Twenty2 release new version for "Isolation"

Montreal, Québec melodic punk rock act Twenty2 have re-released their 2004 song "Isolation".

ISOLATION (C-19 edition) is out now on BandCamp! Please download & share, it's for a good cause (see below)!…/isolation-c-19-edition

We originally wrote this song in 2004, it's from the "Unstable" EP.

When COVID-19 started happening in North America & seeing how a lot of people seemed to be taking it lightly at first, we wanted to do a little something to spread awareness. This song was potentially perfect for that.

We re-wrote the lyrics while trying to stay as true to the original as possible. We sent each other a few ideas for how the acoustic version should go & we booked a day in the studio to record it. We went in one by one. We have never played this song together yet.

Any profit from this song will go straight to Food Banks Canada. We truly hope you will support this, share it, & especially enjoy it. Thank you all so very much.

*It comes out April 3 on all streaming platforms on New School Records, it is also up on our YouTube channel: