Jason Cruz reveals title of forthcoming Strung Out album

Strung Out's frontman Jason Cruz have revealed in a recent interview with Punknews that the new album of the band will be titled 'Transmission Alpha Delta'.

What’s new album going to be called?
It’ll be called Transmission Alpha Delta.

Where did the idea for that come from?
I found a piece of artwork, an image, from a really great artist and it just really described our music to me. So I hunted down the artist and got the permission to use it. It kind of inspired the whole sound of new record -- it has an Orwellian, kind of geometric vibe to it. It’s very… I kind of believe that ideas aren’t yours and come from somewhere else. If you’re a creative person and you relax your mind and you let ideas come to you, you can’t really take credit because they come from somewhere else. Have you ever had an idea and thought, “Where the fuck did that come from?”

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