State Of Mine - Accelerate (2011)

01. Bladderburst
02. Smokers
03. Regrets
04. Backstabbers
05. Eye Candy
06. An Ab Pokes A Lips Near You
07. Mc Know It All
08. Responsibility
09. 666 Club Sojo
10. No Stress
11. Conforming = Death

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Have you ever asked yourself what life would be like if you were an armless skater? Do you consider yourself a weekend warrior? Then State of Mine's fast and melodic skatepunk might be a perfect fit for you. Mostly influenced by the nineties Swedish skatepunk sound, and more established bands as Belvedere, Lagwagon and many more. State of Mine effectuated more than 75 shows on local and not-so-local stages in Belgium and abroad since November 2007.

- Sample song: Smokers -