Protagonist stream new album "Fallout From The Chronicle"

Florida punk rock band Protagonist are streaming their new album "Fallout From The Chronicle"

You can also listen to it on Spotify.
We proudly present, “Fallout from The Chronicle.” These 9 songs exist in the fever dream that is The Chronicle period of Protagonist. Included are the 3 singles we released in 2019: The Killing Fields, Generation Lost, and Reasoning with Time. Recorded in 2007, they did not make sense on The Chronicle LP, but they make sense in our story. Along with these 3 songs, we bring you covers by Philadelphia hardcore punks Violent Society and The Boils. Before we were a band from Florida, we were in part, kids from Pennsylvania. These 2 bands were the 1st bands that gave us the thought: “We could do this too…” We owe them a lot. This is our love song to those bands and what they mean to Protagonist. As a bonus, there are 2 acoustic versions of songs from the LP: Charge and Iamtheghost.
released April 10, 2019

Produced by Protagonist
Tracks 1-7 recorded at Dae Dor Studios and engineered by Tony Livadas
Tracks 8-9 recorded, engineered, and mixed by Spencer Mattlin at Dino Rock Studios
Vocals for Tracks 4-7 recorded at Dino Rock Studios by Spencer Mattlin
Tracks 1-7 mixed by Jamie Woolford at Room Sound
All tracks mastered by Dan Coutant

Track 4 originally written and recorded by Violent Society
Tracks 5-7 originally written and recorded by The Boils