NOFX - Hardcore Covers (10") (2011)

01. Friend Or Foe (Agnostic Front Cover) – IQ32 – (Necros Cover)
02. Police Brutality (Urban Waste Cover)
03. Mental Breakdown (Social Unrest Cover)
04. No More Lies (Battalion Of Saints Cover)
05. Race Riot (D.O.A. Cover)
06. Say We Suck – (Sin 34 Cover)
07. Child Hosts The Parasite (Rebel Truth Cover)
08. Professional Punk Intro (Stretch Marks Cover)
09. Professional Punk (Stretch Marks Cover)
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NOFX (pronounced "no-ef-ex") is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California (later relocating to San Francisco). The band was formed in 1983 by vocalist/bassist Fat Mike and guitarist Eric Melvin. Drummer Erik Sandin joined NOFX shortly after. In 1991 El Hefe joined to play lead guitar and trumpet, rounding out the current line-up.

This is the 10" rip of the 9-song record of hardcore covers.

- Sample song: Police Brutality (Urban Waste Cover) -

No Quarter

No Quarter - No More Guns, No More Blood (2005)
No Quarter - Lodestar (2010)
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No Quarter is a 5 piece punk rock band based in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales and their music consits of fast and sometimes a bit heavy punk rock.

- Sample song: Trick Photography -

Zebrahead - Get Nice! (2011)

01. Blackout
02. Nothing To Lose
03. She Don’t Wanna Rock
04. Ricky Bobby
05. Get Nice!
06. The Joke’s On You
07. Nudist Priest
08. Galileo Was Wrong
09. Truck Stops And Tail Lights
10. I’m Definitely Not Gonna Miss You
11. Too Bored To Bleed
12. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
13. This Is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than It`s Gonna Hurt Me
14. Demon Days
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Zebrahead is an American punk pop band from Orange County, California, which fuses elements of pop punk, funk, alternative rock, alternative metal, and rap rock. The band has been active since 1996.

Not skatepunk, but this band has great melodies, give a try!
Great and fresh punk-pop for this summer!

- Sample song: Get Nice! -

Everything We Left Behind – Our Ears Are Bleeding (2011)

01. Generica
02. Guillotine
03. A Place Called Nowhere
04. No Friend of Mine
05. Don't Be Hasty
06. Pull Back and Go
07. The Not Winner
08. Great White Buffalo
09. Repeating
10. Big Thanks to the Sun
11. It's Not Plagiarism, It's Just Similar
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Formed in 2005, Everything We Left Behind write fast songs and play them even faster live.

- Sample song: Great White Buffalo -


Ignite - Scarred For Life (1994)
- Download from Rapidshare
Ignite - In My Time EP (1995)
- Download from Rapidshare
Ignite - Family (1995)
- Download from Rapidshare
Ignite - Call On My Brothers (1995)
- Download from Rapidshare
Ignite - Past Our Means EP (1996)
- Download from Rapidshare
Ignite - A Place Called Home (2000)
- Download from Rapidshare
Ignite - Our Darkest Days (2006)
- Download from Rapidshare
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Ignite is a hardcore punk band from Orange County, California. Formed in 1993, their commercial breakthrough album came on May 30, 2000, on TVT Records, and was called A Place Called Home. Prior to this release they were well regarded among hardcore fans, thanks in part to constant touring and having visited over 40 countries.

- Sample song: Who Sold Out Now -

[VIDEO] Nowadayz - Another Brick In The Mall

Band: Nowadayz
Song: Another Brick In The Mall
Share With The Class EP (2010)
Country: France
Download albums: Share With The Class EP (2010)

Nowadayz - Share With The Class EP (2010)

01. What's At Stake
02. We're French, But We're Ok
03. Another Brick In The Mall
04. Share With The Class
05. The G8 Debt Part.2
06. At The Salvation Army Store
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Nowadayz is a band from Bordeaux, France with 6 songs of Almost-political-almost-technical-fast-cynical-PunkRock, catchy with a humanist concern.

