Friday, January 31, 2014

The Friday Prophets post video for 'Amsterdam'

Swedish punk rock band The Friday Prophets have premiered a music video for the song 'Amsterdan', taken from the band's latest album 'Bits & Pieces'.

Click here to watch the video

Sous le ciel de Paris

Fragmented memories of a skateboarding day in Paris. The approach was to work on the symbiosis between live-action, design and wicked sound design.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Drones announce 2014 european tour

UK punkers Drones have announced the dates for their upcoming european tour of this March. The band will be promoting their latest release 'Free Market Kid' released last September via Lockjaw Records.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

04 Limited Sazabys - Sonor (2013)


01. Now Here, No Where
02. Remember
03. Do It Do It
04. Lost My Way
05. Imaginary
06. Monster
07. Compact Karma
08. Sleepwalking

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 51 MB
Release date: 15 May 2013
Genre: Melodic punk pop
Quality: 320 kbps 
Label: No Big Deal Records

04 Limited Sazabys is a female fronted japanese melodic punk band formed in 2008 in Nagoya.

- Sample song: Remember -

Adrenalized to release guitar & bass tab book for 'Tales From The Last Generation'

Spanish skatepunk band Adrenalized have announced via Facebook that the band will be releasing a guitar and bass tab book for their latest album 'Tales From The Last Generation'. Everything has been transcribed by Josu Alecha and Ander Xabier and it will contain every 13 songs, including 'A Pleasure To Burn' from the CD edition. It will be available in PDF and Guitar Pro formats.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

NOFX & Rise Against Drum Chronology

Watch below a video of Kye Smith from Local Resident Failure drum covering every NOFX and Rise Against songs in less than 5 minutes!

Click here to watch the videos

Monday, January 27, 2014

Forus post trailer for upcoming album

French tech skatepunkers Forus have released a trailer which contain some extracts from their upcoming album 'Lights' that will be out on March 11 via the French punk rock label Effervescence Records.

Click here to watch the trailer

The new album will contain the following 10 songs:
01. War's Not Over, I've Just Found The Flag
02. Air
03. Radio Lives!
04. Movement
05. If All Else Fails (breathe in)
06. If All Else Fails (breathe out)
07. Beardy Crook
08. Space, Time & Monkeys
09. Crisis Management Of The Special Kind
10. No Mercy

Symphony Of Distraction interview

Californian skatepunk band Symphony of Distraction were interviewed by our friends of Good Days And Cliches. You can read the entire interview right here.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Shank post video for 'Love And Hate'

Japanese melodic punk band Shank have posted a video for the song 'Love And Hate' from the album 'Baitfish Attitude' released last year.

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The Flatliners perform Tony Sly's 'Fireball'

The Flatliners stopped by the Fat warehouse last year and played a few songs. Including their amazing cover (recorded from a phone) of Tony Sly's Fireball from The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute.

Click here to watch the video

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pulley plays 'Second Best' at Snowboard Jamboree 2014

Watch below a video of Pulley live at Snowboard Jamboree in Quebec City performing 'Second Best'.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Neke Politikoa post video for 'Urbizu'

Basque melodic hardcore band Neke Politikoa have released a video for the song 'Urbizu'. If you like it, you can listen their Self-Titled demo right here.

Click here to watch the video

Strung Out post teaser for upcoming album 'Transmission Alpha Delta'

Fat Wreck Chords has posted a teaser video for the upcoming Strung Out album, 'Transmission Alpha Delta', out in June 2014.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shank - Baitfish Attitude (2013)

01. Stop The crap
02. Movie
03. Song For My Rights
04. Love And Hate
05. Departuer
06. Brandnew Song
07. 620
08. Come Together
09. It's Not A Game
10. Judy
11. Baitfish Attitude
12. Tonight The Streets Are Ours
13. Set The fire
14. From Tiny Square Room

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 64 MB
Release date: 18 December 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 256 VBR
Label: The Ninth Apollo Records

Shank is a melodic punk band from Japan.

- Sample song: Song For My Rights -

On A Hiding To Nothing stream demo songs

On A Hiding To Nothing are a melodic punk band from London that are streaming three demo songs, 'Braindead', 'Swagger' and 'Stuck Record' that you can listen below.

