Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kill The President release aftermovie for European Tour 2016

4-piece spanish melodic hardcore band Kill The President have released a tour video which includes footage from their European Tour of this year.

Click here to watch the video

Fat Randall stream new song "Letting Go"

Fat Randall is a melodic punk rock/pop band from Dubai that is atreaming a streaming new song "Letting Go" from their upcoming EP "Keep It Down".

Click here to listen to the song

Aznar Youth stream new song "Alteración Del Orden Lógico Del Hemiciclo"

Spanish melodic punk rockers Aznar Youth are streaming a new song named "Alteración Del Orden Lógico Del Hemiciclo".

Click here to listen to the song

Monday, May 30, 2016

For Fans of Randy: Eight Miles High and The Red Sexy Band

Today we would like to introduce you two bands that sounds very similar to Randy's 'The Rest Is Silence Era', Eight Miles High and The Red Sexy Band. There isn't too much information about these two bands on the net so if you have further info, please contact us so we can add more information to this post.

The Red Sexy Band was a skate punk band from Girona, Spain. They sound exactly the same as Randy's 'The Rest Is Silence' era. The band released an album, 'This Could Be A Sexy World' (1999) via Outline Records and a split with 'Non Violence Begins With Breakfast' (2001) via Marx vs. Bakunin Records.

Click here to listen 'This Could Be A Sexy World'

Eight Miles High were a skate punk band from Copenhagen , Denmark. When you listen to the EP 'Things We Meant To Say'  which was released in 1999, you think you are listening to Randy because they sounds exactly the same. Some members also played in the band Freddy The Rude Fluteplayer.

Click here to listen 'Eight Miles High'

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Enze release instrumental teaser for new album "Us Estimo Rebels, Lliures I Salvatges"

Enze is a screaming melodic hardcore band from Torelló, Spain, that mixes skate punk with a real screamo voice. 'Incendis' was their debut 4-songs EP that was released in 2014, and now they are going to release their new album "Us Estimo Rebels, Lliures I Salvatges" on May 31st. Check below a little instrumental teaser.

Click here to watch the video

Free City release video for 'Tormenta De Miedos'

Spanish punk rockers Free City have premiered a music video for the song 'Tormenta de Miedos', from their new album 'Atemporal'.

Click here to watch the video

Friday, May 27, 2016

Bad Religion live @ WDR (1996)

Check below a rare and old performance of Bad Religion @ WDR in 1996.

Click here to watch the video

Day Oof release aftermovie for album release show

Greece tech skate punkers rockers Day Oof have released an aftermovie from their 'The Vlack Album' album release show.

Click here to watch the video

Fastest Skate Punk Bands Ever Vol 3: The Definive Measure

The Definitive Measure  started out in 2000 with Dave Contreras and Kris Haugen (drums). They were long time friends and decided to start a band. In 2002 they recorded a demo and in 2003 they recorded another demo (Dave played bass on both demos) with some new songs while also re-recording a few old ones.

In 2004, Dave joined the band Half White (now known as Pour Habit, the recently added Fat Wreck Chords band) which Kris was already in and put The Definitive Measure on hiatus. With disagreements on music, Dave and Kris left the band to put all of their effort in The Definitive Measure.

Soon, they added a bassist as well as a second guitarist and played a few local shows. Those two members left soon after. Dave had a roommate, Matt who was interested in playing so he decided to pick up a bass and join. The two also play together in a 90's rock cover band. TDM recorded a cover of "Something I Don't Know" by 88 Fingers Louie and the song was released on a tribute compilation CD put out by the French record label, Eternalis Records.

On August 27th, 2008 a they very first full lenght titled "The End of the Beginning" was released. It was a mixture of songs from their earlier demos. Soon after, Kris left TDM. In December 2007, Andrew Rotter and Blake Kardashian both from the band Trigger Finger, joined The Definitive Measure.

If you like this kind of fast music, please check our ultra fast skate punk compilations:
VVAA - S Is For Skate, F Is For Fastcore Vol 1 (2007)
VVAA - S Is For Skate, F Is For Fastcore Vol 2 (2007)
VVAA - S Is For Skate, F Is For Fastcore Vol 3 (2008)
VVAA - S Is For Skate, F Is For Fastcore Vol 4 (2008)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

MxPx stream new song "Calm My Craze "

SoCal punk rocke veterans MxPx are streaming a new song titled "Calm My Craze". This is their first new song after 4 years. The song song will be offered for free on this bandcamp for 2 weeks only since May 24th. Only June 7th, this song will removed from Bandcamp.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Face To Face premiere video for "Double Crossed"

California punk veterans Face To Face' have released a music video for the song "Double Crossed", taken from the album "Protection" released this year.