- Sample song: The G8 Debt Part.2 -

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[VIDEO] Laughing In The Face Of - Whose Line Was It Anyway

Band: Laughing In The Face Of
Song: Whose Line Was It Anyway
Lubrication Of Social Anxiety (2011)
Country: UK
Download albums: Laughing In The Face Of Discography

Scotland Girl - Meaning Of Life (2010)

01. Start Over
02. Reason There
03. Promise
04. Live Through
05. Sugar Lover
06. Brand New World
07. Flower
08. To Shine
09. All Over Again
10. I Wish…
11. Brilliant Scenery

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Scotland Girl, female fronted skatepunk band from Japan. They switch between female and male vocals. Check this video. The girl sings really good! Must listen!

- Sample song: Reason There -

Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid - Demo (2002)
- Download from Rapidshare
Comeback Kid - Turn It Around (2003)
- Download from Rapidshare
Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead (2005)
- Download from Rapidshare
Comeback Kid - Broadcasting (2007)
- Download from Rapidshare
Comeback Kid - Through The Noise (2008)
- Download from Rapidshare
Comeback Kid - Symptoms + Cures (2010)
- Download from Rapidshare
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Comeback Kid (commonly abbreviated as CBK) is a Hardcore punk band from Winnipeg, Canada. Their name comes from a headline in a newspaper about hockey player, Mario Lemieux coming back to the NHL.

I know this is not skatepunk, but I got toons of e-mails requesting this band, so here it is.

- Sample song: Wake The Dead -

Southpaw Fakers - Southpaw Fakers EP (2011)

01. Inflatable Elvis
02. Toy Story 2 Was Alright..
03. Crayonfist
04. Stressing
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Here's the very first Southpaw Fakers EP. Melodic punk pop from UK.

- Sample song: Crayonfist -

Request List

Here are the albums that some people from the forum are looking for. Every friday I will post a list with all the request.

If you have any album from this list and you want to share it with the world, please contact me using the CONTACT FORM.

22 July 2011 Request
- Backside - The Element of Surprise
- Everything We Left Behind – Our Ears Are Bleeding
- Forty Cent Fix - The Snowball Effect
- Funky Monkey - 13
- Mendon - Drool
- Straightline - Change Of Seasons
- The Adrenaline - Who Dies Begins To Live
- (Video) Avail In The Frest

Your help is much appreciated!

Blount - Trauma (1996)

01. World of Seclusion
02. Time Spent
03. G.D.I.
04. Revelation
05. Anyway
06. Smell The Shit
07. Minimum Wage
08. Situation Overload
09. Inside Ihe TV
10. Used to Know
11. Running in Circles
13. Nothing to Say
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Blount - Trauma is a classic album from the 90's. Must download!

- Sample song: Time Spent -

Delayed - Addict (2011)

01. That Was Delayed
02. Addict
03. Crazy
04. In Your Own Way
05. Losing Control
06. MTV
07. Say Your Prayers
08. Take Me For A Fool
09. Dilemma
10. Hey You
11. She's Taking
12. Make It Out Alive
13. What's The Problem
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Delayed are a melodic punk rock band originally from Johannesburg, South Africa who are currently based in London, UK.

- Sample song: Addict -

Heartsounds - Drifter (2011)

01. Every Second Counts
02. Unconditional
03. Drifter
04. I Have Nobody to Betray
05. Elements
06. Race to the Bottom
07. Don't Talk With Your Mouth Open
08. Everything's Going My Way
09. Echo
10. You Are Not Your Body
11. Uncomfortably Numb
12. Nothing Happens for a Reason
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Heartsounds came into being after the demise of Light This City, when Ben Murray and Laura Nichol decided to pursue their passion for punk rock by writing and recording a full length record consisting of 12 fast and melodic tracks.

