Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bad Religion performs 'Past Is Dead' on Jimmy Fallon

Watch below a video of Bad Religion performing 'Past Is Dead' off their latest album 'True North' on Jimmy Fallon.

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Q&A: Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz on punk-rock ethos and meeting Elton John

Southern California punk heroes Bad Religion have long matched the ferociousness of their riffs with lyrical profundity. On their sixteenth album, True North, out tomorrow, the band steamrolls through 16 songs in an economical 35 minutes and covers such topics as materialism ("Robin Hood in Reverse," "Land of Endless Greed") and painful memories ("Past Is Dead," "My Head Is Full of Ghosts"). Clearly, these are meaningful topics to guitarist-songwriter Brett Gurewitz and frontman Greg Graffin.

Rolling Stone joined Gurewitz at his home in Pasadena, California, to discuss the new album and its surprising influences, the Occupy movement and why the punk-rock ethos was "a moment in time."

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BRAVE: Tommy Carroll

Meet Tommy Carroll. He has been skating since he was ten, but has been blind since the age of two.

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The Joke releases video for 'Last Thread'

Spanish punkrockers The Joke released their very first official video for the song 'Last Thread' off their latest EP 'Shots Of Stark Reality'.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mighty Midgets - Raising Ruins For The Future (2010)

01. Thoughts On Article 19
02. You Are Not Alone (The World Is Full Of Assholes)
03. Ruins For The Future
04. Our Perfect Lies
05. Freezing Factory Floors
06. Time Well Wasted
07. Plea For Peace
08. Greed Energy
09. Too Punk To Funk - Part Deux
10. The Final Anthropogenic Extinction Event
11. As Seen On TV
12. Fuck The System Etc.

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 58 MB
Release date: 26 March 2010
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: 5 Feet Under Records
Buy CD:

Mighty Midgets is a melodic hardcore band from Aalborg, Denmark formed in June 2006. The band has played more than 125 shows all over Europe with bands as US Bombs, Banner Pilot, Tragedy, The Unseen, Streetlight Manifesto, Smoke or Fire, Voice of a Generation, This is a Standoff, Real McKenzies, Off With Their Heads, Fake Problems, Leatherface, MDC and many more.
Mighty Midgets released their debut album “Raising Ruins for the Future” in March 2010, as a co-operation between Shattered Thought Records, Deadlamb Records and 5FeetUnder Records. The album was recorded at 5FeetUnder Studio in Aalborg, Denmark, in the band’s spare time and free evenings during 2009. The record is mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl (Last Mile and former Hatesphere) at the Dead Rat Studio in Århus, Denmark in January 2010. The album has received worldwide critical acclaim and made onto quite a few top lists of 2010.
In June 2011 the band released a 4-way international split with Revenge of the Psychotronic Man (UK), Fist of the North Star (USA) and Broken Aris (Sweden) including six new songs.
Mighty Midgets' earlier releases include the EP Plug-N-Pray (2008) on their own label 5FeetUnder Records, the split 7" (2007) with the Copenhagen band Stars Burn Stripes also on 5FeetUnder Records and a split CD (2006) with German band The Cakes on Canadian AMP Records. Furthermore, the band has contributed songs to various compilations around the globe.
Mighty Midgets takes pride in writing evocative songs; often with political and personally charged lyrics. The band tries to keep a somewhat educated and positive outlook in their songs yet deals with serious subjects such as racism, homophobia, free speech and the state of the environment.

- Sample song: Thoughts On Article 19 -

Pennywise 25th Reunion Show

Pennywise reunites with Jim and put on one hell of a show. The video was shot on the Hollywood Palladium on January 18th to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pennywise.

Song List in played in order:
01. My Own Country
02. Homesick
03. My Own Way
04. Peaceful Day
05. Wouldn't It Be Nice
06. Fight Till You Die
07. Living For Today
08. Date With Destiny
09. Straight Ahead
10. Same Old Story
11. Fuck Authority
12. Society
13. Every Single Day
14. Broken
15. Alien
16. Perfect People
17. Stand By Me
18. Yesterdays
19. Pennywise
20. Bro Hymn

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All The Way Down streaming Self-Titled EP

All The Way Down is a young Skatepunk Band from Luxembourg. Their music combines the spirit of 90s Skatepunk with all sorts of influences from other music genres.

