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<center>Darko releases tour video for 'Neo Was An Amateur'</center>
<center>Topsy Turvy's - You Better Believe it, You're in (2012)</center>
<center>Strike Twelve streaming new album 'Moonshine'</center>
<center>Skateboarding in the 1960s</center>
<center>NOFX performing new song "New Year’s Revolution” off upcoming double A-side single</center>
<center>Torches To Triggers - Doomsday In Douglasdale (2012)</center>
<center>New NOFX double A-side single</center>
<center>The Kegels - No Tomorrow (2012)</center>
<center>Mitchie Brusco's Road to X Games XVIII</center>
<center>New Half Hearted Hero song: 'Framework' off upcoming 12" 'Whatever'</center>
<center>Flipstar releases video for 'State Of Mind'</center>
<center>Progress - New Days EP (2012)</center>
<center>Progress - The Crosses We Bear EP (2008)</center>
<center>First Step To Failure streaming new EP 'Our True Enemy Has Yet to Reveal Himself'</center>
<center>Bad Religion members talk about new album 'True North'</center>
<center>Local Resident Failure releases video for 'Where the Bloody Hell Are Ya?'</center>
<center> The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge </center>
<center>New Retied song: 'Why Don't We' from upcoming album</center>
<center>Astpai - Efforts And Means (2012)</center>
<center> Lagwagon - Trashed (Demos)</center>
<center>New Half Hearted Hero album entitled 'Whatever' to be released this January</center>
<center>Nations Afire - The Ghosts We Will Become (2012)</center>
<center>Groezrock 2013 line up announced</center>
<center>Heartsounds working on new record</center>