- Sample song: Unconditional -

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Strung Out - Top Contenders: The Best Of Strung Out (2011)

01. Firecracker
02. Velvet Alley
03. Mind of My Own
04. Everyday
05. City Lights
06. Too Close to See
07. Vanity
08. Mission Statement
09. Cemetery
10. Bring Out Your Dead
11. Analog
12. Black Crosses
13. Ashes
14. Monster
15. Letter Home
16. Blueprint of the Fall
17. Population Control
18. Swan Dive
19. Calling
20. Saturday Night
21. Exhumation of Virginia Madison
22. In Harm’s Way
23. Scarecrow
24. Cult of the Subterranean
25. Here We Are
26. Matchbook
Download from Mediafire
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Strung Out's 26-song retrospective, covering the band’s entire career. All tracks fully remixed by Ryan Greene, plus 3 brand new studio tracks.

- Sample song: Exhumation of Virginia Madison -

Water Weed - Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are? EP (2011)

01. The Regret Becomes Deadly
02. Dead Joke
03. We're Still Not Dead
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- ??? -
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Japanese new-age hardcore band Water Weed's 3 track EP.

Water Weed was one of my favourite japanese band with songs like Revelation and the super-awesome EP (one of my favourite EP ever) Killing The Earth Means Our Suicide (2007). But something happened to this band. What? I really dont know. From playing that awesome music, they now play some i-dont-know-core that I'm pretty sure you are not going to like.

If you already know this band, don't expect fast drums and riffs.
If you don't know this band, please ignore this release and download the masterpiece Killing The Earth Means Our Suicide (2007).

- Sample song: Dead Joke -

[NEWS] Chaser interview with Mike

Right here is a brand new interview with Chaser singer, Mike LeDonne from Dying Scene in which he opens up to the realities and passions of being in an underground punk band.

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[VIDEO] Bad Religion - KROQ Weenie Roast (04-06-11)

01. Los Angeles Is Burning
02. Wrong Way Kids
03. 21st Century (Digital Boy)
04. The Resist Stance
05. A Walk
06. New Dark Ages
07. The Devil in Stitches
08. Cyanide
09. Struck A Nerve
10. American Jesus
11. Infected
12. Sorrow

Download from Megaupload

Asphix - Kolder (2011)

01. Ghandi
02. Trance plant
03. Murphy
04. Kolder
05. Vencer el sueño
06. Wake Up
07. Jazz
08. Breakin the scene
09. Miles F
10. 12.01
11. Argentina unknown
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- punk rock -
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Asphix is a melodic hardcore / punk rock band from Rosario, Argentina

- Sample song: Breakin' The Scene -

[NEWS] Strung Out: Full album for streaming on their MySpace

Strung Out's new album 'Top Contenders The Best Of Strung Out' is being streamed on their MySpace page. The official release date for it is July 19th on Fat Wreck Chords.

Do you like the new songs? Discuss this new album on the forum!

Alto Riesgo

Alto Riesgo - En El Limite (2001)
- Download from Megaupload
- Download from Rapidshare

Alto Riesgo - Mañana Es Mejor (2003)
- Download from Megaupload
- Download from Rapidshare

Alto Riesgo - Nada Nuevo (2006)
- Download from Megaupload
- Download from Rapidshare

Alto Riesgo - Toda Generación Odia La Siguiente (2009)
- Download from Megaupload
- Download from Rapidshare

:: melodic hardcore - [ - Purevolume - ]

Alto Riesgo (spanish for 'high risk') are a melodic hardcore band from Iquique in northern Chile.

- Sample song: Todavía -

[NEWS] New This Is Standoff EP and song

Good news! The canadian band This Is A Standoff (featurings members of Belvedere) will release a new EP called 'Be Delighted' this September 1st.
Here's also a new song from the EP, called Head In The Sand

Discuss this song on the forum!

Dead FM - Clear Your Eyes (2011)

01. False Symbiosis (On Equal Conditions)
02. Blueprint
03. Captain Rudder
04. Chains of our World
05. Time to Act!
06. The Missing
07. Unforgettable
08. Betraying Yourself
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- melodic hardcore -
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Dead FM, melodic hardcore from Cadiz, Spain.
An awesome band, must listen!

- Sample song: Time To Act! -

[NEWS] New Heartsounds song!