The band was formed in March of 2009, when three young musicians rehearsed for the first time in a small village called Erpeldange.

The band started as an instrumental project, covering punk songs, but John Wolter, the drummer of the band, soon started to write the first own songs for the band. John also became the lead singer of the band because nobody could be found to take on the vocals.The band already shared the stage with bands like Strung Out, The Casualties, Dead to Me, Adolescents, The Disliked, The Bandgeek Mafia, Versus You...

Click here to listen the Self-Titled EP

Monday, January 28, 2013

This Ain't California

Did you know that there was a skatebaording scene in East Germany behind the wall? Don’t miss this precious piece of skatboarding which is winning independent movie awards all over the world!

The docufiction 'This Ain’t California' is about a friendship of a bunch of skateboarders in the estern part of Germany during the 80s. It is about friendship, youth, girls, kissing, distroying things, going crazy and growing up as good as possible.

In 90 minutes, we see the GDR more sharply, more clearly: the skater subculture shows that not all was grey-on-grey and drab clouds of Trabant fumes. This Wildfremd production (Ronald Vietz and Michael Schöbel) by director Martin Persiel takes original clips of the “wheel-board-riders” – straight out of the East German scene in the 80s – and mixes it with animations and reencounters with the protagonists today. It is not just a well thought out story on its own – this film also raises the aesthetic bar.

'Skating as freedom' is one of the leitmotifs of this film. Skating 'without pressure to be better than someone else', as one of the main characters puts it, became the goal in hindsight, or, said downright harshly, 'the desire for freedom turned lifestyle'. Unbelievable, if not for the simple fact that this Californian fun could find its expression in the GDR.
'The GDR was not supposed to be that way – the streets were not for playing around' we hear at one point in the film – just as the 'wheel-boards' roll across Alexanderplatz in footage from the 80s: hotpants, sex and music right beside government-organized processions.
The story is authentic right down to the production and creative teams, which are made up of East and West German skaters.

'Wessi' director Marten Persiel works along with 'Ossis' in the production, revisiting their lives and their own experiences without romanticizing any of it.
The arc of the film connects past and present to show how the skaters’ lives (shaped by a repressive system) have their own strength. 'This Ain’t California' has a light-hearted yet powerful soundtrack as limitless as the vitality of its protagonists. Yet it is not a light-hearted film at all. It is a metaphor with its beginnings in the GDR but does not end with the fall of the wall.
These true professionals – in the most positive sense of the word – have finally come together to create this wonderful film for the cinema after years of working in diverse genres.

The pictorial language, the editing, the animations: while watching the film one recognizes the expertise behind it and, luckily for the audience, an unquenchable passion for the medium.
Life in the GDR as it has never been seen: a film that shows a unique generation from the GDR in the 80s which has never before been shown in a film. It is free from the classic GDR clichés, which are often adopted by the occidental point of view.
A film in which the East takes a look at the West, right up to the year 2011 – always with one theme clearly in focus: friendship.

Click here to watch the trailer

It will be released on DVD on march 8. Check the 'This Ain't California' facebook page for further news.

Nowadayz - The Will Is Still For Free (2012)

01. On Ferme, Revenez Demain
02. At The Salvation Army Store
03. Hit The Referee
04. Michael Moore Is Copyleft
05. The Esthetic Of Bankrupt (Keep Smilin, Loser)
06. The Will, Not The Means
07. Name-dropping-free Song
08. Where Words Have More Taste
09. Open Carry
10. Try Harder, Norfolk
11. Beers, Shotguns, Bibles, Baseball And Increment Values
12. Less Talk, More Sankara (The G8 Debt Part 3)

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 60 MB
Release date: 29 January 2012
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR 
Label: Never Trust An Asshole
Buy CD:

Nowadayz is a punk rock band from Bordeaux, France formed in 2002. This is their third release, 12 tracks of almost-political, heart-driven, cynical punk rock

- Sample song: Try Harder, Norfolk -

Limber releases teaser for upcoming EP: 'Survival Instinct'

Limber is a funny and original melodic hardcore band from Mallorca, Spain, with ex members of Main Line 10, Necroalligators and LC. The band is about to release their first 7 songs EP called 'Survival Instinct' recorded at psychosomatic studios by Mega.

