Namesake stream new album "Demos & Legacy Recordings"

San Diego, California based skate punk act Namesake are streaming their new album "Demos & Legacy Recordings".

The band states:
These songs were recorded in the late '90's / early 2000's, back when we were just kids living out a crazy dream. We were always independent - no label, no major support...just us playing shows, making friends in our scene and figuring it out on our own. We never recorded a formal album because we were so focused on getting our live set tight, and finding the next show. Every now and then, we were approached by people that wanted to help us get our music out - many of them finding their own way in music as well. These are the songs recorded by those people - the ones that were generous enough to give us free (or cheap) time in their home studios, garages, and living rooms. While not the most sonically refined expertly produced, they represent a special time. We hope you enjoy them for what they are.