Click here to watch the video

A Wilhelm Scream drum cam for "Skid Rock" and "Born A Wise Man"

Check below two live videos of New Bedford punk rock legends, A Wilhelm Scream shredding Slovenia's Punk Rock Holiday in August of 2014. Chest mounted GoPro action on Nick Angelini showing off how to play the songs "Skid Rock" and "Born A Wise Man".

Click here to watch the videos

Felony Records release new compilation "Felony Records Punk Rock Bowling 2016"

2016 marks the first year Felony Records has become a sponsor of America's greatest punk rock festival, Punk Rock Bowling. They've marked the occasion with a compilation of their roster, old and new. 35 tracks from past albums, rare tracks, and unreleased songs from future albums.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tigers stream new song "Vice Grip"

Aussie skate punk act Tigers are streaming a new song titled "Vice Grip" off their upcoming Self-Titled album that will be out on June 16th via Arrest Records.

Travis Barker reveals the original cover for their new album 'California'

blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has shared on Instragram what the new artwork for their new album 'California' could have looked like before it got cropped.

The band has already released the songs 'Bored To Death' and 'Built This Pool' off this new album, and played live the (fast) song 'Brohemian Rhapsody'.

Minority Of One announce Euro Summer Tour 2016

Spanish melodic punk rock band Minority Of One have announced the dates for their 'Euro Summer Tour 2016'. The band will be supporting their upcoming album 'Never Quit' that will be released on Strait Records this June 21st.

Fat Mike from NOFX released from rehab / detox

NOFX frontman Fat Mike was released yesterday from rehab and detox for drug and alcohol abuse. Mike has been instragramming this progress the entire time

Antillectual premiere video for new song "Racist Rash"

Dutch melodic punk rock act Antillectual that be releasing a new album titled 'ENGAGE!' on July 29th have premiered a music video for their new song "Racist Rash".

Click here to watch the video

Monday, May 23, 2016

X-State Ride stream new song "Comrade Games"

Italian punk rock band X-State Ride are streaming a new song titled 'Comrade Games' off their new EP with the same name

Click here to listen to the song

Newdrive release video for 'Away From Home'

Swedish punk rock act Newdrive have released a music video for the song 'Away From Home', from their upcoming album 'Closed Doors and Broken Mirrors'.

Click here to watch the video

Sunday, May 22, 2016

'Punk Rock Concoction' SoCal punk rock compilations

Punk Rock Concoction is aimed at putting together 90's soCal melodic punk rock bands' favorite (or best) songs... the ones that stick in your head for days and make you hum in your head until your read the lyrics... then you're like "fuck, this band is good". The comps will be good from start to finish and may actually help you open up to new styles, new names, new companies, new record labels, and most importantly new bands.

Scroll down to download the 3 volumes of this compilation that were released between 2007 and 2009 which includes a total of more than 80 punk rock songs.

VA - Punk Rock Concoction Volume 1 (2007)
01. The Easykill - Your Scene
02. By All Means - Hold on to Your Grudge
03. The Lowclass - The Life I Chose
04. Profusion - Frustrated
05. Chaser - Autopilot (Mind Your Own)
06. No Way Jose - Wannabe
07. Laydlaw - Dying Circle
08. Rob 'em Blind - Black Sky
09. Antagen - Young And Hopeless
10. Large Lump Sum - E.D.
11. One Big Lie - Wake Up
12. Playhat - Survive
13. Bear - Ready or Not
14. The Disgustingtons - What I Fight For
15. False Alliance - Repression of Thought
16. Sic Waiting - After the Disaster
17. The Dear and Departed - Tonight's the Night
18. Secret Wars - Armed to the Teeth
19. The Logan - Shine on You
20. Setoff - Ambivolence is a Force to be Reckoned With
21. Majority Lost - Destination Complaced
22. Pour Habit - Light the Torch
23. F Loader - I Love Todd
24. Dive Bar Junkies - Stir Crazy
25. Fozzy's Hero - Drinking Song
26. Liquor & Poker - Livin' it Up 
Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 167 MB

VA - Punk Rock Concoction Volume 2 (2008)
01. Hit The Switch - Tidal Wave
02. Critical Me - Halfway Home
03. Kill The Kids - Cottage St
04. Fozzy's Hero - Killing Me Inside
05. Antagen - The Greenback Effect
06. Down By Fire - Fight Your Battles
07. Bear - To Quote Fdr
08. Secret Wars - Flatline
09. Majority Lost - Chemically Imbalanced Nation
10. Pour Habit - Resignation
11. The Dwarves - Downey Junior
12. Largelumpsum - Warpaint
13. Skyline Collapse - Song For Imitator
14. Chaser - Set It Off
15. Raised By Apes - Armed Forces
16. Voodoo Glow Skulls - Morning Air Raid Sirens
17. Viva Hate - God's Lonley Man
18. One Big Lie - 20 To 5
19. The Logan - Please, Let Me Have A Minor Accident
20. It's All Over - 40 Acres
21. The Last Priority - Refridgerator Raider
22. False Alliance - One Last Song
23. Second Stint - Not Your Fault
24. By All Means - Take On The World
25. The Easy Kill - Lifetime
26. Rasputin - Kill And Destroy
27. No Way Jose - Don't Worry
28. The Bastard Suns - My Pint
Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 178 MB

VA - Punk Rock Concoction Volume 3 (2009)
01. Chaser - Sickness
02. A Wilhelm Scream - I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz
03. Pour Habit - Tomahawk
04. Raised Under Reagan - Note In A Bottle
05. The Bastard Suns - Pirates of the Whiskey Sea
06. One Word Solution - Welcome to America
07. Skyline Collapse - Challenge the Ghost
08. The Logan - Bed and Breakfast
09. Setoff - Who Invited these Fucking Fuckers
10. By All Means - Maybes and Possibilities
11. The Dwarves - Dominator
12. One Big Lie - Blinded
13. Hit the Switch - Lone Child
14. Majority Lost - Soul for Sale
15. Get Dead - Only Human
16. Raised by Apes - Drug Test
17. Doesitmatter - Cash In
18. Cambridge - A Corporation is not a Person
19. Shiver - The Voice of Treason
20. Unfallen Heroes - Something to Live For
21. Sixes and Sevens - No Solution
22. The Last Priority - America's Hijacked
23. Critical Me - King Greed
24. Uprise - Get Yourself Out
25. Media Control - Broadcast
26. VW Trainwreck - Jailbait
27. Large Lump Sum - Johnny Strikes Again
28. Kill the Kids - Heya
Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 175 MB

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Good Riddance: A 5 Minute Drum Chronology by Kye Smith

Kye Smith, drummer of the australian punk rock band Local Resident Failure covered every Good Riddance in chronological order up until now.

Adrenalized working on new album

Spanish skate punk masters Adrenalized are working on a new album as you can see on a little video they posted on their facebook page.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Dizclaimers stream new EP "Dizclaimers"

Chilean female fronted melodic hardcore punk act Dizclaimers are streaming their new Self-Titled EP.

Craig's Brother to release new album in 2017 with original members

SoCal 90's punk rockers Craig's Brother have announced via Facebook that the band will be releasing a new album in 2017 with their original lineup. This would mark the 1st time the members of the 'Homecoming' lineup would be on board for a full length album.

Are you ready for something like this?

Punk Rock Holiday release day-by-day lineup

In just 4 years, Punk Rock Holiday has become one of the most anticipating events in Europe to those who have once experienced a different meaning of a festival.

Camping in the shade of the trees, surrounded by mountains, a meditereanean climate, 2 festival owned beaches, main stage in an avenue of trees, no barricades between bands and audience and a Beach stage on a so called paradise beach should give you the impression of how amazing this festival really is.

Not only the festival offers a tasty selection of amazing bands, but also the whole relaxed atmosphere on one of the most exceptional festival locations in the world makes Punk Rock Holiday an unforgettable experience.

My Favorite Fault stream new song 'Change My Mind'

Russian punk rock band My Favorite Fault are streaming a new song titled 'Change My Mind'.

Click here to listen to the song

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Maniak Mansion, fast and tech skate punk from Canada

Maniak Mansion was a fast and technical skate punk act from Quebec that was active on the early 2000s. There's no much info about this band over the net, just that they played with some other bands of the scene of the years like Bald Vulture, Reset or Illness and that they broke up just before releasing the album 'Musical Madness' that you can download below.

If you like canadian fast skate punk in the vein of Downshift this band is for you. It has that fast melodic canadian skate punk sounds that you like.

01. Unknown Track
02. Politicaly Incorrect
03. Dedicated To You
04. Musical Madness
05. Sad Song
06. End Of Our Days
07. Lifetime Pride
08. True Lies
09. Teen Age Stone
10. Reputation Sucks
11. Inside Me
12. Empty Message
13. Broken Angel + Mario Bros

Download it via Zippyshare right here.

Feed The Cat release cover EP 'Kick The Fat'

Frech melodic punk rock act Feed The Cat have released a cover EP named 'Kick The Fat', where you can listen fast melodic punk versions of Shakira's 'Whenever, Wherever' or Maddonna's 'La Isla Bonita'.

NoReason Records release new compilation

Italian punk rock label NoReason Records have released a new compilation to celebrate their 10 years of history. The compilation features great bands like This Is A Standoff, Atlas Losing Grip, From Plan To Progress, Antillectual, Jet Market and many more.

You can download the compilation right here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fire At Will post video for "Life Goes On"

French punk rock act Fire At Will have released a music video for the song 'Life Goes On', included in the album with the same name.

