Waterweed post live video for new song

Waterweed is a 4 piece screaming melodic hardcore band from Osaka Japan, formed in 2003. They released their first and (by far) their best EP album, 'Killing The Earth Means Our Suicide' in 2007. 

The band now have premiered a live video for two new songs 'Only For Us' and 'Monologue' that will be included on their upcoming EP 'Ashes' out on March 2015.

Click here to watch the video

Gros Dommage stream new song 'Terre Promise (Reprise de Éric Lapointe)'

Quebec based punk rock band Gros Dommage are streaming a new song titled 'Terre Promise (Reprise de Éric Lapointe)'.

Click here to listen to the song

No Contest stream new EP 'Survival Of The Fastest'

Born and raised on a diet of Epitaph, Revelation and Fat Wreck No Contest continue to keep these influences alive and fusing in a harder aggressive edge at times makes for an interesting mix. The band is streaming their brand new 6-songs EP 'Survival Of The Fastest' below.

Click here to listen to the EP

Rodrigo leaves Atlas Losing Grip

Swedish punk rockers Atlas Losing Grip have released the following statement on their Facebook page about the new singer of the band and their upcoming 'Currents Would Tour'.

We are very happy to announce the first tour dates of our "Currents World Tour". The first leg is a 10 day tour through northern mainland Europe and the second one in February takes us further south, as we work our way through Europe to end up south of the alps before we head back home. Don't worry, we have lots of other areas to cover before this year is over! Coast to coast and land to land.

Except for the tour, we have another announcement to make.
Rodrigo is no longer a part of ALG since a couple of weeks back.
We decided to part ways after long discussions back and forth about touring schedules, commitment and the fact that we see the band differently and live different lives, which determines how much one can be on tour or not. We will not make a big fuss out of this.

It has been a great couple of years with Rodrigo in the band, the best years for the band so far, and we thank him for his contributions, dedication and talent. But there is no stopping us, so we look to the horizon for future adventures, and don't be afraid, the magic and unstoppable machinery that the band is won't continue - not only like before, but in a higher gear with the release of "Currents".

Now we are proud to announce that ATLAS LOSING GRIP have found a new singer with a great voice and true passion for what we do. He will fit perfectly for our music. His name is Niklas Olsson and you can hear his voice on this short video clip for "Sinking Ship"

Upstream Color stream new song 'Bandit'

Upstream Colour is a Manchester based tech/post-punk four piece with ex-members of Pendleton, Durai and Cowards. The band has released their debut song 'Bandit'. Have a listen below.

Click here to listen to the song

Happy Birthday 'The Decline'

NOFX most epic song 'The Decline' was released today 15 years ago. Happy birthday to the best punk rock masterpiece.

Click here to listen to the song

Statues On Fire stream new song 'Nothing's Really True'

Brazilian punk rock band Statues On Fire formed by members of Nitrominds, Threat, Musica Diablo and Kacttus, have released a new song titled 'Nothing's Really True'.

Click here to listen to the song

Belvedere replaces drummer

According to the new Belvedere website, the well-known and super skilled drummer of the band Graham Churchill has been replaced by Casey Lewis, drummer of the canadian band The Evidence.

Coerência - Referencial (2014)


01. Distopia
02. Calma, O Amanhã!
03. Óbvio
04. Algo Que Você Nega
05. Tyler
06. For You
07. Reinvenção
08. Viver E Navegar
09. Condolências
10. Enquanto Se Cai

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 75 MB
Release date: 3 November  2014
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self released
Country: Brazil
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coerencia
Bandcamp: https://coerencia.bandcamp.com/album/referencial

'Referencial' is the first full length of the brazilian melodic hardcore band Coerência.

- Sample song: Calma, O Amanhã! -

69 Enfermos stream new song 'Lo Que Dejamos Atrás'

69 Enfermos is a colombian punk rock band formed in 1995 that have released a new song titled 'Lo Que Dejamos Atrás' that will be included on their upcoming album 'La Perspectiva Es Relativa' out on December 29 via Sixtynine Récords & 20chords.

Click here to listen to the song

Omaha - Touch 'Em All, Joe (2014)


01. Call It a Crime
02. A League of Their Own
03. Horseshoes, Hand Grenades
04. What I Owe
05. Indoor Smoking Pool
06. Sharpshoot My Hart (That Night in Montreal)

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 96 MB
Release date: 31 October 2014
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self released
Country: Canada
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/OMAHA/267730099933432
Bandcamp: http://omahapunk.bandcamp.com

Omaha is a melodic skate punk act from Ontario, Canada. Their sound has been described as akin to Belvedere, Choke, and Fat Wreck Chords bands.

- Sample song: What I Owe -

Note to Amy release video for 'Here They Come Now'

Dutch punk rock act Note To Amy have premierd a music video for the song 'Here They Come Now' that will be included on the band's forthcoming album 'Life Is Not Enough' out November 21st 2014 on White Russian Records.

Click here to watch the video

Hoist The Colours stream new split with ASBO Peepshow 'Having A Full English'

Dutch skatepunk band Hoist The Colours team up with the UK punk rockers of ASBO Peepshow to release a split CD titled 'Having A Full English' full of stupid jokes and 90’s punk rock.

Click here to listen to the split

Sidewalk Surfers release video for 'Batman'

German fast melodic skatepunkers Sidewalk Surfers have released a music vieo for the song 'Batman'. This new song will be included on the band's upcoming album that will be out on February 2015.

Click here to watch the video

Enze stream new EP 'Incendis'

Enze is a screaming melodic hardcore band from Torelló, Spain, that mixes skate punk with a real screamo voice. 'Incendis' is their debut 4-songs EP.

Blowfuse stream new EP 'Couch'

Spanish punk rockers Blowfuse are streaming their brand new 7-songs EP 'Couch' released yesterday via Morning Wood Records (NLD), Infected Records (PRT), La Agonia De Vivir (ESP) and A.S.S Records (USA).

Click here to listen to the EP

Anchord stream Self-Titled album

Spanish melodic punk band Anchord are streaming their new Self-Titled album. Have a listen below!

Click here to listen to the album

Phantom stream new song 'Boden'

Phantom is a new german melodic hardcore band that have posted a new song titled 'Boden' from their upcoming EP 'Tauchen'. Have a listen below!

Click here to listen to the song

Venerea stream new split with Smash The Statues

Swedish punk rock classics Venerea are streaming their new digital 4 songs split with the dutch punk rock act Smash The Statues.

Click here to listen to the split

Local Resident Failure post video for new song 'Around The World'

Aussie punk rock act Local Resident Failure have released a new video for a new song titled 'Around The World' that will be included on their forthcoming album 'This Here's the Hard Part' out early 2015 thru Pee Records.

Click here to watch the video
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