Authority Zero announce new album "Live at The Rebel Lounge"

In celebration of the band’s 25th anniversary, Authority Zero has announced the release on December 6th of "Live at The Rebel Lounge", a live album including 24 tracks recorded last July over two nights.

It’s been twenty-five long and amazing years. Years filled with music, friendships both old and new, memories, chaos, passion, happiness, and pain. This album is a landmark in all of our history books and a celebration to all who have endured this journey along the way. Let the music play on long after we’re gone. Thank you all. - Jason Devore

01. A Passage In Time
02. Atom Bomb
03. Get It Right
04. 21st Century Breakout
05. Liberateducation
06. 12:34
07. Broadcasting To The Nations
08. When We Rule The World
09. Sirens
10. Big Bad World
11. Today We Heard The News
12. Bayside
13. Find Your Way
14. Lift One Up
15 Taking On The World
16. No Regrets
17. Brick In The Wave
18. One More Minute
19. Superbitch
20. Revolution
21. Over Seasons
22. Mesa Town
23. Courage
24. Sky's The Limit