Click here to listen to the songs

Todo O Nada stream debut EP 'Renacer'

Todo O Nada is a punk rock band from Chile that have released their new EP 'Renacer' this week. Have a listen below!

Click here to listen to the song

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Richie Jackson 2013 Skateboarding

Skateboarder Richie Jackson finds potential in the most unexpected places. Filmed during the year 2013 in Venice, California.

Click here to watch the video

10 To Go post video for 'Something Aint Right'

Greece punk rock band 10 To Go have posted a video for the song "Something Ain't Right' that will be included in their upcoming album.

Click here to watch the video

Monday, January 20, 2014

Torches To Triggers post video for 'The Perfect Hero'

Canadian punk rockers Torches To Triggers have released a new music video for the song 'The Perfect Hero', which is the first single of their forthcoming album 'Modern Day Monsters' that will be out on May 2014.

Click here to watch the video

Not Available - No Excuses (2014)

01. Raise Your Voice
02. I Don't Believe You
03. We won't Let You down
04. Mean Machine
05. Drinking Is Good
06. Kick Ass
07. Lost In Time
08. Song For You
09. My Name Is Joe
10. Out Of Control
11. Leave Me Alone
12. Yesterday Love
13. Away From You
14. Pc - Not For Me
15. Hello Boys And Girls

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 41 MB
Release date: 17 January 2014
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Antstreet Records

Not Available is a melodic punk rock band from Eislingen, Germany, formed in 1992. The band consists of Dragan (vocals), Diddy (guitars), Arndt (guitars), Stefan (bass), and Chris (drums). 'No Excuses' is their new album.

- Sample song: I Don't Believe You -

Lagwagon live in Philadelphia (09.07.1997)

Watch below a rare video of Lagwagon playing at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.
Songs: Alien 8, Bro Dependent, Sleep, Island Of Shame, Give It Back, Angry Days and Sic.

Click here to watch the video

Sunday, January 19, 2014

VA - Skatepunkers - Best Of 2013

01. Noisefight - Defy - Croatia
02. A Hero Build - Reason - Belgium
03. Escape Velocity - July 31- USA
04. The Flatliners - Sew My Mouth Shut - USA
05. Crossfire Collision - Heyo - South Africa
06. Dustbox - 1+1 = 8 - Japan
07. Ken Sent Me - The Truth About Me - Germany
08. Straightaway - My Own Demise - France
09. Half Hearted Hero - River - USA
10. Laughing In The Face Of - Wronga - UK
11. Dead Market - In loving memory of something unnecessary - Italy
12. Noopinion - Burn All The Flags - Germany
13. Face The Fax - Waste Of Space - Belgium
14. So Many Ways - SMTWTFS - USA
15. Void Zero Mess - Measure for Measure - Russia
16. A Wilhelm Scream - Ice Man Left Trail - USA
17. The Human Project - No Brainer - UK
18. After The Fall - Double Negative - USA
19. Dutch Nuggets - Static Sick - Canada
20. Heroes Die Too - Wishlist - Italy
21. Implants - Life Passes - USA
22. Off To Nowhere - True Will - Chile
23. Sarabix - Dispuesto - Spain
24. One Hidden Frame - I'm an Arrow - Finnland
25. Mad Choice - Long Gone - Israel
26. Heartsounds - Constant Crossroads - USA
27. The Holybuttons - Shaker's Gang - Spain
28. CPA - Certainly Seems - USA
29. Rebuke - Scene To Be Believed - Sweden
30. Asado - Stronger Than The Rest - Canada
31. Adrenalized - Last Man Standing - Spain

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 200 MB
Release date: 19 January 2014
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Self Released
Country: Worlwide
Best Of 2013 compilation made by the users of the Skatepunkers forum. Must download.

- Sample song: Adrenalized - Last Man Standing -

Good4Nothing post video for 'Getting Nowhere'

Japanese melodic punk band Good4Nothing have premiered a music video for their song 'Getting Nowhere'. The song appears on the band’s new album 'Four Voices' which was released this week.

Click here to watch the video

Muttley stream debut EP 'Fuck Values, Lets Get Wasted'

Muttley are a punk rock band from Manchester, England, consisting of three members, Simon (vocals/guitar) Dan (bass), and Neil (drums). The band was formed in the summer of 2011 when Dan and Simon returned home from uni with songs to play and no band to play them in, several drummers came and went before neil completed the lineup in december 2012. 'Fuck Values, Lets Get Wasted' is their debut EP.

Click here to listen to the EP

Mike Dimkich replaces Greg Hetson in Bad Religion

In April 2013, Hetson stopped touring with Bad Religion, supposedly due to divorce, and after briefly playing as a four-piece band, Bad Religion recruited Mike Dimkich of The Cult to fill in for Hetson. At that time, bassist Jay Bentley released the following statement: "Greg Hetson is dealing with some personal issues, if he wishes to make a statement we will support that, if he chooses not to we will support that. Mike Dimkich is indeed helping us out right now, and we are genuinely appreciative. Right now we are just looking forward and getting ready to play our shows.

Some days ago, Jay Bentley has confirmed on The Bad Religion Page that Dimkich is an official member of Bad Religion ("Dimkich is a permanent member of the band"), meaning that Hetson is no longer a member of the band.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Skatepunkers Trucker Caps in Stock

After the huge success of the Skatepunkers trucker caps, the caps are now again back in stock!


ROW stream new EP 'Rise Of World'

Mexican punk rock band ROW are streaming their debut 5 songs EP 'Rise Of World'. Have a listen below!

Click here to listen to the EP

Friday, January 17, 2014

Jason Cruz reveals title of forthcoming Strung Out album

Strung Out's frontman Jason Cruz have revealed in a recent interview with Punknews that the new album of the band will be titled 'Transmission Alpha Delta'.

What’s new album going to be called?
It’ll be called Transmission Alpha Delta.

Where did the idea for that come from?
I found a piece of artwork, an image, from a really great artist and it just really described our music to me. So I hunted down the artist and got the permission to use it. It kind of inspired the whole sound of new record -- it has an Orwellian, kind of geometric vibe to it. It’s very… I kind of believe that ideas aren’t yours and come from somewhere else. If you’re a creative person and you relax your mind and you let ideas come to you, you can’t really take credit because they come from somewhere else. Have you ever had an idea and thought, “Where the fuck did that come from?”

Click here to read the entire interview.

Blackjaw stream new EP 'The Anchor Sleeps'

Brazilian melodic hardcore punkers Blackjaw have released a new EP titled 'The Anchors Sleeps' that you can listen in its entirety below.

Click here to listen to the EP

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tripwire - Homemade EP (2014)


01. Wake Up
02. Insane Reality
03. Not the Same
04. Future

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 32 MB
Release date: 15 January 2014
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self Released

Tripwire is a fast skatepunk band from Porto Alegre, Brazil. This is their debut EP.

- Sample song: Not The Same -

Joey Cape talks about the upcoming Lagwagon record, band's evolution, etc.

The guys from Big Bombo Punk have interviewed Lagwagon's figurehead and singer, Joey Cape. Joey talks about Lagwagon's upcoming album, the history and evolution of the band, his relationship with Fat Mike, etc. You can listen to the interview below, but if you are spanish you can read a transcription of the interview right here.

Click here to listen to the interview

Fold The Nuts stream demo song 'Fortune Teller'

Fold The Nuts is a melodic punk rock band from Greece that have posted their very first demo song titled 'Fortune Teller' from their upcoming EP.

Click here to listen to the song

Totalfat - The Best Fat Collection (2013)

01. Da Na Na feat. Takuma(10-Feet)
02. Good Fight And Promise You
03. Party Party
04. Show Me Your Courage
05. Summer Frequence
06. Place to Try
07. World of Glory with Joe Inoue
08. Dear My Empire
09. Generations Ever Last
10. The Naked Journey
11. Room45
12. Starting New Life
13. X-stream
14. Life Like Movies
15. Nothing But
16. Good Bye, Good Luck
17. Overdrive
18. Highway The Legacy
19. Stable Heart
20. Teenage dream

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 163 MB
Release date: 11 December 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Ki/oon Record

'The Best Fat Collection' is a 2013 greatest hits album by the japanese punk rock band Totalfat.

- Sample song: Good Fight and Promise You -

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tripwire release teaser for upcoming EP 'Homemade'

Brazilian skatepunk band Tripwire have released a teaser for the EP 'Homemade' that will be out today.

