Joey Cobra stream new EP "Fever Dream"

Joey Cobra, from the US punk rock band WAKE, is streaming its new EP "Fever Dream".

I recorded this ep during the CoVid19 pandemic of 2020. Out of work, and not going anywhere for awhile, I decided to sit down and record a series of songs that felt very relevant for the times we are living in. Inevitable, Beating the System, and Conclusions were from the Cobra Brothers album "Aerophobic", which is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in May. Those songs were written around the time of the economic collapse of 2008. I feel as though there are a lot of parallels between then and now, and I've been sharing the same sentiment these days. Won't be Long, Repetition, and The Cost were written for my old band WAKE and were never recorded. Anthropocene is a new song that my buddy Aaron Hall wrote the intro riff to for our new currently unnamed band.

All of these songs fit a certain theme that focus on the frustration, anger, helplessness, depression, and disparity that surrounds our lives on a daily basis in the year 2020. Are things getting better as a society and as a species? I don’t know. These are just a few songs that might be good for social distancing to.

The ep is free. If you'd like to contribute something to help out someone who was economically displaced by this whole situation, it's not necessary, but greatly appreciated. That's not why I recorded these songs, but I'm grateful either way.

And please, feel free to share this ep with any of your punk rock loving friends.

If you're checking out these songs, it means more to me than you'll ever know.