Tsunami Bomb stream new version of "Irish Boys Stink"

US punk rockers Tsunami Bomb are streaming a re-recorded version of "Irish Boys Stink".

The band states:
So to say things have taken a difficult turn would be an understatement. It's a scary time with all the measures being taken to slow the spread of Coronavirus. Many of our friends in the music industry, both those in bands you love and those behind the scenes who make it all happen are struggling right now. As much as we love our band, in this phase of its existence, it is NOT our main source of income. We are in a decent place. This was a planned downtime for us anyway.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we are dropping a brand new recording of our classic song, “Irish Boys Stink” exclusively on our bandcamp page. For only a $1 you can download the song and 100% of the proceeds will go to help support some of our friends in the music scene who depending on shows full time and are struggling in the wake of the safety measures being taken now. Friends like the band Crimson Riot out of Las Vegas, NV. who had all their upcoming shows cancelled and face some tough times ahead. You can pay only a dollar but feel free to donate more. All of it will go to people who need it.

Hope you guys enjoy the track as much as we did re-recording it. The original was recorded in a 4 track at Dominic's house, so you can understand why we wanted to re-record it!

Original song: