Maniak Mansion, fast and tech skate punk from Canada

Maniak Mansion was a fast and technical skate punk act from Quebec that was active on the early 2000s. There's no much info about this band over the net, just that they played with some other bands of the scene of the years like Bald Vulture, Reset or Illness and that they broke up just before releasing the album 'Musical Madness' that you can download below.

If you like canadian fast skate punk in the vein of Downshift this band is for you. It has that fast melodic canadian skate punk sounds that you like.

01. Unknown Track
02. Politicaly Incorrect
03. Dedicated To You
04. Musical Madness
05. Sad Song
06. End Of Our Days
07. Lifetime Pride
08. True Lies
09. Teen Age Stone
10. Reputation Sucks
11. Inside Me
12. Empty Message
13. Broken Angel + Mario Bros

Download it via Zippyshare right here.