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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The NoOne - Waiting For An Answer (2000)

01. Lifetime
02. So Small
03. Over Eight Girl
04. Born Out
05. Never Talk To Noone
06. Better Than Everyone
07. Things Change
08. Going Nowhere
09. Every Day

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The NoOne is: Ale Vocals & Guitar Marco Guitar Luca Drums John Bass & Backing Vocals They started in March of 1997, as a four punk-rock band. They recorded in June of 2000 their first cd "Waiting For An Answer" which came out on Point Break Records from Milan and sold more copies. Then started touring around all Europe . In June of 2001 The NoOne played with Pennywise, Sick of it all, Snuff, Avail, Boy sets fire, Catch22, Beatsteaks and at the Deconstruction Tour 01! This is the year for the real consecration for the band to the mass.

- Sample song: Never Talk To Noone -

Monday, April 23, 2012

Death By Stereo - Black Sheep Of The American Dream (2012)

01. Wtf Is Going On Around Here
02. Much Like A Sore Dick
03. Growing Numb
04. Get British
05. Harmonic Divisor
06. Depression Expression
07. Something's Changing
08. Following Is What You Do Best
09. 5th Of July
10. Please Go To Heaven Now

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On their new album “Black Sheep of the American Dream”, Death By Stereo have elevated their brand of conscious, politically charged hardcore punk-rock to the next level. Storming out of the gate harder, faster and louder than they ever have, the band has returned to their hardcore punk roots, and peppered their sound with crushing metal breakdowns and blazing guitar solos to create their most socially relevant and impassioned album to date. Attacking the system with a sonic barrage that only Death By Stereo can deliver, “Black Sheep of the American Dream” is a call to arms for the disenfranchised to stand up and fight back against a corrupt administration.

- Sample song: Get British -

[NEWS] New 'The Offspring' song teaser

The Offspring released a little teaser from their new song 'Days Go By' that will be included on their upcoming album with the same name. The album will be out this summer.

01. The Future Is Now
02. Secrets From The Underground
03. Days Go By
04. Turning Into You
05. Hurting As One
06. Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk)
07. All I Have Left Is You
08. OC Guns
09. Dirty Magic
10. I Wanna Secret Family (With You)
11. Dividing By Zero
12. Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell

[NEWS] New 'Daily Grind' song: 'The Best Is Yet To Come'

Daily Grind is a south Italian based melodic hardcore band formed in the later 2k after the split up of No Way Out. They released a new song, entitled 'The Best Is Yet To Come' featuring Lore from Beerbong on vocals.

Check the forum post or their facebook page for further news.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Innocent - I'm Standing Here (2009)

01. Time Letter
02. Close To Me
03. Sweet
04. Alive
05. Regret
06. With Love

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Innocent is a melodic hardcore band from Japan.

- Sample song: Alive -

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New 'The Swellers' song: Vehicle City Clues

The Swellers will release a new 7" on May 29 that will feature two unreleased tracks: 'Vehicle City Blues' and 'Red Lights' recorded by Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore during our Good For Me sessions at the Blasting Room.

Check the forum post or their facebook page for further news.

Friday, April 20, 2012

[VIDEO] Jay Bentley from Bad Religion talks about Skateboarding

Jay Bentley of Bad Religion discusses his long history with skateboarding and punk rock, and how the two have influenced each-other.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pennywise - All Or Nothing (Deluxe Edition) (2012)

01. All Or Nothing
02. Waste Another Day
03. Revolution
04. Stand Strong
05. Let Us Hear Your Voice
06. Seeing Red
07. Songs Of Sorrow
08. X Generation
09. We Have It All
10. Tomorrow
11. All Along
12. United
13. We Are The Fallen
14. Locked In

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All or Nothing is the tenth studio album by the punk rock band Pennywise. This is the Pennywise's first album since Reason to Believe (2008), their longest gap to date between studio albums. This is also the band's first recording with vocalist Zoli Téglás, who replaced Jim Lindberg in August 2009, as well as their first release on Epitaph Records since 2005's The Fuse (although their previous album was released on that label in Europe).
192kbps. Will post a better quality as soon as possible.

