Slick Shoes stream new live song "Feeble"

US skate punk classics Slick Shoes are streaming their live version of their song "Feeble", taken from the album "Broadcasting Live" that will be out on November 22nd via Tooth & Nail Records. You can preorder it here.

Tracklist of the album:
01. A Great Idea
02. Feeble
03. Cliche
04. Hold It Down
05. Fall
06. My Ignorance / Away With You
07. Silence
08. Angel
09. Peace Of Mind
10. Joe’s Sick
11. For Better, For Worse
12. East On Tracks
13. The Last Round
14. Now’s The Time
15. Parting Ways
16. Walk Out
17. Alone
18. Waiting
19. Last
20. Darko
21. Hope Against Hope