Death By Stereo - Black Sheep Of The American Dream (2012)

01. Wtf Is Going On Around Here
02. Much Like A Sore Dick
03. Growing Numb
04. Get British
05. Harmonic Divisor
06. Depression Expression
07. Something's Changing
08. Following Is What You Do Best
09. 5th Of July
10. Please Go To Heaven Now

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On their new album “Black Sheep of the American Dream”, Death By Stereo have elevated their brand of conscious, politically charged hardcore punk-rock to the next level. Storming out of the gate harder, faster and louder than they ever have, the band has returned to their hardcore punk roots, and peppered their sound with crushing metal breakdowns and blazing guitar solos to create their most socially relevant and impassioned album to date. Attacking the system with a sonic barrage that only Death By Stereo can deliver, “Black Sheep of the American Dream” is a call to arms for the disenfranchised to stand up and fight back against a corrupt administration.

- Sample song: Get British -