Click here to listen to the album teaser and watch the studio diary
01. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cindy Lauper Cover) 0:01
02. Hellcome 0:23
03. Masterplan 0:47
04. My Own Way 1:04
05. Smells Like Fish Spirit 1:26
06. The Hangover 1:48
07. Tutti Frutti Ice Cream 2:09

Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for further news.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

RunningLate streaming new song: ' Turn Your Head Away'


RunningLate is streaming a new song titled 'Turn Your Head Away' off their new album 'Catching Up'.

Tracks are being re-mastered.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Preorders for the new 'After The Fall' album opened

Disconnect Disconnect Records are happy to announce that we will be releasing the new album from Albany NY’s After The Fall. A long time favourite of the label, After The Fall’s full length ‘Unkind‘ will be out on March 19th on CD in Europe through us at Disconnect Disconnect Records, under license from Paper and Plastick (who are handling the vinyl / digital global release).

'Unkind' is their 4th album, and sits in between the technical skate punk sound of 2nd album 'Fort Orange' and the more aggressive third album 'Eradication', creating a great album, sure to be one of the punk rock releases of 2013.

The album is 12 tracks of relentless punk rock with plenty of shredding which should appeal to fans of Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Good Riddance and Bad Religion.
Check out the closer to the album ‘Decade’ below for a taste of what's to come from the album.

1. Unkind
2. Tilberg
3. Disunion
4. Wrong
5. Controlled
6. Attention Dependent
7. Writers’ Block
8. Back and Forth
9. Double Negative
10. Screwers
11. Cathedral
12. Decade

The album is available to pre-order now right here.

Bad Religion live at KROQ Red Bull Soundspace

Watch below a video of Bad Religion answering questions submited by fans and playing some songs off the new record, 'True North'.

Click here to watch the video
0. Interview
1. Fuck You
2. Past Is Dead
3. Dept. Of False Hope
4. True North
5. Robin Hood In Reverse
6. Sorrow

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Void Zero Mess release new song w/ Scott Sellers on vocals

Russian fast melodic punkers Void Zero Mess have put up a new track: 'No Regrets', the first single from their upcoming album "For People Who I'll Never Forget!". The track features Scott Sellers (Mercy Street/Rufio) on vocals who also helped with the mix on drums.

Click here to watch the video

Millencolin releases update video + live footage of "Kemp"

Swedish punk rock legends Millencolin posted a video where they speak about their future plans for this 2013 plus a live footage of 'Kemp' from the Millencolin 20 Year Festival.

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Forus releases russian tour video


The french tech skatepunk band Forus, which is working on their new album, released a video for the 2011's Russian tour.
Hey buddies!!!! Finally, time to show you the FORUS Cold Vodka Tour video, yiiihaaAAAAAA!!!! This video was taken only with amateurs footages, it was long to edit but looks funny;) For those who are only interested by punk rock, you can start at 3:30:) ♥ Russia ♥

Click here to watch the video

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New No One's Choice song: 'Jaded Eyes'

Watch below a live performance of a brand new No One's Choice song titled 'Jaded Eyes' that will be included on their future release.

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Northern19 - Winter, Winter EP (2012)

01. Snowblind
02. Yes, I Can Fly
03. So Sick
04. Itsuka
05. Overbeloved

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 33 MB
Release date: 5 December 2012
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Catch All Records
Forum topic:

Northern19 is a skatepunk/pop punk band from Japan that mixes fast songs with slow and poppy song.

