Fastest Skate Punk Bands Ever Vol 3: The Definive Measure

The Definitive Measure  started out in 2000 with Dave Contreras and Kris Haugen (drums). They were long time friends and decided to start a band. In 2002 they recorded a demo and in 2003 they recorded another demo (Dave played bass on both demos) with some new songs while also re-recording a few old ones.

In 2004, Dave joined the band Half White (now known as Pour Habit, the recently added Fat Wreck Chords band) which Kris was already in and put The Definitive Measure on hiatus. With disagreements on music, Dave and Kris left the band to put all of their effort in The Definitive Measure.

Soon, they added a bassist as well as a second guitarist and played a few local shows. Those two members left soon after. Dave had a roommate, Matt who was interested in playing so he decided to pick up a bass and join. The two also play together in a 90's rock cover band. TDM recorded a cover of "Something I Don't Know" by 88 Fingers Louie and the song was released on a tribute compilation CD put out by the French record label, Eternalis Records.

On August 27th, 2008 a they very first full lenght titled "The End of the Beginning" was released. It was a mixture of songs from their earlier demos. Soon after, Kris left TDM. In December 2007, Andrew Rotter and Blake Kardashian both from the band Trigger Finger, joined The Definitive Measure.

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