

Chicago’s Rise Against are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album, Revolutions Per Minute, with a reissue out May 28th. This edition of Revolutions Per Minute features 10 bonus tracks of demos along with the originally recorded album and expanded packaging. Recorded at the Blasting Room and produced by Jason Livermore and the renowned Bill Stevenson of the Descendents, this quintessential album shaped Rise Against’s sound with elements of hardcore, punk, and ripples of emo that cascade into what we know of the band today.

Bass player Joe Principe, vocalist Tim McIlrath, guitarist Todd Mohney and drummer Brandon Barnes headed to the Blasting Room in 2002, armed with their new material. “We wrote these songs above an antique store in Chicago where the owner would rent roach-infested rooms to bands… In a post 9-11 fervor, the powers that be had just finished lying to the public and swindled their way into entering what would become the longest war in our country’s history (which seeped into songs like “Blood Red, White & Blue”),” says McIlrath.

Obviously, 10 years later, the results speak for themselves. Revolutions Per Minute still stands out as a hallmark release for Rise Against, Fat Wreck Chords, and the hardcore punk genre in general. RPM10 is the perfect tip of the cap to such an extraordinary album. You can preorder it right here.

1. Black Masks & Gasoline
2. Heaven Knows
3. Dead Ringer
4. Halfway There
5. Like the Angel
6. Voices Off Camera
7. Blood-Red, White & Blue
8. Broken English
9. Last Chance Blueprint
10. To the Core
11. Torches
12. Amber Changing
13. Black Masks & Gasoline *
14. Heaven Knows *
15. Halfway There
16. Like the Angel *
17. Voices Off Camera *
18. Blood-Red, White & Blue *
19. Broken English *
20. Last Chance Blueprint *
21. Torches *
22. Amber Changing *
* bonus tracks

After The Fall talks about new album 'Unkind', recording process and touring plans

After three long years Albany, New York's After The Fall's new record is just around the bend. Having drawn influences from the sound of Propagandhi to Descendents, their new album Unkind is a medley of the same After The Fall sound with more depth and an aggressive edge. Unkind is set to come out March 19, 2013 on Paper and Plastick and will be followed by a tour. Punknews staff interviewers Christopher and Samantha Barrett sat with the whole band to discuss goals and plans for the new album.

Q: The new album Unkind comes out March 19 on Paper and Plastick; tell us a little about what went into writing the record this time around.
Mike Moak: We spent three years as a three-piece and Tyler (Paige), our original second guitar player came back in the band and we wrote Unkind a little after he joined again. We wrote Unkind as a four-piece which was cool, something we have not done in years. Will (Savage) just joined our band as well and he wrote a bunch of songs on the record which was cool. We just practiced and did our thing. We usually do it the same way we write all the music first and add rushed lyrics in the end. That's how it goes for us.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The crowd at a rock show

Click to see the full size picture.

Authority Zero streaming new song 'Today We Heard The News'

Authority Zero is streaming a new song titled 'Today We Heard The News' off their upcoming album 'The Tipping Point' to be released on April 2nd via Hardline Entertainment. You can listen to the new song right here and if you like it, you can download it from here.

This song is very dear to my heart,” singer Jason DeVore tells “I was at my house working on the new Authority record and I went online to find out that Tony Sly of No Use For A Name had unexpectedly passed away. It instantly struck a nerve and I just started writing. No Use was one of the first bands we’d ever toured with back in 2001. It made me start thinking of the good times we had on the road and how at any given moment (as with many other musicians who have passed on early) it can be taken from you in an instant. There’s always that possibility that you may not make it home, so don’t take anything in this life for granted.”

The band also released two other songs off this new record, '21st Century Breakdown' and 'No Other Place'.
Last sizes of the Skatepunkers Old Logo t-shirt in stock — Click here to visit our store.