She Likes Todd - Over the Counter Culture (2015)


01. I'm Breaking the Shit Out of Myself
02. Life Local 2 Me
03. Where We Are
04. Poor Kids On Mushroom Tea
05. We Party Hearty, You Hardly Party
06. Explode
07. Tour Town
08. NOtFX

Download: Bandcamp
File Size: Variable
Release date: 18 December 2015
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Self released
Country: USA

She Likes Todd started out as a young group of naive kids playing music in a basement circa 1999. Years went by as SLT honed their skills and developed a style of music they could call their own. Drawing inspiration from groups such as NOFX, Slapstick, Lagwagon, and Propagandhi, SLT evolved from a pop punk trio into a fast-paced, melodic punk group that could not be ignored. The band has redefined their sound, drawing influences from several genres of music, and developing more complex and melodic songs with interesting vocals, The songs are well thought out, lyrically and musically, and the composition of songs has never been so involved.

- Sample song: unavailable -

Face To Face stream new song 'Double Crossed'

'Double Crossed' is a new song from California punk veterans Face To Face's upcoming album 'Protection' out March 4, 2016 on Fat Wreck Chords.

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Thousand Oaks stream new album 'Monsters Begetting Monsters'

Italian skate punk at Thousand Oaks (featuring members of Jet Market) are streaming their debut album 'Monsters Begetting Monsters' that was released via NoReason Records (Italy), Going Blind Records (Peru), Disconnect Disconnect Records, White Russian Records (Benelux) and No Panic! Records (Germany).

Piffbreak Arcade stream new song 'Road Range'

Piffbreak Arcade is a punk rock band from Toronto, Canada, that are streaming the first single titled 'Road Range' from their upcoming EP that will be out on Spring 2016. The band latest release is 'Two More Beers Please' which was published in 2015.

Abandin All Hope stream new album 'Final Act Of Selflessness'

'Final Act Of Selflessness', the Abandin All Hope's fifth full length release and quite easily their best and most defining album to date. The Albertan Quartet stayed true to their roots and paid homage to many of their influences amid perfecting and dialling in their own signature sound.

The band latest release was  'Observe This Sheer Havoc' out on 2013.

The Broken Anchors stream new EP "Better Off"

The Broken Anchors creates simple punkrock with a catchy and raw edge. The four members, who were already in other punk rock bands, like New Pokerface, have presented their first achievement in 2016; Better Off. Five songs, released on the label Outlaws In Charge.
Music of The Broken Anchors is comparable with bands like Off With Their Heads, Bouncing Souls and Street Dogs.

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Motim Records release Brazilian bands compilation "Motim Records Volume 2"

The independent record label from Valinhos (Brazil), Motim Records, have released a compilation with bands like Fast Failling, Diploma, etc, all of them from the country

NOFX - Punk In Drublic street art

Emmer Effer stream new EP 'The People Are The Answer'

Californian fast punk rockers Emmer Effer are streaming their brand new 7" 'The People Are The Answer'. The 7" was released via Felony Records on January 22nd.

Acid Snot release video for new song 'Melancholy Nights'

Spanish skate punk band Acid Snot have released a music video for their new song 'Melancholy Nights' that will be included in their upcoming record ‪'‎ATTITUDES‬' that will be out this 2016.  The band latest EP is 2014's 'Hometown'.

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Skatepunkers.TV Exclusive: Satanic Surfers performing 'Better Of Today', 'Head Under Water' and '..And The Cheese Fell Down'

Skatepunkers.TV offers you in exclusive premiere and in partnership with Groezrock a live performance of Satanic Surfers playing the song 'Better Of Today' and 'Head Under Water' at Groezrock 2015 on their reunion tour, and ."..And The Cheese Fell Down" at Amnesia Rockfest 2015

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Adrenalized release 'Tales From The 8-Bit Generation' in... floppy disk!

Spanish skate punk act Adrenalized have released in floppy disk format the 8-Bit version of the album 'Tales From The Last Generation' which was originally released in 2013. You can purchase the floppy disk right here.

Bigwig post live video for 'Waste'

US punk rockers Bigwig have released a live music video for the song 'Waste' at Amnesia Rockfest. The video has been recorded and edited by Raw Cut Media with the help of The song is included in the album 'Invitation To Tragedy' released in 2001.

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69 Segundos release video for 'Al Horizonte'

Ecuadorian skate punk band 69 Segundos have released a music video for the song 'Al Horizonte' included in the album 'La Ira De Unos, La Burla De Otros' released in 2008.

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Mostrem As Armas Vol​.​1: DIY skate punk bands compilation

Mostrem As Armas Vol 1 is a brazilian-made 100% DIY skate punk band compilation with the goal of promoting unknown bands.

Malarrabia release video for 'Hasta Cuando'

Peruvian skate punk act Malarrabia has released a music video for the song 'Hasta Cuando'.

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Palliate (one-man band) stream new EP 'Cratered'

Palliate is a one-man band from Florida, that is streaming a new EP titled 'Cratered'.

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Main Line 10 stream new EP 'Sharks'

Spanish skate punk act Main Line 10 are straming their new EP 'Sharks' on it's entiretly. The band will be touring Japan this January in order to support this new release.

Limber stream new EP 'Hang On!'

Spanish punk rock act Limber are streaming their brand new EP 'Hang On!' Have a listen below!

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You Nervous? release new song 'Just Say Karaoke'

Belgian punk rockers You Nervous? have released a new song titled 'Just Say Karaoke' that will be included on their upcoming album "Furry Tales" out on January 23rd.

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