- Sample song: We Have It All -

[NEWS] No Fun At All is dead


At the same time we have sad news for you – No Fun At All have broken up once and for all. They decided to throw in the towel after over 20 years as band. This means they will not perform at the festival as planned. We are very sorry for this and we wanna wish all the members in NFAA the best of luck with any future plans they might have.

[VIDEO] '5050' plays Propagandhi's Anti-Manifesto

5050 is a skate punkrock band hailing from the north of The Netherlands. Think of poppy punkrock played by fast technical punkrockers not unlike Satanic Surfers. Listen below their cover of the song Anti-Manifesto, originally performed by Propagandhi.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Nine Nine Four - Full Version

One Nine Nine Four is a documentary film written and directed by Jai Al-Attas, "exploring the birth, growth and eventual tipping point of punk rock during the 90's" and produced by the independent Australian company Robot Academy Films. The bulk of the film's content consists of band interviews and archive footage. The film was screened once at the Calgary International Film Festival on September, 29th.

The film is narrated by skateboarder Tony Hawk and features interviews and footage of various bands and figures in the punk scene including Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Dexter Holland from The Offspring, Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz from Bad Religion, Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman (previously of Operation Ivy) and Lars Fredriksen from Rancid, and Fat Mike from NOFX. Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 also appear in the film.

NOFX - Thalidomide Child 7" (2012)

01. Ant Attack
02. Righteous Cause
03. Rafters
04. Bang Gang
05. Thalidomide Child
06. My Friends
07. Breakdown
08. NOFX

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This 7" comes from the 126 inches of NOFX: Singles Collection: New pressings of 17 classic 7"s, plus 1 brand new 7" containing NOFX’s first demo from 1984. This is that new 7".

- Sample song: Rafters -

[VIDEO] New 'Bullet Bane' video

The brazilian melodic hardcore / skate punk band Bullet Bane, , released a video for 'Dance Of Electronic Images' from their last album New World Broadcast (2011).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[NEWS] Stream the entire new 'Main Line 10' album

Main Line 10 is a skate punk / melodic hardcore band from Mallorca, Spain. After releasing one year ago the album 'Today Is Tomorrow (2011)', the spanish band is now streaming their new album 'Stick'em Up'. Physical copies are on the way, soon for sale, be patient!


Check the forum post or their facebook page for further news.

[NEWS] New 'The Fear' songs teaser from upcoming album

The Fear is going to release their new album "Here Goes Nothing" at the end of May. Click here to read more info about the release, and listen below a little teaser of another new song.

[TOUR] Mute Eurotour 2012

After the success of the first part of the Thunder Tour across Europe / Russia the canadian punk rockers MUTE are back again in April/May 2012 with their new full album "Thunderblast".

Fast, technical, and melodic are just a few words that the punk rock community uses to describe MUTE’s music. Composed of Marc-Antoine Bastien, Étienne Dionne, Jean-Philippe Lamonde and Alexis Trépanier,MUTE has spent the last 10 years taking a 100% DIY approach to bringing its music to the masses! The group has four albums under its belt that have been distributed in Canada, Japan and Europe. Over the years, four music videos have also been produced.

Make sure to catch one of the best, fast and melodic Punk Rock band in the scene right now. They're fast, they're tight...and they're ready to blow your faces away.

The tour starts tomorrow! Check the forum post to see all the dates.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bigblast - All Saviours (2012)

01. Something To Sing About
02. Hostages In Our Own World
03. Tonight We Own This Place
04. Everything Changes
05. No Repents
06. Invisible Enemy
07. 36°n 138°e
08. Real Or Not
09. Reasons To Believe
10. Waiting For The Go Signal
11. A Revolution A Day

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Bigblast is a French melodic hardcore band that choose a woman as the lead singer. They are playing a powerful melodic hardcore with political lyrics and musical influences from Rise Against to Paramore. They’ve already done more than eighty shows in France. In 2008, they released their first EP “Deaf To The sirens” and their first full-length entitled "All Saviours" this January.


