Skatepunkers Exclusive: Fabled Mind release video for debut song "Before The Slaughter"

Skatepunkers offers you in exclusive premiere "Before The Slaughter", the new video from the Danish skate punkers Fabled Mind. Fabled Mind is a visionary new punk-rock band from Copenhagen, formed by singer / guitarist Dion Finne, alongside members of Forever Unclean, Stream City and Kill The Rooster. Drawing inspiration from the 90s and early 00s, when the skate-punk scene was at its peak, Fabled Mind write songs that are both familiar and unique, with a blend of hardcore and pop punk.

Frontman Dion Finne explains the story behind the song.
When I was 21, two men attacked me one night in Copenhagen. They beat me with clubs and kicked me in the face while I was lying flat on my stomach. I protected my head and neck with my hands, but after minutes of being beaten they couldn’t withhold it. They continued, every punch and kick landed on my head. I gave up and believed that I would die like that. Several taxis drove by us, in the middle of a big road in the centre of Copenhagen.

The haunting feeling of apathy, hopelessness and the acceptance of a brutal fate that day will probably never fully leave me, but I learned from the experience and grew stronger than ever- mentally. A man and his wife heard and saw the last part of the attack from their apartment and immediately called the police. The men tried to escape as soon as they heard the sirens, but were quickly found. 'Before the Slaughter' is a reflection of my thoughts before I lost consciousness. The lyrics tell a story on an individualized society where people mind their own business and don’t get involved in situations that might get themselves in trouble - even if it could mean saving a life.