Authority Zero streaming new song 'Today We Heard The News'

Authority Zero is streaming a new song titled 'Today We Heard The News' off their upcoming album 'The Tipping Point' to be released on April 2nd via Hardline Entertainment. You can listen to the new song right here and if you like it, you can download it from here.

This song is very dear to my heart,” singer Jason DeVore tells “I was at my house working on the new Authority record and I went online to find out that Tony Sly of No Use For A Name had unexpectedly passed away. It instantly struck a nerve and I just started writing. No Use was one of the first bands we’d ever toured with back in 2001. It made me start thinking of the good times we had on the road and how at any given moment (as with many other musicians who have passed on early) it can be taken from you in an instant. There’s always that possibility that you may not make it home, so don’t take anything in this life for granted.”

The band also released two other songs off this new record, '21st Century Breakdown' and 'No Other Place'.