- Sample song: So Sick -

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Out Of Date releases music video for 'Bye My Friend'

Out Of Date have put up their new music video online for all to see/hear! Check out 'Bye My Friend' below. This track will be featured on the band's upcoming EP, 'Forget To Remember', with pre-ordering starting on Jan. 31, 2013.

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Bad Religion's 'True North' Q&A: 'We're Still Creating Our Legacy'

Bad Religion dutifully celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2010, then immediately continued being a pioneering punk rock fixture. Their sixteenth studioi album, "True North", drops today, Jan. 22 on Epitaph Records, the label owned by guitarist and founding member Brett Gurewitz.

The LP is a ferocious family of sixteen songs creatively juiced enough to hold its own against Bad Religion's contributions to the theoretical punk hall of fame -- staples like 1988's "Suffer" and 1994's "Stranger Than Fiction". Vocalist and songwriter Greg Graffin, who spends much of his year as a college professor and author of nonfiction books like "Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God" and the forthcoming "The Population Wars," spoke with Billboard about Bad Religion's secret to longevity, finally titling a song "F--k You", and the possibility of retirement.

Click here to read the interview.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Skumdum streaming two new songs 'Demos From The Past' & 'Ten Thousand People'


Click here to listen two new Skumdum songs, 'Demos From The Past' and 'Ten Thousand People'

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Propagandhi - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada @ Moon Room 12/16/96

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Atlas Losing Grip recording new album this February

According to their facebook page, the swedish melodic hardcore band Atlas Losing Grip have finished writing their new album that will be recorded this February:

We have booked studio time in February for our new album and we promise to show you some samples of the new songs really soon.

You can check some studio videos on their facebook page. The band's last release was 2011's Self-Titled 7".

Atlas Losing Grip

Atlas Losing Grip - Shut The World Out (2008)
- Download from Zippyshare
Atlas Losing Grip - Watching The Horizon EP (2009)
- Download from Zippyshare
Atlas Losing Grip - State Of Unrest (2011)
- Download from Zippyshare
Atlas Losing Grip - Atlas Losing Grip 7" (2011)
- Download from Zippyshare

Genre: Melodic hardcore / Punk rock
In 2005, when the melodic punk-scene in Sweden was almost completely dead, they appeared. Atlas Losing Grip rose from the ashes and their debut-album "Shut the World Out" took them touring around Europe.
Satanic Surfers lead singer and frontman Rodrigo Alfaro, who had appeared as a guest vocalist on the debut-album, was recruited in 2008. Things fell into place and the group was completed.
As a five-piece they recorded the MCD 'Watching The Horizon'. The result? Five brilliant tracks. And for the first time in a years, Swedish punk rock felt alive and real.
The band toured all over Europe and supported Bad Religion on a few Scandinavian dates before starting to work on their next album 'State Of Unrest', which was released in May 2011.
'State Of Unrest' has been praised by the press and the success of the album has taken Atlas Losing Grip out on the road again like never before.
After playing 87 shows in 2011, came the release of a s/t 7" which featured two acoustic versions of songs from 'State of Unrest' and the song 'Act Your Rage' which was meant to be on 'State of Unrest', but never made it all the way.

- Sample song: Nothing Has Changed -

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Powell Peralta - Propaganda: Lance Mountain

Lance Mountain's clip from the 90's Powell Peralta video Propaganda. Great time, great video!

Click here to watch the video

Bad Religion - True North (2013)

01. True North
02. Past Is Dead
03. Robin Hood In Reverse
04. Land Of Endless Greed
05. Fuck You
06. Dharma And The Bomb
07. Hello Cruel World
08. Vanity
09. In Their Hearts Is Right
10. Crisis Time
11. Dept. Of False Hope
12. Nothing To Dismay
13. Popular Consensus
14. My Head Is Full Of Ghosts
15. The Island
16. Changing Tide

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 71 MB
Release date: 22 January 2013
Genre: Punk rock
Quality: VBR
Label: Epitaph Records
Buy CD:

True North is the upcoming sixteenth studio album by the Californian punk rock band Bad Religion, which is due for release on January 22, 2013.