The US band Heartsounds has posted a new songs called Elements from their upcoming release Drifter, that will be released this July. You can heart the new song below. Guess who's singing with them:

Remember to download and listen their previous album, Until We Surrender (2009).
Discuss this song on the forum!

Landmines - Commerce And Marx (2011)

01. Hell Is What We Make It
02. Hooker Piss
03. Black Tide
04. You Are Number 6
05. Evil Eye
06. Fair Weather Friend
07. Beer For Blood
08. Scattered Remains
09. Three Little Pigs
10. Left On Memory Lane
11. Ditch Digger
12. Before We Fade
13. Yarn
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- melodic hardcore -
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In the Fall of 2005 a group of Richmond punk staples decided to collaborate on a new project. Thus, Landmines were born. A humble band, they might shrug at their ongoing comparisons to other hometown hardcore heroes Avail and Strike Anywhere. However, Landmines have also been known to take a page from bands such as Hot Water Music, Verbal Assault, THe Bouncing Souls, Fifteen and Jawbreaker.

- Sample song: Hooker Piss -

DC Fallout

DC Fallout - Uprooted And Rotten (2006)
DC Fallout - Demo (2008)
DC Fallout - Retreat! (2010)
DC Fallout - Serfs Up EP (2011)
:: melodic hardcore - [ - MySpace - ] - [ - Buy merch - ] - [ - Interview - ]

Representing a modern touch on the 90’s Epi-Fat melodic punk sound, DC Fallout has been burning up venues, basements, and bars across America. Spitting their brutally honest lyrics about politics, social inequality, and the environment, DC Fallout has started earning a reputation for it’s no bullshit brand of punk rock.

- Sample song: A Man Without A Country -

Skatepunkers draw


Super easy, rules on the forum!

The Idoru - Time (2011)

01. Friends
02. Time
03. In Pieces Again
04. Ain’t Worth Shit
05. I’m Moving On
06. Evrol Evre
07. Felig Szep
08. Keseru Otthon
09. Breath
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- melodic punkrock -
[ - MySpace Link - ]

The Idoru combines the forces of metal, hardcore and punkrock genres straight into your face on their latest and fourth studio album called Time, and this "time" they complete the album with acoustic songs as well.

- Sample song: Friends -

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No Toxic Pipe - Whereabouts Unknown EP (2001)

01. Only The Car
02. The Meaning of Punk
03. Anarchy Vs. Capitalism
04. Our Way
05. Uncover The Face
06. Decide

Download from Mediafire
Download from Megaupload
- melodic hardcore -
[ - Forum Link - ]

No Toxic Pipe, classic skatepunk from Spain.
Check the forum link for more new No Toxic Pipe songs.

- Sample song: Only The Car -

Tuenti & Skatepunkers

Ya está aquí la nueva página oficial de Skatepunkers en Tuenti! Únete para estar las 24h del día informado de las últimas novedades de skatepunkers también en Tuenti!
Para quién no conozca Tuenti, decir que es una de las redes sociales más utilizadas en España.

Tuenti is a Spain-based, invitation-only private social networking website that has been referred to as the 'Spanish Facebook'.

Up For Nothing

Up For Nothing - We're Singing Our Last Breath (2008)
- Download from Megaupload
Up For Nothing - Twelve Stories Down (2011)
- Download from Megaupload
- Download from Rapidshare

:: melodic hardcore - [ - MySpace - ]

Up For Nothing are back again with their third DIY release "Twelve Stories Down". These guys have pounded away like true DIY champs for nearly a decade and have delivered another true gem into the heart of the NY underground scene. "Twelve Stories Down" manages to incorporate many different styles of punk rock and finds a way for them to mesh together so perfectly that you begin to understand midway through your first listen, that these fellas have single handedly managed to create a sound that only they can convey. With blistering fast speeds, and razor sharp vocal melodies, these songs will play on inside your head long after you finished listening.

- Sample song: After Midnight -

[VIDEO] Pulley - Which Way To Go

Band: Pulley
Song: Which Way To Go
The Long And The Short Of It (2011)
Country: USA
Download albums: Pulley Discography
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