CPRW Records stream new compilation "Music Venue Trust"

Bedford, UK based label CPRW Records are streaming their new compilation "Music Venue Trust".

Since March, when the UK went into lockdown due to COVID-19, many grassroots music venues around the country have been in trouble. Most struggle to get by at the best of times, so without any gigs or events happening things aren't looking good. Thankfully we have Music Venue Trust. MVT are an organisation that helps to protect, develop and improve music venues. To help all of the 500+ venues that are really struggling in the UK, MVT is going to need a lot of money. We wanted to help in our own little way so have put together this compilation to raise money for MVT.

This week Music Venue Trust announced the #SAVEOURVENUES initiative. They are trying to raise £100,000 to help venues. While the crowdfunding page is up and running, this will be where all of the money raised from this comp will be donated to. When it's finished, all future money raised will be donated to MVT's normal page.



I've decided to price this comp at just £7 but please consider donating more if you can afford it. For £7 you're getting 155 brilliant punk rock songs. That's plenty to keep you entertained for a good while during the lockdown and hopefully you'll find some new favourites. Bands are also struggling at the moment with no gigs to play, so if you discover a band you like please go and support them as well. A massive thanks to all the acts who have so generously let us use their music to create this compilation.

As always, sharing and word of mouth is very important for a small label like ours. We really appreciate all shares throughout social media or just telling your pals about it.

Thanks to Emma Prew for the artwork.

Thanks again. Stay Safe.