[VIDEO] The Watershed Year

Song: Black Shoes, White Socks

Band: The Watershed Year
Song: Zeerow
2011 Demos
Country: Canada
MySpace: www.myspace.com/thewatershedyear

The Watershed Year is a London, Ontario based melodic hardcore punk band. Anthony Goodman and Marc Baily formed the band with a few friends in early 2009. After finding that they both had a love for music like Belvedere and This Is A Standoff they decided that they would form the now current line up. After came the addition of Mike Boyle on Bass Guitar; a hardcore punk lover born and raised in the close by Dorchester Ontario. Influenced by bands like BigWig and Pennywise, Mike was a welcome addition. After a long search Jeff Toogood from St. Thomas joined the band. Jeff and Marc played in a previous project together and after it disbanded Marc called him in right away. Jeff’s love of NOFX, The Ramones, and Strung Out added the the spice that the band was looking for. To complete the mix was the addition of James Black on vocals, James brings a contagious combination of energy and stage presence that will make sure The Watershed Year gets noticed!"