Green Day release Insomniac Live in Europe ’95-’96 documentary

US punk pop act Green Day have released a 20min documentary with never before seen footage from their Insomniac Europe 95 tour. The band will also be releasing a double LP pressed on translucent orange vinyl which includes the cover art printed on prismatic silver foil. LP 1 is a remastered version of the album. LP 2 includes live tracks from the legendary 1996 Prague show on the A Side along with an etching on the B Side. You can preorder it right here.

It’s the Insomniac 25th Anniversary!! So we wanted to do something special, so here is the biggest glimpse ever into the Insomniac era tours from 1995-96. Never before seen footage from Europe 95 tour and Live concert in Prague shot on 16mm film in Europe 1996 with the fateful last shows on tour before returning home to go back into the studio for Nimrod album sessions. Enjoy! Time to celebrate Insomniac 25th and bust out the champagne and caviar 😂