This song is from BIGBLAST's new album ALL SAVIOURS.
It's talking about being tour sick & all the adventures you go through as a band on tour. So we thought it was a good idea to use life and live shots from our last Euro tour, the DEAD COLD TOUR. Live shots are from Italy, Czech Republic, Germany & France.

- Sample song: Waiting For The Go Signal -

[NEWS] New 'Nowadayz' songs

Nowadayz is a band from Bordeaux, that play catchy almost-political-almost-technical-fast-cynical-PunkRock, with a humanist concern. Listen below some songs from their new album "The Will is Still For Free"


Sunday, April 15, 2012

VA - Skatepunkers - Best Of 2009

01. Forus - I Only Go To School For The Handrails
02. Tell Me Lies - Earnest Goes To The Sudio - Tripwires
03. Tripdash - The Essential Cause
04. Whaleface - Kid tested
05. Caleb Lionheart - The Circus We've Become
06. A Wilhelm Scream - Bulletproof Tiger
07. After The Fall - 1994
08. Atlas Losing Grip - Heartbeat
09. Bedtime For Charlie - It Ain't About The Music
10 .From The Tracks - Dead Men
11. Half Hearted Hero - It's Cool, But The Fullblast Already Did It
12. Hero Of Our Time - The Army Of Carbon Copies
13. High Five Drive - Save Yourself
14. Honolulu Breakdown - Reset Your Goals
15. Hit The Switch - Ample Bright
16. IVS - The Plague
17. NAFT - No True Intention, No Advance
18. One Hidden Frame - The Vulture
19. Propagandhi - Dear Coach's Corner
20. Rehasher - Turn Around
21. Straighten Things Out - Anthropocentrism Rocks
22. Strung Out - Andy Warhol
23. Take it Back! - What We're Fighting For
24. Take Off The Halter - Gas Chamber
25. Wiseheimer - Broken Glass
26. Yeah Detroit - Everything. Always
27. Lipona - Reverberations

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Best Of 2009: a compilation of the best 2009 skate punk / punk rock / melodic hardcore songs made by the guys of the skatepunkers forum. A good opportunity to realize how many awesome bands you missed that year!

Enjoy and give your feedback!

Other Skatepunkers Best Of:
- Skatepunkers Best Of 2011 -
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- Sample song: Straighten Things Out - Anthropocentrism Rocks -

[NEWS] 'Forus' recording a new album

The french supertech skatepunk band Forus is recording a new album as you can read on their facebook page:

Hey people of the world, it's time to give you some pics about your next effort!! We're always on the way to record 10 brand new tracks;) Can't wait to show you the new stuff fellas!! Stay tuned.. we working hard for your ears:)

[NEWS] 'Millencolin' will release a b-sides album

Sweden’s favorite skatepunk unit Millencolin release a new b-sides collection, going back to songs from their now classic Pennybridge Pioneers album, and including everything they released afterwards. The CD comes with a DVD, featuring a documentary that looks inside the making of Pennybridge, with classic archival footage of the band and Bad Religion/Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz in the studio. All this with 2 never- before-heard tracks! This collection will be a must for fans of classic California influenced hardcore, and introduce new fans to this seminal band.

Millencolin - The Melancholy Connection

01. Carry You
02. Out From Nowhere
03. Absolute Zero
04. Mind The Mice
05. The Downhill Walk
06. E20-Norr
07. Bull By The Horns
08. Junkie For Success
09. Dinner Dog
10. Ratboys Masterplan
11. Phony Tony
12. Queens Gambit
13. Bowmore
14. Into The Maze

You can buy the album here.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unit91 - Unit91 (2008)

01. Open Door
02. Life Story
03. Come One, Come All
04. Yersinia
05. Coward
06. Catch Your Tail
07. Operation Crossroads

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- punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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Often politicized and full of vibrant energy, the music of Unit91 has been piercing eardrums ever since the turn of the century. Over the last six years, members have come and gone, carried away by the winds of change. In 2004, Unit91 took up residence in Streamwood, IL, where drummer Jevin Kaye (formerly of Much the Same) went to lay his head down at night. Joined by his counterparts Jared Rohde and Andy Lareau (of current Counterpunch fame), Jevin and the gang kept the Unit91 tradition alive, unabashed by their anonymity and unrecognized talent. With the demise of Chicago's Much the Same and Break the Silence, Kaye and Josh Segal (out of focus bassist from Break the Silence, circa '05-'06) joined forces once again with Segal returning to the band to reclaim his original role in Unit as singer and mediocre guitar player. As it stands, the new, evolved power trio ventures into uncharted territory, crafting 3-chord song progressions from which the likes have never been seen. Come One, Come All.

- Sample song: Yersinia -

Friday, April 13, 2012

[NEWS] New mysterious 'Millencolin' release

The swedish punk rock band Millencolin, posted this trailer on their Facebook page. A new mysterious release is on the way.

Sit On It - We Used To Be Progressive ... We've Never Been Civilized (2012)

01. Patience Is Highly Overrated
02. We Used To Be Progressive
03. Goodnight
04. It's Not A Marathon
05. Matters
06. Treasure In The Lost And Found
07. Thanking Deities
08. This Just Got Uncomfortable
09. The Time That You Take
10. Obscene
11. I've Never Been To Norway
12. Clarity
13. We've Never Been Civilized
Download from Mediafie
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Sit On It is a one-man skatepunk project from Florida, USA. The sound is reminiscent of mid 90's skate-punk / pop-punk; Fast, melodic, and generally awesome.

- Sample song: We Used To Be Progressive -

[NEWS] 'Hi-Standard' releases live DVD

The most classic japanese punk rock band ever, Hi-Standard, released a live DVD of one of their performances. Check the tracklist and the trailer below:

01. Stay Gold
02. My Heart Feels So Free
03. Summer Of Love
04. Close To Me
05. Dear My Friend
06. Wait For The Sun
07. Teenagers Are All Assholes
08. Fighting Fits, Angry Souls
09. Cant Help Falling In Love
10, Starry Night
11. Brand New Sunset

Thursday, April 12, 2012

[NEWS] 'NOFX' recording new album

Yes! NOFX is recording a new album as you can read on the Fat Mike's Twitter account:

Check the forum post or their facebook page for further news.

Greedy Guts

Greedy Guts - Atomic Punch (1994)
- Download from Mediafire
Greedy Guts - From Mars to The beach (1995)
- Download from Mediafire
Greedy Guts - Split with the Richies (1996)
- Download from Mediafire
Greedy Guts - Split with Frenzal Rhomb (1997)
- Download from Mediafire
Greedy Guts - Slime Ball (1998)
- Download from Mediafire
Greedy Guts - They Might Be Dangerous If They Had A Brain EP (1999)
- Download from Mediafire
Greedy Guts - Making The Business Bigger (2003)
- Download from Mediafire
Greedy Guts - Songs And Bullets LP (2008)
- Download from Mediafire
:: punk rock / melodic hardcore - [ - Forum - ]

Greedy Guts is a Band from Toulouse, France, formed in 1992 by Jerome Altieri (G/v), Nathalie Perrin (b) Alex then Didier then Sylvain(d). They were contacted by Epitaph circa 1997-98, who finally signed Burning Heads instead.They toured a lot with many skatepunk bands and still are active.
Thanks Tnert and Rockaway for uploading their discography on the skatepunkers forum.

- Sample song: All For You -

[NEWS] New 'Bedtime For Charlie' video: Swim With The Sharks

Bedtime for Charlie is currently a fource-piece punk rock band based in Rome, Italy.
Gaining their influences from the american melodic hardcore scene, consisting in bands such as NOFX, Lagwagon, Good Riddance, No Use For A Name and Bad Religion. Giacomo (bass and vocals) and Domenico (drums) started the band in their early teens back in 2001, along with other young friends.
See below the official video of "Swim With The Sharks", from the album "Bright Light City Skyline"(2012)produced by PITVISION and Bedtime for Charlie.

Check the forum post or their facebook page for further news.

[NEWS] 'Ignite' to release live DVD in June

One of the leading forces in melodic hardcore and every ones darling Ignite are happy to announce the release of the first live DVD in the bands history. The DVD will be called "Our Darkest Days Live" and features 21 cracking good songs, as well as a band documentary, making of and video clips. The DVD show was shot on their tour with Terror, Strung Out, Death Before Dishonor and BurnThe8Track in Leipzig (Germany) 2008 and perfectly feeds the power and maximum intense of an IGNITE live show directly into your living room. This Show was a blast and you are now able to whiteness it!

Tracklist :
01. Intro (00:46)
02. Bleeding (02:50)
03. Fear Is Our Tradition (03:00)
04. Who Sold Out Now (02:52)
05. A Place Called Home (03:00)
06. My Judgement Day (03:23)
07. Run (02:53)
08. Are You Listening (02:06)
09. Let It Burn (04:04)
10. Bullets Included, No Thought Required (03:36)
11. Know Your History (02:17)
12. By My Side (04:19)
13. Ash Return (03:30)
14. In My Time (01:20)
15. Embrace (02:17)
16. Burned Up (03:21)
17. Poverty For All (03:23)
18. Sunday Bloody Sunday (05:59)
19. Slowdown (04:58)
20. Live For Better Days (02:49)
21. Veteran (06:07)

[VIDEO] New 'AID' video: Breakfast For The Tyrant Apprentices

AID is a melodic punk hardcore band from Barcelona. They are often compared to screaming melodic hardcore bands like Break The Silence. See below a live video of 'Breakfast For The Tyrant Apprentices' from their last album, "Beyond Belief".

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Skatepunkers Tshirts, all models, all sizes, back in stock

Skatepunkers Tshirt, all models, all sizes, back in stock.
Buy one and support skatepunkers here.

This is how they look (the clear grey tshirt), thanks David from Israel for the picture!

[VIDEO] 'Good Riddance' Reunion full set

After nearly five years, Good Riddance decideded to perform as a band again. See below a full show of Good Riddance at The Blue Lagoon filmed yesterday. See the first part here, and the rest ones on YouTube.

Bigblast - Deaf To The Sirens EP (2008)

01. Looking For The Light
02. Unknown Rebels
03. Differences Of Opinion, Same Statement
04. Protest
05. Nuclear Winter

Download from Zippyshare
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Bigblast is a French melodic hardcore band that choose a woman as the lead singer. They are playing a powerful melodic hardcore with political lyrics and musical influences from Rise Against to Paramore. They’ve already done more than eighty shows in France. In 2008, they released their first EP “Deaf To The sirens”. This January their released another album, "All Saviours (2012)" if you have it and you want to share it, contact me.

- Sample song: Looking For The Light -

[NEWS] 'NOFX' Backstage Passport 2 almost finished

'NOFX' Backstage Passport is a 8 episodes docuseries that follows NOFX to countries where punk rock has rarely gone.
Fat Mike has confirmed on his Twitter account that Backstage Passport 2 is almost finished.

See below the first episode of the 1st volume. You can see the rest 7 episodes on YouTube

[NEWS] New 'The Fear' song: 'Suspended With Contempt'

Technical and aggressive, intense yet melodic, The Fear (formally named Death Defying Life) have emerged from the heart of Yorkshire. Lockjaw Records is going to release their new album "Here Goes Nothing" that will be out at the end of May. You can preorder the album here. Check below their new song 'Suspended With Contempt'


They will be touring around europe this April, check the dates below:

Check the forum post or their facebook page for further news.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Fear - Heavy Hearts & Bloodshot Eyes (2011)

01. Heavy Hearts & Bloodshot Eyes
02. Saving Grace
03. The Enemy Of Sense
04. Skinned To The Bone
05. No Reason
06. From Thoughts To Screams
07. Losing Faith

Download from Mediafire
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- tech melodic hardcore -
[ - Facebook - ]

Technical and aggressive, intense yet melodic, The Fear (formally named Death Defying Life) have emerged from the heart of Yorkshire.Drawing on a multitude of influences, blending old-school power and new-school technique with a love of the Punk/Hardcore scene. With their high energy, razor sharp live show, they’re definitely amongst the strongest and most creative melodic hardcore bands in the United Kingdom.