Click here to watch the video

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

For Fans Of Mute: IVS

Fast, technical, and melodic are just a few words that the punk rock community uses to describe MUTE’s music. Composed of Marc-Antoine Bastien, Étienne Dionne, Jean-Philippe Lamonde and Alexis Trépanier, MUTE has spent the last 16 years taking a 100% DIY approach to bringing its music to the masses.
The group has four albums under its belt - Blueprints (2001), Sleepers (2004), The Raven (2008) and Thunderblast (2011) – that have been distributed in North America, Brazil, Japan and Europe. The band has also filmed five music videos over the course of their career.

Today we would like to introduce you a band that sounds very similar to MUTE’s music, IVS.

Out of Canada comes the band known as IVS, bringing with them an arsenal of fast, melodic tunes. For fans of metal-infused melodic punk rock, IVS is a band that you absolutely can not miss! With many surprises up their sleeves, and no plan to give up anytime in the near future, the five-headed monster from the cold city of Mississauga is ready for Destruction.

The band has released two EPs, 'Black Eyes EP (2008)' and 'Extinction EP (2010)', and a full-length, 'Rest Assured, We Are Not Your Saviours (2009)'. You can get them right here.

Click here to listen 'Extinction EP'

Bad Korea stream new EP "Not Here To Make Friends"

SoCal melodic punk rockers Bad Korea are streaming their new EP "Not Here To Make Friends".

Joey Cape talks about the story behind Lagwagon's "May 16th"

SoCal Lagwagon's frontman Joey Cape have revealed in a recent interview with Vice the reasons of writing the song May 16t.

"Cape had a falling out with friends, then woke up on May 16 after a one night stand—“just another Saturday” according to the lyrics—to hear wedding bells, look outside the window, and literally see his former friends getting married."

Click here to read Joey Cape talking about that day.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Fat Wreck Chords announce new compilation "Mild In The Streets: Fat Music Unplugged"

Fat Wreck Chords will be releasing a new compilation named "Mild In The Streets: Fat Music Unplugged" on July 1st. It is a collection of songs from punk bands and singers who trade in their blaring amps and distortion pedals for acoustic guitars and minimalist arrangements. Jammed with 16 soulful songs, including 5 previously unreleased, this comp is a great listen front to back. Capped by a bonus track of a full symphony recording of NOFX’s “The Decline,” this new comp is a unique must-have.

01. Tony Sly (No Use for A Name) - Under the Garden
02. Swingin’ Utters - Fruitless Fortunes
03. Stacey Dee (Bad Cop/Bad Cop) - Everything Is Beautiful
04. Sam Sadowski (Closet Fiends) - Heroinsomnia
05. Morning Glory - Care of Me
06. Old Man Markley - Guts ‘n’ Teeth
07. Anti-Flag - 1 Trillion Dollars
08. Yotam Ben Horin (Useless ID) - State Is Burning
09. Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) - Continental
10. Karina Deniké (Dance Hall Crashers) - Musée Mécanique
11. Get Dead - This One’s for Johnny
12. Joey Cape (Lagwagon) - We’re Not in Love Anymore
13. American Steel - Hurtlin’
14. Against Me! - Joy
15. Russ Rankin (Good Riddance) - Seven Hours
16. Uke-Hunt - Xanadu
17. Baz and His Orchestra - NOFX’s The Decline (A Punk Rock Symphony)

blink-182 play new fast song live, 'Brohemian Rhapsody'

Watch below a live performance of blink-182 playing the song 'Brohemian Rhapsody' (or a part of it) for the first time ever KROQ Weenie Roast 2016.

Click here to watch the video

Happy Lagwagon Day, Happy May 16th!

PMX stream new song 'Like Or Share'

Scottish melodic punk rockers PMX are streaming a new song titled 'Like Or Share' that will be included in their upcoming album.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy birthday Tony Hawk!

Tony Hawk turned 48 years old today. Happy brithday!

Lagwagon announce European Summer Tour 2016 with Useless ID

Lagwagon returns to Europe this summer with label-mates, Useless ID! Check the dates, and ticket info here.

Travis Barker from blink-182 replaced by Bad Religion and Pennywise drummer at Warped Tour 1999

Travis Barker from blink-182 could not play for some unknown reason in New York at the Warped Tour 1999 (New York at the Randalls Island show) so, Damon DeLaPaz (Fenix TX) Brooks Wackerman(Suicidal/Bad Religion) Josh Freese (the Vandals) and Byron McMackin (Pennywise) played the set for him.

Click here to watch the videos

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Last One Standing stream new album 'Nothing Left To Lose'

Mexican skate punk act Last One Standing are streaming their new album 'Nothing Left To Lose'.

Doghouse release video for 'Off With Their Heads'

Serbian melodic punk rock act Doghouse have released a music video for their new song 'Off With Their Heads' that will be included on their upcoming album.

Click here to watch the video
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