Atlas Losing Grip talks about Rodrigo's departure, new album, etc

Our pals of Big Bombo Punk have interviewed Atlas Losing Grip's guitarist Gustav Burn. Gustav talks about their new album 'Currents' and the departure of their old singer, Rodrigo Alfaro, among other things.

Q: When did you realize that Rodrigo was undertaking a path that was different from the rest of the band? How was the last period with him (last concerts, last details of the new album, etc.), knowing that he already had a foot outside Atlas Losing Grip?
A: [...] Rodrigo had a hard time finishing lyrics, and when we were discussing in what studio we should record he made sure we knew that he only had lyrics to four of the songs, whereas we had already almost finished all of the music. Then when were offered to record in Hannover, Germany, «but that was too far from home» he said, because he wanted to be able to come and spend time in the studio, so we ended up doing it in Malmö, by ourselves (I engineered and recorded almost the entire album, even though after our last album I told myself I would never do it again), and what happened was: during the three and more weeks that I was in the studio every day (because he wanted us to record close to home) he shows up two  times  fifteen minutes. 

Read the entire interview right here.