- Sample song: unavailable -

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bad Religion live video compilation from 1980 to 2012

A crazy Bad Religion fan made a live video compilation of the band of more than 5 hours! He took live footage from 1980 to 2012 in chronological order.

Click here to watch part 1

Part 1:
Bad Religion (Early Version)
Drastic Actions
World War III
We're Only Gonna Die
Latch Key Kids
Part III
Fuck Armageddon...This Is Hell
Damned To Be Free
White Trash (2nd Generation)
Voice Of God Is Government
Doing Time
It's Only Over When...
Billy Gnosis
The Dichotomy
Bad Religion
Along The Way
New Leaf
You Are (The Government)
1000 More Fools
How Much Is Enough?
Give You Nothing
Land Of Competition
Forbidden Beat
Best For You
Delirium Of Disorder
Part II (The Numbers Game)
What Can You Do?
Do What You Want
Pessimistic Lines
Change of Ideas
Big Bang
No Control
Sometimes I Feel Like
Automatic Man
I Want to Conquer the World
I Want Something More
Modern Man
Turn on the Light
Get Off
Flat Earth Society
Faith Alone
Against the Grain
Operation Rescue
God Song
21st Century (Early Version)
too much to ask
no direction
two babies in the dark
heaven is falling
atomic garden
the answer
recipe for hate

Click here to watch part 2

Part 2:
American Jesus
Portrait Of Authority
Man With A Mission
Watch It Die
Struck A Nerve
Lookin' In
Modern Day Catastrophists
Leave Mine To Me
Stranger Than Fiction
The Handshake
Inner Logic
What It Is
21st Century
News from the front
dream of unity
The Gray Race
Them and Us
A Walk
Punk Rock Song
Ten in 2010
Come Join Us
Hear It
All Fantastic Images
Sowing the Seeds of Utopia
You've Got a Chance
The fast life
Don't Sell Me Short
Prove It
Can't Stop It
Kyoto Now
The Defense
Sinister Rouge
Social Suicide
Atheist Peace
All There Is
Los Angeles Is Burning
Let Them Eat War
God's Love
52 Seconds
Heroes & Martyrs
Germs of Perfection
New Dark Ages
Requiem for Dissent
Before You Die
Honest Goodbye
Dearly Beloved
The Devil In Stitches
The Day the Earth Stalled
The Resist Stance
Wrong Way Kids
Infected (accoustic)
New Dark Ages (accoustic)
Dearly Beloved (accoustic)
Sorrow (accoustic)
Cease (piano)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bad Religion - True North (2013) [192 kbps, WEBRIP]

01. True North
02. Past Is Dead
03. Robin Hood In Reverse
04. Land Of Endless Greed
05. Fuck You
06. Dharma And The Bomb
07. Hello Cruel World
08. Vanity
09. In Their Hearts Is Right
10. Crisis Time
11. Dept. Of False Hope
12. Nothing To Dismay
13. Popular Consensus
14. My Head Is Full Of Ghosts
15. The Island
16. Changing Tide

Click here to download the proper V0-VBR version

Bad Religion streaming new album: 'True North'


Bad Religion is streaming their brand new album 'True North' out January 22nd via Epitaph Records. You can listen the entire new album below.

Click here to listen to the album

Skumdum's new album 'Ten Thousand People' cover revealed

The swedish fast melodic punkers Skumdum have posted on their official website the cover for the new album 'Ten Thousand People' out this year. A new single off this album will be also released on the 20th of January.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Authority Zero stream new song 'No Other Place' off upcoming album 'The Tipping Point'


Alternative Press is streaming a brand new Authority Zero song titled 'No Other Place' off their upcoming album 'The Tipping Point' to be released on April 2nd via Hardline Entertainment (US/Canada/Japan), Concrete Jungle (Europe/UK) and 3wise Records (Australia).

Click here to listen to the song.