Click here to listen to the teaser

Oxford Records stream 'The Ivy League' compilation

Chicago skate punk label Oxford Records is streaming their last compilation 'The Ivy League', which features worldwide punk rock bands like Adrenalized, Down Goes Goodman, Sic Waiting, HOOF, Get Up & Go, etc.

Click here to listen to the compilation

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Swellers - May 16th (Lagwagon cover)

Watch below a video of The Swellers performing 'May 16th' by Lagwagon at the The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia during our tour with Fireworks, Man Overboard, and Transit. Footage by Ryan Ott / KO Films

Click here to watch the video

Strung Out detail and announce release date for new box set

Strung Out's last album, 2009’s Agents of the Underground, was their 7th full length and celebrated the band’s 20th anniversary. A true testament to their relevance and longevity is their ability to organically evolve through the years. Strung Out began their career as a strictly melodic punk band known for their tight musicianship and catchy melodies but evolved into a more aggressive, metal-infused veteran punk band.

This box set, Volume One, showcases the first three albums: Another Day in Paradise, Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, and Twisted By Design, all fully remixed by Ryan Greene, helping to display the true power of these songs along with nuances previously unheard.

The real gem in this set, in the works for a decade, is the first-ever Strung Out DVD! You get a full 2012 concert where they performed the Suburban and Twisted albums in their entirety, all professionally filmed and recorded, and that’s just the start. There’s a ton of footage from the ‘90s: shows, tour antics, interviews, behind the scenes stuff; a veritable treasure trove of classic Strung Out. For you vinyl hounds, the LP box set includes The Skinny Years… Before We Got Fat, remastered and on vinyl for the first time ever! (It’s also included in the CD box set, as bonus tracks on the Paradise disc).

Everything will be out the 1st of April via Fat Wreck Chords.

The Friday Prophets - Pieces EP (2013)


01. Wasted Days
02. Daffy's Futility Routine
03. No Plain Sailing
04. Too Late

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 9 MB
Release date: 18 November 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 128 kbps
Label: Self Released

Third EP by The Friday Prophets from Umeå (primarily known for Refused, Abhinanda and other straight edge bands). Nice old-school skate/melodic punk with a little ska-influences.

- Sample song: Wasted Days -

Effervescence Records announce release date for new Forus album 'Lights'

French punk rock label Effervescence Records have announced the release date for the new Forus album, 'Lights'. The album will be out on March 11 and it will be the first 2014 release of the label.

Monday, January 13, 2014

NOFX - Then And Now

Tear Them Down stream new song "I'm Dead"

Swedish punk rock act Tear Them Down have posted a new song titled "I'm Dead" from their upcoming album 'Their Fault, Our Problem' which will be released on January 31st. You can preoder the album right here.

Click here to listen to the song

The band also released a video for the song 'Bomb City' off this new album.

No Use For A Name @ The Bizarre Festival 1998 w/ Chris Chiflett (Foo Fighters)

This is the legendary Tony Sly, with No Use For A Name performing at the Bizarre Festival 1998 back when Chris Shiflett (now of the Foo Fighters) was performing in the band.

0:00 Until It's Gone
3:35 The Answer Is Still No
6:00 Invincible
8:30 Leave It Behind
11:22 On The Outside
14:07 Fatal Flu
16:25 Bio-Mag
18:02 Justified Black Eye
20:55 Coming Too Close
24:18 Straight From The Jacket
26:32 Soulmate
29:55 Redemption Song
33:02 Exit
36:23 Feeding The Fire

Click here to watch the video

Actionmen post video for 'Querela'

ActionMen have released a new funny video for the song 'Querela', taken from the band's latest album 'Ramadama', released on December 6, 2013 courtesy of Autunno Dischi and Inconsapevole Records.

Click here to watch the video

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cold Ground stream new song 'The Sixth Estate'

Australian melodic punk rock band Cold Ground have released a new song titled 'The Sixth Estate'. This is what the band wrote about this new song:

"The Fourth Estate" (or fourth estate) is a societal or political force or institution whose influence is not consistently or officially recognized. "Fourth Estate" most commonly refers to the news media; especially print journalism or "the press".

"The Fifth Estate" is an informal name given to the new age of bloggers and independent news sources who have become an equally powerful force in the stream of information that helps shape people's mind.

We named this track "The Sixth Estate" as it is about people using their own minds to make decision and not merely being shaped by the barrage of information that they are fed on a daily basis.

Click here to watch the video
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