After The Fall talks about new album 'Unkind', recording process and touring plans

After three long years Albany, New York's After The Fall's new record is just around the bend. Having drawn influences from the sound of Propagandhi to Descendents, their new album Unkind is a medley of the same After The Fall sound with more depth and an aggressive edge. Unkind is set to come out March 19, 2013 on Paper and Plastick and will be followed by a tour. Punknews staff interviewers Christopher and Samantha Barrett sat with the whole band to discuss goals and plans for the new album.

Q: The new album Unkind comes out March 19 on Paper and Plastick; tell us a little about what went into writing the record this time around.
Mike Moak: We spent three years as a three-piece and Tyler (Paige), our original second guitar player came back in the band and we wrote Unkind a little after he joined again. We wrote Unkind as a four-piece which was cool, something we have not done in years. Will (Savage) just joined our band as well and he wrote a bunch of songs on the record which was cool. We just practiced and did our thing. We usually do it the same way we write all the music first and add rushed lyrics in the end. That's how it goes for us.

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