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<center>Autogestión stream new album 'Somos'</center>
<center>Strung Out reveal cover for new album 'Transmission.Alpha.Delta'</center>
<center>Allys Fate - Nothing Else (2013)</center>
<center>Felony Records post live video for A Wilhelm Scream's "Gut Sick Companion"</center>
<center>Tom Delonge release statement detailing blink-182 drama</center>
<center>The Decline stream new song 'Steubenville Rape City'</center>
<center>1000 Degrees post tour video</center>
<center>Shit Hits The Fan stream new EP 'Unstuck In Time'</center>
<center>Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker talk about Tom Delonge's departure</center>
<center>Dead Market (ex Jet Market) stream new EP 'Asunder'</center>
<center>Maypole stream new album 'In Your Face'</center>
<center>Tom Delonge leaves blink-182 [READ UPDATE BELOW]</center>
<center>Local Resident Failure stream new song 'Old Skool'</center>
<center>Satanic Surfers 2015</center>
<center>Justanotherburp stream new album 'From Here To The End'</center>
<center>War Called Home - Defenders EP (2014)</center>
<center>Atlas Losing Grip talks about Rodrigo's departure, new album, etc</center>
<center>Höney release video for 'Teenagers'</center>
<center>Brutal Youth stream new song 'War on Youth'</center>
<center>Straightline re-release 'No Way Out' album</center>
<center>Pennywise announce US tour</center>
<center>Dead Fish drum medley by Jean Schmidt</center>
<center>Strung Out reveal new album release date and post studio journal video</center>
<center>Paylester release video for '21st Century Suicide Note'</center>
<center>Less Than Jake stream new 7" 'American Idle'</center>
<center>The Ataris to play entire 'Blue Skies, Broken Hearts…Next 12 Exits' on forthcoming tour</center>
<center>Punk Rock Holiday 1.5 announce first confirmed bands</center>
<center>F.O.D announce spanish mini-tour</center>
<center>The Lizards - Future Life (2015)</center>
<center>Venerea detail new album</center>
<center>In 2 Months stream new song '8 Seconds Of Fury'</center>
<center>Forus announce South America tour</center>
<center>Atlas Losing Grip - Currents (2015)</center>
<center>Done And Gone stream new album 'Hope'</center>
<center>All Around Heroes stream new song 'Kelly Brookes'</center>
<center>Escape Velocity stream new song 'Generation:Death'</center>
<center>Fast Response release video for 'God Made Me Angry Then He Pissed Me Off'</center>
<center>Fullcount - Concessions & Compromises (2014)</center>
<center>RunningLate stream new EP 'Spectators'</center>
<center> Best Regards: An Acoustic Tribute To Tony Sly</center>
 <center>Satanic Surfers, live @ Hemgården, Lund - December 1994</center>
<center>Lagwagon: A 5 Minute Drum Chronology by Kye Smith</center>
<center>Forus announce lineup changes</center>
<center>Bombs Are Falling stream new songs off upcoming album</center>