New Half Hearted Hero album entitled 'Whatever' to be released this January

We're pleased to once again work with Half Hearted Hero on their new record "Whatever" due out January 15, 2013 on 12" vinyl / digital. The 8 track release was recorded and mixed by Half Hearted Hero guitarist Clinton Lisboa and Ben Barnett and mastered by Jay Maas (Defeater, Bane, Have Heart, Transit, Title Fight).

"Whatever" is the follow up to 2010's EP "Running Water" and signifies a slight departure from the band's previous material but should continue to please fans of old and new, "In the past we've tried too hard to corner album lyrics into one theme and it usually ends up falling flat," AJ Mills, guitarist, said, "Maybe that's what this album is about. I think it's less about finding the right thing to say and instead saying how you feel."  

The band are planning a ten day tour in January leading up to the record's release.

Click here to read the tracklist and listen the album teaser
01. Untitled
02. River
03. Vessel (Click to listen)
04. Faint Feeling
05. Framework
06. Good Terms
07. Direction
08. Whatever