- Sample song: The Enemy Of Sense -

[VIDEO] Cleave Full Set (2012/04/07)

With three guitar players and influences ranging well beyond the world of melodic punk rock, Tokyo, Japan’s Cleave have truly put a unique and refreshing spin on the genre.
The video you can see below was recorded some days ago at Nakano Moonstep and it was the "The Circle EP 10" Release Party", so they played all the songs from the new EP along with some old ones. I dont have the setlist, sorry.

Monday, April 9, 2012

[NEWS] 'Energy' re-releases Punch The Clock

Punch The Clock EP is the first official release by the band Energy. It was recorded and mixed over a period of 4 days from September 15th to September 18th in 2006 at The Outpost in Stoughton, MA by Jim Seigel, and released on January 9th, 2007 through Rock Vegas Records. Punch The Clock is finally back in print for the first time in 5 years, remastered with 11 bonus tracks. Pick up your copy today for only $5 from here.

This reissue includes:

- Original 7 song E.P. (that you can listen below or download from here)
- Original 2 song demo from 2006
- 8 track "Live on WERS" set from 2007
- Brand new re-recording of the song "Keep The Change"
- Brand new inner sleeve featuring artwork by Bill Hauser


[NEWS] New 'Flying Frogs' songs

Flying Frogs is a new melodic hardcore / skate punk band from Torelló, Spain formed in 2011. Listen below a new song entitled 'Never Hopeless' from their upcoming EP 'The Beginning"

Check the forum post or their facebook page for further news.

Get The Shot - In Fear We Stand EP (2009)

01. The Outlet
02. Perish
03. All Bark And No Bite
04. Unprodigal Son
05. Still Cursed

Download from Mediafire
Download from Zippyshare
- melodic hardcore punk -
[ - Facebook - ]

Hailing straight from Quebec City, Get The Shot is a D.I.Y. band formed by a bunch of outcasts who wanted nothing more than a chance to spit their fury at the face of the world. Born from the ashes of local acts such as Bridge Too Far and Not 4 Pigs, the band plays an unpretentious spirited hardcore punk tinged with the desperation of a cold and disaffected youth. Pulling off a sound akin to American Nightmare’s early work, its latest achievement, “In Fear We Stand”, is a dark and brooding record delivered with the distinctive ferocity and violent vigour of 5 disillusioned spirits who have nothing left to lose. No fashion, no frills, no lies. Get The Shot is all about rage and anger toward this harsh place we live in.

- Sample song: Unprodigal Son -

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New 'MercyStreet' song (Rufio side project): 'Try Hard'

MercyStreet is the side project of the Rufio's singer (Scott Sellers) and bassist (Taylor Albaugh). They have an EP coming out soon as you can read on their facebook:

We are almost finished with our first EP. Hopefully some good times are to be had with it.

Listen below 'Try Hard' the first track from the EP


Leave us your opinion about the band and the song on the forum!

Despondent - Confined EP (2008)

01. Logistics
02. Confined
03. Glaxo-Smithkline
04. Habeas Corpus RIP
05. Never Relent

Download from Mediafire
Download from Zippyshare
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Facebook - ] - [ - Buy CD - ]
[ - Forum - ]

To create punk rock with a distinctly British sound’ is the premise that brought the three members of Despondent together in 2004. Over the past four years this philosophy has taken them thousands of miles, seen them play with bands such as Useless ID, Red Lights Flash, Big D and the Kids Table and now brings them to their third studio release ‘Confined’. Recorded by the legendary producer Ryan Greene (Bad Religion, Nofx , No Use For A Name) in his ‘Crush Recording Studio’ (Phoenix, AZ) the Five song E.P, the band feel, is a marked progression from their previous releases. ‘Confined’ combines the catchy choruses of the bands second E.P, ‘Fake’, and the politically charged lyrics of their debut album ‘Proud to Fail’. At a pace that exceeds all of their previous material, the new songs have been performed to perfection, all under the watchful eye of Ryan Greene. Each song has a clear meaning and is delivered from start to finish with spirit and honesty. This E.P represents Despondent in 2008 at their best.

- Sample song: Habeas Corpus RIP -
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