Adhesive announce new live album "Resolving Neighbour Disputes"

Swedish punk rockers Adhesive will be releasing a new live album titled "Resolving Neighbour Disputes" on December 1st via People of Punk Rock Records. Check the tracklist below.

01. Character-Builder
02. Prefab Life
03. Nothing Is Won
04. Bubble Burst
05 It's Not About Me
06. All In The Name Of Progress
07. Let It Come Down
08. Scottie
09. On A Pedestal
10. Never Been
11. Your World Of Noones
12. Happy End Guarantee
13. A Job For Real Men
14. Vacuum
15. Dividing Lines
16. Odd
17. A Thousand Times
18. Punk Is A Bunch Of Kids With Funny Haircuts
19. Scent Of Life