The Flatliners - 10 Years at Sea Tour Interview

The Flatliners 10 Years at Sea Tour Interview, Montreal, Quebec 2012

Click here to watch the video

Sunday, January 13, 2013

VA - A Day In The Life Of... (2005)

01. 800 Octane - Day Of The Dead
02. Hospital Food - Standing Still
03. 7-10 Split - Torn
04. Scallywagon - No Resolve
05. Spare Lead - Round Like An 8
06. E.C.O. - Wanna Bet
07. Bad Apple - The Lonely Road
08. Not Long After - Tough Confession
09. Nuclear Saturday - Anti-Climax
10. Off The Record - Losers Never Win
11. Shop11Phoenix - Believe It's True
12. Twenty2 - Slip
13. Pensive - Another Unknown Tragedy
14. District 7 - Beyond The Shadows
15. No Trigger - Call It A Day
16. Bottomline - Happy Endings
17. CounterACT - Beyond Hope
18. Makeshift3 - Six Hours To Phoenix
19. Poorsport - Stand Strong
20. Mourningstar - Ambience
21. Gametime - Take This Girl
22. Lollygag - Believer
23. Twirpentines - Veritas
24. Fed*Up - Narcissist
25. Tripshot - Take Two
26. High Noon - So, You're A Cheater
27. 3X Over - We're Coming Back
28. Crane - I Really Care

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 141 MB
Release date: 5 July 2005
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR
Label: New School Records

A Day in the Life Of... is a compilation, and the majority of the tracks come from the best demos New School has received in the past few years. Many of the artists have recently become part of other established labels, such as Nitro, Over Giver, Bettie Rocket and more. Genres range from pop punk to skate punk, giving listeners a chance to hear some of the best music from bands that haven’t yet hit it big. This compilation is a must for anyone who loves being the first kid on the block to know about up-and-coming bands!

- Sample song: District 7 - Beyond The Shadows -

Livin' The Cream releases video for 'Não à distância'

Livin' The Cream is a melodic hardcore band from Brazil. They have a released a video for the song 'Não à Distância' that you can see below. Their first album will be out this year.

Click here to watch the video

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Punchers Plant songs: 'Patience'

Punchers Plant is about passion for hard yet melodic music, lyrics with a strong message that connect to our generation, and a deep-rooted interest in inspiring art in general.
The band has now released a new song titled 'Patience' off their upcoming album 'How To Scape' to be released this year. 'Patience' is also going to be released on a limited 7'' vinyl by

Click here to listen to the song

Friday, January 11, 2013

Teni Svobody - Bring It Down EP (2012)

01. Please The Higher
02. Bring It Down
03. My Defect
04. A Ride
05. Not Today
06. Awaiting Calls

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 43 MB
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self Released

Teni Svobody is a punk band from Moscow playing punk rock inspired by bands like Bad Religion, Pennywise, No Fun At All, NOFX. Formed in 2004, having played hundreds of shows in Russia and close countries, the band has recorded 3 albums and 2 EP's, the last of which, BRING IT DOWN, is their latest release and the first record in English.

- Sample song: Please The Higher -

Thursday, January 10, 2013

NOFX at 30: The Band's 10 Most Controversial Moments

Sfweekly did a pretty cool list of the 10 most controversial moments of the californian punk rock band NOFX.

9. Playing through head injuries with the best of them
On a tour stop in Israel in 2007, Fat Mike managed to hit guitarist Eric Melvin in the face with his bass while playing "Bottles to the Ground," breaking the bass and leaving a giant bleeding head gash in Melvin's head. They just borrowed a bass from the opener, though, and played through, which would be more impressive if we didn't think all involved parties on stage were probably too drunk to feel any of it.

Click here to read all of them!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Skate picture #4

Another new Bad Religion song: 'Dept. Of False Hope'

Lucky day for Bad Religion fans. Here's another new song titled 'Dept. Of False Hope' off also their new album 'True North' out January 22nd.

Click here to listen to the song

The band already released the songs 'Vanity', 'True North' and 'Fuck You' off this new record.
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