Nowadayz - The Will Is Still For Free (2012)

01. On Ferme, Revenez Demain
02. At The Salvation Army Store
03. Hit The Referee
04. Michael Moore Is Copyleft
05. The Esthetic Of Bankrupt (Keep Smilin, Loser)
06. The Will, Not The Means
07. Name-dropping-free Song
08. Where Words Have More Taste
09. Open Carry
10. Try Harder, Norfolk
11. Beers, Shotguns, Bibles, Baseball And Increment Values
12. Less Talk, More Sankara (The G8 Debt Part 3)

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File Size: 60 MB
Release date: 29 January 2012
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR 
Label: Never Trust An Asshole
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Nowadayz is a punk rock band from Bordeaux, France formed in 2002. This is their third release, 12 tracks of almost-political, heart-driven, cynical punk rock

- Sample song: Try Harder, Norfolk -