"Fate Fell Short", a blink-182 cover album

"Fate Fell Short" is a blink-182 cover album.

The compilation was put together after hearing about Mark Hoppus' cancer diagnosis. Mark Hoppus and blink-182 have been an inspiration to many around the world. We feel this compilation would be a great way to honor Mark and blink-182's legacy and to donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. We're so stoked that Mark is cancer free and we hope by donating to the Prevent Cancer Foundation we can make an impact on other people's lives. - Jacob "Skaxdad" Guerrero

Special Thanks to:
Mike Alvarez for helping organize and Master/ Volume Match tracks
Chris Reeves & Ska Punk International for getting me in touch with the Prevent Cancer Foundation
Amanda Wallach & the Prevent Cancer Foundation
Anthony Cruz for connecting me with some of the bands
Andy Pohl & Sell the Heart Records
All of the amazing bands that contributed to the compilation
Evil Dave (@evildave1969) for the Artwork!